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My Poems Page 112


Snowflakes falling so lightly this night
It is the most joyous time of the year
Hearing those Christmas bells ringing
Reminds us of Santa and his reindeer

Down on the pond the children skate
A bonfire burns brightly on the shore
With hot chocolate and marshmallows
It's treats all the happy children adore

On the square we hear carolers sing
Their voices blend in perfect harmony
Silent Night is one of my most favorite
I think they were singing it just for me

As we think of what Christmas means
We think of a manger that was far away
A baby boy was born to save our world
He is why we celebrate Christmas day

Its Santa

Silence of the night
Is broken by a bell
Santa is on his way
Things are going well

From the North Pole
He started on his trip
Rudolph leads the way
On radar he is a blip

Sled was full of toys
For each girl and boy
Happiness to bring
Filling hearts with joy

Swooping high above
Landing on our roof
We know Santa is real
Presents are my proof

Rudolph's Nose

All the children worried about Santa
It was so cold and snowing that night
They were afraid that he might get lost
Santa will depend on Rudolph's sight

Rudolph's big red nose was blinking
As they started across the North Pole
Like a beacon in that dark night sky
Guiding the sled was Rudolph's goal

They swooped very low over Canada
Stopping at every house along the way
Onward and upward they charged on
Soon they would make it over the USA

With Rudolph's nose leading the way
Happiness they left the children tonight
Santa gave us a wink and had a chuckle
Happy that Rudolph's nose was so bright

Their Christmas

It was so snug in their warm house
All children had gone to their bed
Little Johnny was aready sleeping
Dreaming of getting a big new sled

Tom was lying awake and thinking
Of what he would want most of all
He was thinking of a bat or a glove
His best game to play was baseball

Lisa was getting ready to go to bed
A tomboy, but she thought maybe
Instead of some kind of a boy thing
She asked Santa for a cute doll baby

As she sat and looked at his picture
Martha wished he could come back
A Christmas alone with the Children
Her husband is fighting over in Iraq

Animal Christmas

When we celebrate our Christmas
Do the animals celebrate one too
Does Santa visit them once a year
Bring them gifts as he does for you

Does he bring elves to the forest
Make the gifts for them right there
Sit around and tell them tall stories
How each year he goes everywhere

Will he come down the hollow tree
As he brings gifts to all the squirrels
Give out a gift of the finest almonds
To all the little squirrel boys and girls

Maybe they sit around in a big circle
As Santa puts the gifts on the ground
Then pick out their gift he had brought
Leftovers then would be passed around

His Birthday

In the hustle and bustle of shopping
Have you forgotten what is all about
If you think back two thousand years
You will know what it means no doubt

For it was in a manger in Bethlehem
Our Lord and Savior was there born
As He was found to be the son of God
He was subject to ridicule and scorn

His life as it was known here on Earth
Ended on a cross up on Calvary hill
From a vault, He asended to Heaven
We know that it was from God's will

We celebrate the birth of this Holy Child
Each year on the twenty fifth of December
It is not the gifts that we receive that day
It is the birth of Jesus Christ to remember

On The Rooftop

With a deep snow on this sleepy town
Santa will make his visit this very night
As he goes from one rooftop to another
He must hurry his schedule is so tight

Scrambling to climb down the chimney
Santa dropped two dolls from his sack
He asked Prancer to help pick them up
Santa had a hard time bending his back

Down the chimney Santa then did go
Near the fireplace he found a nice tree
Under that tree he placed all of the gifts
Those dolls were for Candice and Bea

On the table he found cookies and milk
He left, taking the milk and cookies too
As he climbed in his sled I know I heard
Him saying Merry Christmas to all of you

Santa's Gift

Snow was steadly falling down
It was on a cold Christmas eve
All of the children were excited
Gifts for all Santa would leave

Soon they were snug in bed
Dreaming of the coming day
Having feelings of happiness
For old Santa was on his way

Outside the air was bitter cold
Santa had a terrible toothache
His hands were almost frozen
Still not one gift would he break

Back home he drank a hot toddy
Soon into bed he would sleep
Even his tooth felt better now
Satisfaction was his gift to keep

Our Christmas

A cold North wind blows fiercly
All streets are deserted tonight
Snow has been falling for hours
Doors have been locked up tight

Upon our mantle hang stockings
Put up there so Santa could see
He will fill them with the goodies
After he comes down the chimney

In the corner is the Christmas tree
All the lights are turned off tonight
Although the room is dark as pitch
Santa will deliver those gifts alright

In the morning downstairs we see
Santa came to our house last night
With all of these gifts for the family
Our Christmas is merry and bright

Christmas Time

Soft blue lights glow in their window
Decorations on a tall Christmas tree
Going to light up the house for Santa
Making sure their house he can see

Icicles will light the eave of the roof
A lighted snowman sits on the lawn
Two deer stand beneath an Elm tree
Nearby we can see their little fawn

Some snow is dusting the landscape
Everything looks so nice and grand
With snow up there on their rooftop
Santa will find a nice place to land

We prepare for Santa at Christmas
But make sure that you remember
A baby born in a manger that night
His birth we celebrate in December

copyright 2003 By Acie

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