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My Poems Page 120

My Grandparents

Hardships they had were many
Pleasures they found were few
Two hearty souls met and wed
My grandparents are those two

Born in the eighteen hundreds
They worked on a dirt poor farm
Raising nine childern was hard
Still grandma retained her charm

Three of their children they lost
Two young, one was in his teens
Always doing the best they could
Ever they lived within their means

In Heaven they can be seen now
United with their children up there
Their six daughters and three sons
Are under Gods tender loving care

Mountain Lake

Like a fountain spraying a mist
Water overflows from this lake
Scenes of infinite beauty seen
Solace to a mind it does make

Sparkling colors dancing along
Reflecting from rays of the sun
Ever changing are these colors
I find much beauty in every one

Water falling on the rocks below
Makes its journey down the hill
Dodging its way through rocks
Down in the valley it forms a rill

Peaceful is this sound of water
Tumbling on its determined way
As I stand and see it flow on by
I wonder where it will be in a day

Mountain Man

He stands high on the mountain
Down below is the deep blue sea
Looking far as his eyes can scan
He dreams where he wants to be

He sees the ships sailing on by
A sailors life he might want to live
If only they would stop some day
Hopes of traveling they would give

To a sandy beach in the tropics
He will let his imagination roam
To find a sweet native island girl
A grass hut will make his home

But stuck here on the mountain
He will forever call this his home
Left to only thoughts of traveling
He lets his mind continue to roam

Hawaiian Sunset

Grandeur seen in this Hawaiian sunset
Red reflections bouncing off each wave
Silhouetting the tall coconut palms trees
All are lovely scenes that the sun gave

Soft music can be heard from a ukulele
As I see this phenomenal sight tonight
Aroma from a pit cooking food for a lula
Prepared with care for it must be right

A lazy breeze fans the late evening air
Cooling the isle of a sun drenched day
So peaceful is this feeling that we get
All of our troubles seem to melt away

We find much beauty on these islands
A paradise the Pacific can show to you
From the beautiful color of the flowers
To the white beaches with water of blue

Hey Doctor

I have a Doctor down in Ashland town
Five weeks in a row he gave me a shot
Having lost some cartilage in my knees
He ask me if I wanted to try them or not

When he came into the examining room
Thinking I would show him I was strong
I was about to change my mind though
That needle looked to be six inches long

Roll up your pants legs he said to me
Lay on your back on that wood table
He said we are going to fix your knees
Since you said they aren't very stable

After he gave me a shot in each knee
He said I would never need a booster
When I ask him how this shot was made
He said this stuff comes from a rooster

Smiling Angel

As we see her smiling in her sleep
We wonder what she dreams about
A sweet angel has a pleasent dream
Of this there can never be any doubt

She sometimes talks as she sleeps
Words we can't seem to understand
Looking the way she is smiling now
Her thoughts are of something grand

That smile must come from heaven
As she sees what her home will be
I wonder if God send here to Earth
Just to watch over someone like me

It brings a warm glow to my heart
As I look at her sweet angelic face
Knowing she has a place reserved
To be held in God's heavenly grace


Why does a dog wag his tail
Or does the tail wag the dog
I hear that people call it a pig
But other people call it a hog

Is a chicken hawk a chicken
I have never heard one cluck
I know turkeys like to gobble
If it waddles is it really a duck

Do we get our Chocolate milk
From a cow that is dark brown
If a swan gets its feathers up
Would we still call them down

If you think that I am confused
Then tell me just what you think
If you hear me say here is to you
Then it is me that takes the drinkCenter>

Statue Of Liberty

She has heard of so many battles
We have fought to keep her free
A lady that stands on Ellis Island
An inspiration to both you and me

In horror she saw the towers fall
As two planes hit them head on
There was a puff of black smoke
That Sept morn they were gone

She has seen so many imigrants
Oppressed, poor and the needy
Looking for the way of a good life
Without thoughts of being greedy

Our Flag shows to this grand lady
This USA wont kneel to any enemy
But will remain the greatest nation
With Gods help always to be free

Green Village

As I walk inside this Green Village
I can see the beauty in a red rose
Warmed by the rays from the sun
So lovely as it blooms and grows

Maple leaves wave in a light wind
I can smell the aroma of cut clover
I can see a boy mowing the grass
He is paid after the mowing is over

An elderly lady works in her yard
Her gloved hands are pulling weeds
She has grown some pretty flowers
On the ground lies a packet of seeds

It is spring here in this Green Village
Everything seems so fresh and clean
This is the time of year I enjoy the most
Pretty flowers with the foilage so green

Three Horses

Their work on the range is so hard
All day long the cowboy eats dust
He needs to find a good mustang
A big strong one that he can trust

In a stream he spots this tan stud
With a mare and her foal drinking
What a great mustang he will be
Is what that cowboy was thinking

In the rushes hides the indian maid
Her mind was on getting the mare
Knowing she could train that horse
She would give it some great care

An indian brave had seen then too
With a mustang as fast as the wind
He would be the fastest of his tribe
From this his mind will never bend

With the sun shinning on the creek
Today is more perfect than any other
This cowboy was married to the maid
While the brave was the maids brother

copyright 2004 By Acie

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