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My Poems Page 107

His Daddy

Mommie, when is daddy coming home
Is what she had heard her little boy say
I need him here with me to play baseball
I really need him to teach me how to play

His mother then tried to tell her little son
Your daddy has gone away to fight a war
Mommie, I want him to be here with me
It is hard when I don't see him anymore

Other daddies are teaching their boys
How to play baseball and other games
I sit alone as I watch the other boys play
Some of them even call me bad names

How does a mother explain to her son
His daddy will never be coming back
Only a flag drapped coffin they will see
His daddy was killed while protecting Iraq


All of the freedom we enjoy in Americia
Should be appreciated by us every day
Think what it would be like if it was lost
A tyrant would control you in every way

Although we find things don't go right
For us every time that we wish it to be
Remember my friend of what you have
Being here in our great land of the free

Please don't complain about this or that
Trivial things that don't really matter at all
Stand up straight and tall for our freedom
Volunteer when your nation sends the call

We are still this worlds greatest country
Of this there surely will never be doubt
With a resolve that we remain ever free
That is what we in America are all about

Ohio Leaves

September has come to our hills
Soon they will be in all their glory
Color found in leaves on the trees
Will show us a very beautiful story

From the bare ugliness of winter
To spring and the leaves of green
Summer allows the leaves to grow
Autumn brings colors to the scene

Beauty seen in these hills of Ohio
Are in the colors that will not rush
Intense colors seen in these trees
Are painted by the Masters brush

This time of the year is wonderful
Although it becomes sad in a way
Knowing this beauty will disappear
As the leaves start to drop each day

A Perfect Day

A clear blue sky is seen this day
A hint of Autumn now fills the air
Humidity and heat have lowered
A breeze blows without any care

I see the beauty of a perfect day
As I look up to the cloudless skies
Magnificence of my surroundings
Shows excitement to seeing eyes

A Rose is blooming so very lovely
Beautiful Daisies growing in a row
Mums in multiple colors so pretty
Some flowers I dearly love to grow

It took Him six days to build the world
It is such a wonderful job He has done
He also has filled this world full of love
Love that is to be shared by everyone

Beauty Of A Tree

There is so much beauty in this valley
Surrounded by the hills and the trees
September brings us fantastic colors
To these eyes they surely do please

Majestic red leaves dotting the hills
Mixed with shades of shinning gold
Yellows add to this startling mixture
Such a beautiful wonder to behold

Every year we are privileged to see
These fantastic changes taking place
With colors intermixed among the trees
They add to the hills charm and grace

We, of the Scioto Valley are so lucky
We can step out of our house and see
Magic of the colors He has given to us
So much beauty He bestowed to a tree

Harvest Moon

Beneath the big harvest moon
We stroll in awestruck wonder
Shadows play in the soft wind
I can see from here to yonder

Warmth felt in the evening air
Swirling in from distant places
Bringing a feeling of happiness
That radiate our smiling faces

With our light hearted feelings
We hold hands this lovely night
Gazing into her pretty blue eyes
A kiss now would be quite right

Harvest moon I must thank you
A most wonderous night I think
Next time I look up and see you
I certainly will return your wink

A Farmers Life

A warm sun buffered by a cool breeze
Shines down on the farmers tan brow
Ploughing his field from dawn to dusk
With weather good, he must do it now

He raises the grain to make our bread
Produce he sells at the open air market
Driving his old pickup over to the town
He finds a place where he can park it

His wife sells the butter and some eggs
Just to pay for what might be their needs
Carefully he saves the money he makes
He must send off for next years seeds

He knows they will never be rich people
But that God has given him a great life
For here he can work on his own land
And share the love of his wonderful wife

His Sun

Like a firey ball embedded in the river
Reflecting the last vestiges of the day
I stand in awe of this fantastic wonder
Seeing this beauty down to its last ray

Ebony blackness we may never see
For the sky is filled by so many stars
Our Moon can be so bright at night
We can also see the red planet Mars

We can sight the first rays of the Sun
As it starts to rises in the Eastern skies
Soon it will begin to light up our Earth
Showing the Earthly beauty to our eyes

God created the Sun and its miracles
Without it no plants could ever grow
There would be no heat for our bodies
From this Earth all humanity would go


Over in the mountains in old Kentucky
You can hear sweet music as it rings
An old man has picked up his banjo
He skillfully begins to play the strings

A mandolin player will soon join him
A fiddle player rosins up his old bow
Hearing a Dobro played so beautifully
A flat top guitar will add to this show

Hearing the voice of the lead singer
Its high pitched as he sings his song
Blending along with the three others
I could listen to them all night long

Listening to gospel songs in bluegrass
There is one thing I would like to know
Is there a special place up in Heaven
Where we can find a bluegrass show

Red Skies

When the red sky of the evening
Melts behind the far distant hilltops
Darkness of night will then begin
As the light of daytime then stops

With another day put in the book
Relaxation follows the working day
Whether watching a program on TV
Or a game with the kids we can play

Watch the news then we go to bed
Thanking Him for this day we pray
Sleeping until the alarm awakes us
Then prepare for the up coming day

Its off to work early in the morning
Seems like that is the way has been
Back home then to be with the family
Beautiful red skies can be seen again

copyright 2003 By Acie

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