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My Poems Page 119

A Cowboys Life

Night time comes to the prairie
Only the stars now make light
Cowboy and his horse are tired
They will get some rest tonight

His horse is eating some grass
As the cowboy sits on the ground
This is a quiet time for the cowboy
There is no one for miles around

Soon he will eat some beef jerky
Then he will bed his horse down
Then get ready to get some sleep
On his dirty blanket of dark brown

His life is one of complete freedom
He lives out on this range so free
Although his work is so hard on him
It is the way he wants his life to be

Life On The Prairie

So quiet it is here on the prairie at night
Silence broken only by a howling coyote
As we gather around our warm campfire
An old cowhand begins singing off note

He sings of his home back in Kentucky
Wanting to see mama and papa again
How he had left home many years ago
He wants to go back there it is so plain

As the embers are dying in our campfire
It is time for this old cowboy to go sleep
He dreams of Katy over in the next town
In his heart she is the love he will keep

Tomorrow again they hit the dusty trail
Pushing the herd on over to the town
Once again he will see his sweet Katy
It is time for the cowboy to settle down

Marlboro Man

Riding the trail that never ends
A bronzed cowboy goes along
In the saddle on his pinto pony
He is singing his favorite song

In his lips hangs a kiss of death
Fire is burning on the other end
He coughs almost all of the time
A powerful message they send

Puffing on these sticks of poison
He has done it since he was a boy
With this hurting deep in his chest
They no longer bring to him any joy

He no longer rides this Marlboro man
To cigarettes he became their slave
His has trail ended a long time ago
A pack of cigarettes lies in his grave

My Travels

I sit and reminisce where I have been
Knowing most I will never see again
Like a beautiful mountain in the Alps
Or walking in Saltzburg in a light rain

Port of Hong Kong I visited two times
It was in Japan I spent but one night
Flying down to the island of Okinawa
Then to the Phillipines, a beautiful sight

In Spain I saw the Valley of the Fallen
Atop the mountain they built a big cross
They had fought their Spanish civil war
For Franco to show who was the boss

Switzerland is a place of great fascination
With its history and mountains with snow
Best place in the entire world I have seen
Is these USA where I don't have far to go

Barstool John

Many years ago I knew him
We called him barstool John
He would sit there at that bar
Until all his money was gone

I would buy old John a drink
Knowing where he had fought
It wasn't any pity I had for him
To forget is what he had sought

Staggering he would get up
Then find his way to the door
We knew he would be back
As he sobered up once more

Four times he was wounded
It had some effect on his mind
Now he is just another alcoholic
Trying to get war out of his mind

Old Man's Sunset

He see a red glow in the western sky
Firey inages made by the setting sun
Tonight it seems to be special for him
Such a beautiful sight has been done

Many sunsets has this old life seen
Each, a little different from the rest
Clouds can create a different shade
As the sun goes setting in the west

Every day the sun gives him a show
As it slides behind the hills at night
Only light is from the moon and stars
In a sky the sun had made so bright

He looks at the sun much like himself
They rise each morning to face the day
After they have reach the end of the day
Begins the time they slowly fade away

Do You remember

A failed dream may pass by
Never to be thought of again
Though it is still in your mind
You try to remember in vain

Many of our ideas pass on
Where they go I don't know
Could it be a senior moment
Where all good thoughts go

My memorey wasn't too bad
Not like an elephant though
Today it is a far different story
All of my recall seems to go

Maybe tomorrow I will know
Where I have been this day
But I wonder will I really care
Makes no difference anyway


I see the lush beauty of the forest
An Oak from an acorn has grown
Hickories filled full of hickory nuts
Great tasting nuts it is well known

So peaceful it is here in this forest
I hear a bird whistle a lovely song
Sounds of the forest are soothing
I could stay here all the day long

High above a hawk circles around
Some small animal will be his prey
Unaware of the hawk up in the sky
Two chipmonks continue their play

I see so much beauty in the flowers
Growing with colors of great delight
I will always have love for this forest
God made it so beautiful and bright

His Town

Although the years swiftly pass by
It seems as it was only yesterday
When this innocent tow head boy
Would spend all his time at play

His family had only a little money
Lucky to buy food to feed the kids
Never did he use a drinking glass
He used fruit jars without the lids

He lived far so out in the country
Very seldom did he go into town
Boys in town were not hospitable
If they saw him they would frown

But he fooled them old stuck ups
He no longer hears them grouse
For now he is mayor of the town
He owns the towns ritziest house

Lake Reflections

We see the sun shinning so brightly
As the mountain mirrors on the lake
Beauty seen on this lovely morning
It is a scene for our eyes to partake

We can see a white swan swiming
A flock of geese are flying overhead
There is a bullfrog with his loud croak
Maple up on the hill has leaves of red

Cattails are growing in shallow water
Making it a good place to find bass
Across the lake we can see two deer
So silently they are grazing the grass

A light breeze is blowing this morning
Adding to my enjoyment this lovely day
Beauty I see this most perfect morning
Will stay in my mind never to fade away

copyright 2004 By Acie

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