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My Poems Page 108

An Angel Voice

On a sun splashed hill in Appalachia
There was a trail I was walking along
Breaking the silence I could hear her
As she was singing a beautiful song

Standing quietly I stood and listened
As this voice of an angel would sing
All the animals stopped and listened
Her song made the whole hillside ring

Amazed as I stood there so transfixed
She sang a song I never heard before
Melodies of her lovely song still lingers
How I wish I could hear it once more

She turned, saw me and quit singing
Neither of us knew what we should say
I simply said you have a good morning
Then I turned and slowly walked away


While walking along life's seashore
Much sand has seen my bare feet
Many people have walked with me
So many more I would like to meet

Walking with friends brings us joy
As we travel on the pathway of life
Comfort in sadness they afford us
Brightness they bring to our strife

Friendship has so much meaning
Loneliness for you wont be found
Feelings of love and compassion
Will be felt when they are around

Today I want to meet a new friend
A friend who will be kind and true
Perhaps today our paths will cross
My new friend then could be you

Looking Back

Our old homeplace just isn't the same
Since those years when I was a child
House where I was born was destroyed
Brambles are in the yard growing wild

I stand here and I see a part of my past
It brings back many memories to mind
To a point in time of so much happiness
To the evils in the world I was so blind

Hoping the teen years would pass by
Go out into the world and find a dream
Thinking the whole world was like ours
It would be just like peaches and cream

Those dreams I found wouldn't be true
But I have found happiness in my life
It was on a cold January night I met her
A beautiful lady that I now call my wife

Autumn's Colors

On this perfect Sunday in September
I stand and look at unclouded skies
In air that is so invigorating and clear
A great Eagle in all its grandeur flies

As summer ends its temperate days
Nightime soon will bring to us a chill
I can see a Maple with flaming leaves
Standing so majestically up on the hill

Beauty we can see this time of the year
Are both in the leaves and in the flowers
Multi colored Mums grow in the garden
Our trees coat of colors I watch for hours

If you enjoy the beauty that nature shows
Take a drive out in the countryside today
We know your favorite color will be there
In memory its a vision that will ever stay

Rainy Night

Dark clouds we see on the Horizon
There is that feeling of rain in the air
Drops are now falling so very lightly
Soon there will be water everywhere

A rumble of thunder, a flash of light
Wind sways the top of a big pine tree
A lightning bolt pierces the sullen sky
Its illuminating glare is so easy to see

With rain pelting on my window pane
I have such a warm feeling here inside
With this bowl of hot buttered popcorn
What beverage to drink I must decide

Weather channel has a storm nearby
Electric flickers twice and is now dead
With nothing but darkness around me
I can tell it is time for me to go to bed

It's Autumn

Today a soft breeze is blowing
With a milky cloud covered sky
Earlier today we had some rain
But that has now passed us by

There is a slight chill in the air
Showing sumertime is ending
Our hills will soon come alive
Colorful leaves will be blending

Now is time for sorghum making
Over to Simon's farm we will go
A field near John's sorghum mill
Sorghum grain there does grow

A chilly night brings out the cider
Warmed and put into a large cup
What a great time of the year it is
Hate to know winter is coming up

Lost At Sea

She sits and watches the ships
From a bluff high above the sea
Looking for the love she has lost
Back with her one day he will be

He left her some ten years ago
Telling her he would soon return
Was he lost on some tropic isle
Or could he fallen over the stern

With patience she waits for him
Every day she scans the scene
Looking for that ship he was on
White sails on that ship of green

In her dreams she does see him
A man that is handsome and tall
But some who knew her the best
Wondered if he ever existed at all


As seasons come and seasons end
It is to another phase of life we see
Consistenly our world does change
It is the same with you and with me

From a baby held in mothers arms
Throughout infancy we grow so fast
Our childhood then is over and gone
Teenage years we find soon are past

Off to college or to work we must go
To set a course for the rest of our life
Finding someone so perfect for you
Sharing years as husband and wife

In the older years we have seen it all
Changes this world has gone through
As I go looking back into the past time
I can see that I have changed a lot too

Autumn Colors

As the summer goes swiftly passing by
Another page has been put in the book
Autumn is begining to put on her show
Beautiful colors for which you can look

A chilly night followed by a warm day
Allows the leaves to begin to change
There will be a sea of beautiful colors
Beauty only our Master could arrange

To see the flaming red Maple leaves
Or the big oak leaves of a soft brown
You can see yellows in the hickories
Go see a forest before they fall down

Shawnee Forest has a great lookout
You can look out into the valley below
Colors splash all over the landscape
To Copperhead Tower you should go

An Autumn Night

In the magic glow of this perfect sunset
We see an Autumn day come to an end
As the sun sinks slowly behind the hills
Red ribbons in the sky begins to wend

Night time erases away the light of day
As darkness will settle across our land
This happens every twenty four hours
Just as our Great Master had planned

With the air so crisp this Autumn night
We can stroll under the shinning moon
Soon Jack Frost will paint the pumpkins
Thanksgiving will be coming all too soon

Autumn is a time of great beauty to see
It in other ways brings to us some dread
Summer has brought us so many flowers
Soon they all will be dried up and dead

copyright 2003 By Acie

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