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My Poems Page 111

Its Christmas

Flames jumping from yuletide logs
Outside there is sleet over the snow
Ice is forming out on the sidewalks
Staying home with no place to go

Jane is reading a book she bought
Tom is in his big chair taking a nap
Mary is watching her television set
In his room John is listening to rap

With no work or school tomorrow
Most of the family will stay up late
But the two youngest will go to bed
Hoping Santa hasn't forgot the date

Come the mornings breaking light
Down the stairs the children bound
Bright eyed they look down at the tree
Pretty gifts they see stacked all around

Mothers Love

A cold North wind was blowing
With a feeling of snow in the air
She walked along a narrow path
Wind blows her uncovered hair

Off to work she must walk today
Christmas is three weeks away
Her car broke down weeks ago
She has four payments to pay

Her two children depend on her
It is so hard to make ends meet
Alone since her husband left her
She has to work six days a week

She knows her life is a rough one
Praying to God she can be strong
Tomorrow she will call her mother
Knowing mother was right all along

Her mother wants her to come home
Her grandchildren are welcome here
They will decorate a Christmas tree
In a house filled with Yuletime cheer

Tis The Season

With the season of giving now on us
Think of ones less fortunate than you
Reach deep in your heart and pocket
Love your fellow man whatever you do

If a begger you see down on the street
You should pause and think a minute
Knowing full well that it could be you
Sickness could have driven him to it

Enjoy your life but it is nice to share
Spread around happiness and cheer
This is what you should all of the time
Not only this holiday time of the year

Think of why we have the celebration
Of Christmas and remember His birth
Show Him, who was born on that day
For His devine love we have the worth

Oldtime Christmas

With the holly put on their door
Icicles hanging on their eaves
All the children wait for Santa
Looking for presents he leaves

Its a wonderful time they have
Again to be that happy little boy
To see all of the excitement again
That brought to us so much joy

To see our old Christmas tree
Decorations made with popcorn
I smile as I think of trees today
Ours must have looked so forlorn

Those days back then were happy
Much happier than the ones today
To bring us an oldtime Christmas
I will ask Him tonight when I pray

Santa And His Reindeer

Santa woke so happy that morning
Sun was bright, the sky was clear
He cleared out the cluttered sleigh
Then went looking for the reindeer

Out in the barn he did find them
They were all up and raring to go
He said boys get ready for tonight
To the world we are giving a show

All day long they packed the sleigh
All of the elves were nearly worn out
When the last gift had been loaded
Let's go, they heard old Santa shout

His reindeer started out so quickly
Santa nearly lost a toy from his sack
Slow down they heard Santa shout
We will meet ourselves coming back

All night they danced among the stars
Delivering gifts for every girl and boy
Santa was proud of his reindeer team
Happy they had spread so much joy


Hit wuz dern near the time
Fer that thar man called Santy
I might culd see him onse agin
Hit aint too fer frum my shanty

Hit wuz at tha mall I seed him
He wuz shaking his lettle bell
All them youngins wuz frettin
Hit sure wuzn't goin too well

That there Zeke axed Santy
Iffen he wud bring him a still
One he is usin right now
Is makin some of us git ill

John axed him fer a Hemmy
Hadda tell him hit wuz a truck
Old Santy made that John mad
He told John he wuz out of luck

Any old fool kud have noded
A truck kant fit in that sack
Iffen he kud put hit in thar
Hit wud hurt old Santy's back

I gitted all mad at that Santy
Wantin me to set on his knee
Reckon he wont visit my house
Fer that there Santy is mad at me

The Light

Seeing glitter on the falling snow
That reflects from the street light
He walks along in solemn silence
On this cold and blustery night

As the wind blows on his face
He feel the tears form in his eyes
Stumbling along the icy sidewalk
But he doesn't fall to his surprise

Ahead he sees a shinning light
To get much closer he must go
As he is approaching that light
So much brighter it does glow

Below that light there is a door
He turns the knob and enters in
There he kneels down at the alter
Asks God to let his new life begin


Vapor trails across a clear blue sky
Made by an airplane flying up high
On it's way it flies to a foreign land
Guided on by an expert pilot's hand

Passengers up there are free of Earth
They pay their fare and get the worth
A vacation, ten days they will be free
A tropical island so soon they will see

Maui will be on some of the peoples list
Beautiful place and shouldn't be missed
You can play a round of golf every day
What a great way to wile your time away

Ireland is a place I would dearly like to go
I once flew over Erin and saw down below
Sadly at Ireland I may never be able to stare
You see I am not flying there or anywhere

Those Cold Mornings

Those cold and snowy mornings
Were the ones that I would dread
Heating water on that cook stove
After getting out of my warm bed

Hear the crunch of my footsteps
As to the old outhouse I would go
See the assortment of footprints
Back and foward they would go

Sit on that old hard and cold seat
After the job was over I paid the bill
Tearing a page from the Sears catalog
Those cold days I can remember still

When I was leaving that outhouse
I would reach out and ring the bell
It was free for someone to use now
Everything had turned out so well


Little girls will grow into ladies
Like little boys grow into men
They wish they were grown up
Only to wish to be young again

Age always is such a fascination
For both the young and the old
You'll find you will grow up fast
Is what I remember being told

For the young want to be older
Older people will cheat the years
Wrinkles seen by her in the mirror
Brings some of the ladies to tears

At my age it makes no difference
In my life I think I have seen it all
I have made it into my seventies
You know I am still having a ball

copyright 2003 By Acie

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