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My Poems Page 114

Canyon Sunrise

As the sun rises over the canyon rim
Wind blows softly in a tall pine tree
As this beautiful day has now begun
Spectaculer sights your eyes can see

Canyon walls run so deep and wide
Many stratified colors can be found
From deep down in the river below
All the way up to high mesa ground

Sights and sounds we see this day
Show us the enormity of this place
We see an eagle soaring up above
Searching for food thats in his space

It is with awe we survey this wonder
So much beauty here for us to see
It's a place where we can meditate
Have our heart and mind roam free

An Angel

I stand and watch an Angel sleep
With a hint of a smile on her face
God has sent this precious Angel
To have us to care for at our pace

Small feet wears a size one shoe
Blue eyes like a sky that is clear
Her chuckle will melt your heart
I love to hear her say "my dear"

Love her and get love in return
This is the way to all it should be
We know her love is unyielding
We must earn it, that we can see

Joy she now brings into our lives
But there has been sadness too
I know her home is up in heaven
When her work here is through

Cyber Friends

As I traverse in this cyber space
So many friends that I have found
Some may stay but only for a day
While others will ever be around

Some of the friends are like family
Sharing daily problems and woes
If advice is needed for something
It's for sure one our friends knows

If sickness befalls one of the family
Many prayers our friends will give
Sending words of encouragement
No difference where they might live

I look forward to meeting my friends
Some are old friends some are new
Tomorrow as I cruising the internet
With good luck I shall run into you

It's Heaven

Tomorrow as your clock runs down
Sand of the hourglass will run dry
Happiness will fill thy eternal soul
Know this so please don't you cry

Find the dream thats in your heart
Know the love that makes it true
Devine feelings ever will you have
Unbridled thoughts that are due

Let all of the lights shine brightly
May the path lead you to the shore
Meet those who have gone ahead
Find that glory that lasts evermore

See the land that is in your dream
Feel your heart expanding with love
There you will see our great Maker
In the eternal land that's far above

Our Time

We think about tomorrow
But dream about the past
Golden days of yesterday
Happiness they had cast

Tomorrow will be better
Hopes held in the mind
But not really knowing
Future days are blind

Today we should enjoy
Our past can't be found
Will tomorrow be better
Will our mind be sound

Today is what matters
Past has slipped away
Future is only a guess
Make plans for today

Our Conversation

In the quiet of my small garden
I meditate looking at the flowers
So much beauty is found here
I can stay here for many hours

Above we see a cloudless sky
Feel warmth of a gentle breeze
Smelling the aroma of a flower
Its fragrance always will please

You can't see any one with me
His presence I can feel so near
I can hear Him talking so sweetly
His message comes so very clear

God made this great world for us
Filled it with beauty for all to see
Today in my garden you can hear
A conversation with God and me

That Island

While I walk on the warm white sand
Cool sea breezes blow this afternoon
This island I love so much is beautiful
Strolling around its deep blue lagoon

Colorful birds singing their love songs
I could listen to them sing all day long
Each bird has their own way of singing
Some sing so softly others are strong

Tropicial flowers growing in abundance
Coconuts and bananas grow here too
Sweet taste of the mango is a treasure
My beautiful isle is known by quite a few

For it is here you find peace and comfort
Troubles will soon be a part of your past
Just ask Him and you can find this island
On it feel tranquillity that will forever last

That Lake

There is golden silence on this lake
As I fish without any bait on the hook
I come here not to disturb the beauty
Only to enjoy as my eyes take a look

Fascination I see this sun filled day
A large mallard duck takes to wing
Breaking the silence I have enjoyed
I jump as a scare to me it does bring

Cattails are standing across the lake
Bass feed there and they also play
They go swimming through the reeds
Finding a place for their eggs to lay

Wont you join me on this magic lake
There to see your troubles go away
In the quietness of this hallow place
You can meet and talk to Him today

Our Dreams

Yesterday seems so long ago
It has become part of the past
Dreams of that part of our life
On the river of life we did cast

Dreams at times do come true
While others simply fade away
Forgotten as if they never were
In the back of our mind they lay

At times we think of our dreams
As we delve back into our mind
We wonder why it didn't happen
That one that was a special kind

Our life is built upon our dreams
Striving to attain our earthly gain
Dream too of that heavenly home
Where all dreams you will attain


Cold is the day after a winter rain
Arthritis flares to cause much pain
Store bought drugs do some good
But no drugs do what they should

These old bones creak all of the day
Pain never seems to ever go away
Go to a chiropractor for the old back
He manipulates it and makes it crack

Fingers are as knotty as they can be
Joints lock up, they just wont be free
Using a Tens unit on the lower back
You give all the wires plenty of slack

Today I am still here without a doubt
To this whole wide world I will shout
Knowing that I will never be pain free
I hope that arthritis would let you be

copyright 2004 By Acie

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