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My Poems Page 116


I know she is out there somewhere
Her picture I still hold in my heart
Gone is the dreams we once held
I am a fool so I'll just play the part

It's in a foggy world that I see you
You are far away but I still can see
Beauty I once adored so very much
It is in a haze you come back to me

Is it bars that are holding us apart
Or a fence built upon shaky ground
Seems like I have lost my everything
Oh how I wish you were still around

Can a dream turn into a nightmare
Will my world now be forever blue
I just can't get over this bad feeling
My heart belongs to a lady like you

Her Memories

What were her loving memories
Now haunt her days and nights
No longer is he her sweetheart
To him she can claim no rights

She thought they would marry
To her he was the love of her life
Everyone that knew them well
Were sure she would be his wife

With heartaches she sees him
Never stopping to say one thing
Tears flow as she thinks of him
To another he has given a ring

Walking the steps of loneliness
She sees her dreams all go away
Its a memory of days gone past
Pain in her heart will forever stay


Is first place so important
Wouldn't second place do
I bet second place winner
Would want first place too

Every race has its winner
But a loser must feel pain
Disheartened is his feeling
Lessons of life are his gain

Sometimes losing isn't bad
Losing weight for example
I could lose a few pounds
About fifty would be ample

But to win in this race of life
Something you need to know
Is always love our fellow man
Let that love continue to grow

A Dream

Big fleecy white clouds drift on by
Smell of fresh cut hay is in the air
Spring time delight for the children
Walking along with feet that are bare

Song birds sing their happy tune
Warm breezes blow in the trees
We see an almost perfect setting
Something for everyone to please

Creek is nice, but too cold to swim
To some it is time to bait the hook
They look for that wiley old catfish
Searching every cranny and nook

Waking up I look out my window
There is snow lying on the ground
I might as well go on back to sleep
Next time summer might be found


A wild North wind was blowing
His ears were tingling with pain
Snow was coming down so fast
Each step was so hard to gain

Confused in which way to go
He seemed to be circling around
Snow was falling much faster now
A foot already covered the ground

Fear had begun to over take him
He didn't know which way to turn
He knew if he ever made it home
This would be a lesson to learn

As the falling snow slowed down
He saw several tracks in the snow
Looking up he saw the doorknob
Inside his house he would now goCenter>

This Beautiful Land

It lays just around the bend
Where flowers always bloom
A place of quiet restfulness
A place with plenty of room

There flowing a clear brook
Filled with big rainbow trout
Sun lights up a pale blue sky
Butterflies are flying about

Birds whistle a pretty song
An opossum hang in a tree
A doe watches its little fawn
This is a land wide and free

He made this place a Paradise
To be enjoyed by you and me
This place He made on Earth
Just think what Heaven will be

Youthful Days

I see a place I have seen before
Going back deep in my memory
Peaceful and so quiet it is there
Great place for meditation to me

Sitting on a moss covered rock
To relax and pass the time away
A bullfrog gives a throaty croak
From a pond just across the way

As a breeze blows in the hollow
Cooling air on a hot summer day
I so quietly sit on this mossy rock
See a pair of ground squirrels play

This is a place I love to return to
Back to the days that used to be
Scenes from my youth I see now
It seems much like Heaven to me


Some days we may see storm clouds
But in our hearts we will sing a song
As we walk the path of life together
Our love will continue to grow strong

Though that path isn't always easy
It is in our deep faith for each other
That will make our life so beautiful
Never to have a thought of another

You warm smile bring joy to my heart
Feeling as free as an eagle in the sky
Pressing your soft hand into my hand
Love we share this day shall never die

There will always be sunshine waiting
Over the mountain just for you and me
A blue cloudless sky there we will see
True happiness for us forever it will be

Bluegrass Band

I love to hear good Bluegrass music
It brings a good feeling to my heart
Getting in rhythm with that old banjo
Waiting until a dance begins to start

Hear the dobro so sweetly playing
As we hear that high pitched song
A flat top gives toe tapping music
Listen to the mandolin come along

As the bassman plucks the strings
We hear a song about old rocky top
Music that goes deep into the soul
Played all day and never will it stop

As the fiddle player resin up the bow
Orange Blossum Special is his best
I like to hear a good Bluegrass Band
Their music is always the very best

Eden Park

As morning dew dries from the lovely rose
Scent of a flowering honeysuckle fills the air
Whirring sound of grass mowers are heard
Gardeners tend their perfect lawns with care

A robin flies across the lawn to an Elm tree
In its beak it carries some straw for its nest
Flying high up in the Elm to find nice spot
A three pronged fork seems to be the best

Across the street we can hear a dog barking
An alley cat tried to steal food from his pan
He chased that cat over the chainlink fence
Cat is going down the street fast as he can

It is such a beautiful morning in Eden Park
Sun is shinning brightly on a cloudless sky
My love I have for this little part of the world
Will stay in my heart until the day that I die

copyright 2004 By Acie

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