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A Lady

Surrounded by the feelings
My heart has for her today
My joy has been overflowing
For I love her in every way

She is an outstanding lady
She's beautiful in every way
My love is ever for her
And will be til my dying day

Her magicial sweet demeaner
creates an aura of delight
How happy that I will see her
Again in my dreams tonight

If heaven would send me an angel
They certainly would use her mold
To create such a lovely sweet lady
Who's virtues have never been told

Without A Doubt

Late at night as I lay there dreaming
Your image comes so clearly to my mind
The beauty I see in you sweet lady
I know God only made one of your kind

So sweet are the thoughts I have of you
You are lovlier than any other lady I know
Nothing can ever keep us from each other
Even apart our love will florish and grow

Some day we will be together and forever
In my arms is where you will always be
With all of this beautiful love we have
That day we will be together you'll see

Tonight I will go back to my dreaming
Your beauty I will again dream about
You have this heart forever to love
I love you always there is no doubt

Love Can Be

He held her so tightly yesterday
Their love is ever growing strong
Tonight they will meet once again
Their sweet love can't be wrong

He will hold her in his arms again
As she whispers softly in his ear
You are so sweet to me my love
I adore and always want you near

Two lovely people in love is great
Two hearts that will meld into one
Just look into their world today
You will see how a heart was won

So nice to see how love can be
And know it can work for us all
My darling being in love with you
I feel like I am ten feet tall

How High Our Love

Wont you come to me sweet lady
Will you open your heart to me
I will take you to the zenith
With love as high as it can be

We will soar through the heavens
Our hearts will be beating as one
With the stars glowing above us
Our love will be hot as the sun

I know our love will be like heaven
We know it couldn't be any other way
Our love will soar on and go higher
My darling I love you more every day

How much higher is there for us to go
Through all the galaxies and far above
We will be to the apex of the universe
Two lovely people always and ever in love

Our Happiness

Surround our world with love
Give it gently to our hearts
Enrich our lives with joy
Show us how it all starts

Make it a fantastic day
Let your sweet voice sing
Send shivers up my spine
Joy to my heart you bring

So much happiness you give
To a heart that loves you
Come fall in love with me
My heart I'll give to you

Our hearts will be as one
How sweet it will ever be
Living our time together
A beautiful lady and me

Miss You My Love

The nights are long and I am so lonely
My arms ache to be holding you tight
I didn't know how much I would miss you
God it seems forever until Sunday night

I know I love and adore you my beauty
I guess I must have known from the start
Everytime I know I am going to meet you
I have this beautiful feeling in my heart

Together we have grown to be so happy
How a few days apart can be so much pain
You are in my mind and my heart forever
My love will not waiver til we meet again

So until we meet again and I can hold you
I will keep dreaming about us each night
With so much love that we have to offer
We know everything is going to be alright

My World

Have you ever been so happy
That all the world is singing
Deep in your heart is the joy
Your true love is bringing

She so enlightens my heart
In a sweet and sincere manner
I wear a smile of such pride
You can read it like a banner

Beautiful this lady will be
Ever to bring such ecstasy
To a heart that beats inside
Of the man she wants me to be

Evermore I give her my heart
For her to have and to hold
With the love she has for me
Is worth more to me than gold

The Mystery

The lady has a mystery
That only she can tell
Of this love in her heart
Thats burns like the fire of hell

She longs to be with him
The nights are oh so long
With only the memories of him
In her heart she sings a song

To be with her sweetheart
She prays some day it will be
To live in a world of happiness
No more loneliness will she see

Tonight she will meet with her lover
Such passion and joy she will see
Again in the arms of her sweetheart
A perfect world she will then see

My Utopia With You

I want to love you only
Oh please can't you see
To have my arms around you
No happier man could I be

My nights with you are great
Much happiness do I find
You are forever in my heart
And so beautiful in my mind

Love like ours should flourish
Please never let our love die
You can have my heart forever
Sweetheart lets give it a try

Tomorrow will bring us happiness
For the love of our lives we see
To be ever in our own dream world
A beautiful utopia for you and me

A World Of Dreams

May I be lost in a world of dreams
Where only happiness and love abound
To ever be with the sweet lady I love
She radiates my life when she is around

My dreams start when her image appears
Her beauty shines and lights up my day
A life that is full of these fond memories
Are forever sealed in my heart to stay

These dreams that come so clearly to my mind
Of this sophisticated and lovely lady I see
How she brings so much love and tranquilty
To my inner being, a better man I'll be

If fate would only let us dream together
In a life where only total love would live
My hopes and dreams would be there forever
With all the passion my heart has to give

Copyright © 1999 By Acie

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