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My Poems Page 110

Hunters Moon

As they walked along hand in hand
Under the light of that hunters moon
They could feel cold air on their faces
Jack Frost would be coming too soon

She smiled as she looked at her love
He was squeezing her hand so lightly
Their hearts were filled with much love
Hunters moon was shinning so brightly

A kiss, a hug, their feelings of delight
As two hearts now have melt into one
This night was made for these lovers
Light from a hunters moon it was done

Beauty of their night will forever live
To be reminisced throughout their life
For in the years that will be lying ahead
Soon to marry and become man and wife

Until April

It is on a late October morning
Leaves begin swirling all around
As the wind blows much harder
Trash is flying across the ground

With skies aglow a cherry red
We see clouds begin rolling in
A change in our weather will be
Cold as the rain soon will begin

Higher up the on the mountain
A light snow there begins to fall
Our Indian Summer is now over
Soon the Winter will come to call

With all of the leaves now falling
We can see only a barren scene
To lie in a state of unseen beauty
Until April when leaves are green

Her Books

He smiles as he remembers that day
After school he had carried her books
Walking slowly as the went their way
He sees so much beauty in her looks

Day by day they walked along together
They became the talk of the small town
Expressions on their face told a story
Soon she would pick a wedding gown

After school she worked at the library
He went to work at the hardware store
Saving all the money they had earned
He had paid for the ring that she wore

Today they live in a house up on the hill
A daughter became their pride and joy
Yesterday he saw something so familiar
Granddaughters books carried by a boy


As Jack Frost paints the pumpkins
Goblins are to be soon filling the air
Little people in sheets with masks
We will see them almost anywhere

They will clutch their little buckets
Hold them out and ask us for a treat
Civing them some good candy bars
Along with a quarter just can't be beat

We can see a small version of Elvis
A witch that is all dressed up in black
I think that one came here three times
Maybe the quarter brought them back

What a wonderful time to see them all
Way some are dressed is such a sight
Even the little toddlers who are so cute
Will have much fun on Halloween night

Cycle Of Life

Beautiful leaves in our great forests
Have been seen through the years
October they reach their color peak
November they fall down like tears

With the wind and the cold weather
They are falling down to the ground
What once was beauty in the leaves
Only a brown ugliness can be found

Spring will again bring to these trees
An awakening to a nice warm breeze
Buds will burst into small green leaves
Soon to forget the last winters freeze

Summer will bring growth to the leaves
Until that day we see those tinges of hue
With October again providing us a show
God's cycle of life has been shown to you


Clouds are like rose shaded pewter
Giving start to this cool October day
Sun lighting up the eastern horizon
Shows rain may soon be on its way

Beauty seen in this morning sunrise
As the flannel like clouds now roll in
Like the puffy layers of cotton candy
This gorgeous skyline will now begin

What a privilege to see this morning
Its pristine beauty soon will go away
Will these clouds soon be dissipated
Or shall we face a cold and rainy day

Like a painting no master could copy
He gives us this view before our eyes
So perfect in everything that He does
Starting this day with a lovely sunrise


Though your day is filled with anguish
There is something you should know
Smile and make yourself this promise
Don't let anger ever be made to show

You must know there is a bright side
Never let the darkness fall upon you
Look ahead into the far distant future
Be faithful, trust in everything you do

For mistakes are made by us everyday
Not just by someone else but also by me
If you think that you are so pure perfect
Look around my friend, see it cannot be

Each day can bring to us much sorrow
But there can be so much happiness too
Look deep in your heart and you will see
A beautiful feeling will then come to you

Indian Summer

Warm breezes dry the falling leaves
As Indian Summer has come our way
Prolonging the ravages of wintertime
When the flowers dry and fade away

Roses still bloom there in my garden
A bee is collecting nectar for his hive
Storing up the honey for a long winter
He knows cold weather will soon arrive

Bright colored mums growing so pretty
Daisies are still blooming so lovely too
Time to mow our lawns one more time
Feel the warmth of the sun hitting you

Keep the heavy coats in your closets
It will be warm for a few days I believe
We will then watch the weather to see
What old man winter has up his sleeve

The Way

His heart is filled with rivers of love
It's a beautiful smile He gives to you
There is a feeling of safety near Him
Believe in Him let your heart be true

Listen and His words bring comfort
No sorrow with Him shall you abide
His teachings will bring faith to you
But remember only you can decide

So walk with Him and talk with Him
Let Him bring rapture to you today
Keep the faith in what He tells you
His words are the right and the way

Tomorrow may be your day of glory
You reach those streets of pure gold
See a beautiful place called Heaven
A wonder we know thats forever told

His Love

Time cannot dim his early days
He goes back into time long past
Thinking of fun he had in summer
How the years passed by so fast

He dreams of that one sweet girl
His eye she caught from the start
He smiles as he thinks about her
So quickly she had won his heart

More than a puppy love romance
Their love would last through life
When he came back from college
He then did ask her to be his wife

Their love did last for all her lifetime
Each day visiting the burial ground
There beside her white grave marker
A rose bouquet he lays on the ground

copyright 2003 By Acie

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