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My Poems Page 106

My Mower

The old mower has just died
Think I will get one I can ride
My old one I bought at Sears
I used it only for three years

I think I will buy one at Lowes
Get a good one, one that mows
I should go get it this very day
Before my lawn turns into hay

Load it on my old pickup truck
It's with Lowes I have good luck
I go to their Wheelersburg store
I don't ever go to Sears anymore

As I am riding on that mower today
Don't seem like work but like play
As I mow close to a pretty red rose
I want to thank the people at Lowes

This Perfect Day

A cool breeze drifts down in the valley
Swaying the leaves on the old Oak tree
A beautiful August afternoon is this day
Perfect just like the ones we love to see

Sky above is a wonderful shade of blue
Grass is so soft and thick under our feet
Temperature is so mild and humidity low
So much better than those days of heat

We watch the children playing in a field
With their laughter and with much glee
I close my eyes and think of a time past
Rembering how wonderful youth can be

We can thank Him for this marvelous day
His power is what makes everything right
With gratitude we receive these blessings
We will thank him in our prayers tonight

That Old Gate

I remember that old squeaky gate
We played on so many years past
Two rusted hinges nailed to a post
Just temporary never meant to last

Made with old sun bleached boards
Warped and so crudely put together
With rusted nails and old baling wire
Exposed to all kinds of harsh weather

Was it made to keep something out
Perhaps it was to keep something in
Never was any cattle or horses there
If there ever was we don't know when

That old gate no longer swings now
But the memories of it still lingers on
Taking me far back into my childhood
To wonder where that gate has gone

Our Youth

So many times I stubbed my big toe
When I ran down that old dusty lane
A rock would be sticking up just right
It would split my nail causing me pain

I would then sit down and cry awhile
Then I would look all around to see
If anyone seen what I had just done
For I knew they would all tease me

Funny how some things stick with you
Something happened years long past
Memories of a time back in childhood
Era of time that we knew couldn't last

Today as we dream of our lost youth
About a time we all knew so long ago
If we could live it all over once again
Back to our youth I know we would go

After The Storm

Tentacles of lightning flashing bright
Cascade across the cloud laden sky
Rain looks like it will soon start to fall
To quench the lawns that are now dry

Thunder rumbles with a deafning roar
Wind starts to blow in the tall oak tree
A heavy rain now begins to fall down
Torrents of rain swirling down on me

Hurrying back to my house to get dry
Through the puddles I get my feet wet
My old umbrella is usless in the wind
Soaked to the skin a bad cold I will get

Ahead I see a slight clearing in the sky
As I walk forward the sun starts to shine
A beautiful rainbow is showing up ahead
I can see this wonderful day will be mine

A Hero Died Today

Almost every day we would see him
With one of those brown paper bags
Headed over to the interstate bridge
To a cardboard house filled with rags

We didn't know very much about him
A heavy black beard did hide his face
All of the kids always made fun of him
Telling him you old bum give us space

He ignored what was said about him
He had tried to be so nice to everyone
Still they treated him like he was dirt
They had tried to put him on the run

One cold January day the found him
One look showed them he was a goner
In the shack they found a crimson box
Inside a Congressional Medal of Honor


Some people will ever be strangers
No knowing what friendship can be
Alone in their own miserable world
No friends are they wanting to see

Without love their life is so empty
Loneliness they forever will know
With a heart that is cold as stone
Their contempt will always show

Misery will ever be their company
Peace will never enter their heart
Not knowing there is a greater life
When from this world they depart

We should tell them there is a friend
That they can tell all their troubles to
Unburden to Him all their tribulations
He will give them a heart that is true

Mountain Dew


As I sit here all alone in our cabin
Outside I can hear a pouring rain
After I take a drink from the bottle
I can still feel this agonizing pain

You have gone and left me lonely
Not one friend can I depend upon
Heartaches started as you left me
Hopes and dreams are now gone

I think of the time we were together
All of the happiness we once knew
You left and found yourself another
Leaving me with a heart that is blue

In this bottle I know there is no devil
I now know I have gotten over you
So now go and meet that other love
I will sit and drink my Mountain Dew

Scioto Valley

They lived on this land many years ago
Indians that were called the Shawnee
Led by a great chief named Tecumseh
In the Scioto Valley they could roam free

Using their lookout called Raven Rock
They could see the river up and down
Watching the traffic on the Ohio River
Standing on big rocks of a rustic brown

Many weapons and tools were found
That had been used by the Shawnee
Weapons used to fight their enemies
Tools that could be used to fall a tree

It is with sadness we remember them
How they were driven from this valley
Scattered to a land that was so foreign
Beautiful Scioto Valley no longer to see

Otway's Covered Bridge

I remember that old covered bridge
One I walked through day and night
A mystic was found in that old bridge
On the nights that I had no flashlight

So solidly built was that old bridge
Wooden trusses held it all together
People would use her for a shelter
Avoiding lightning and bad weather

So narrow only one car could use it
There was not enough room to pass
A driver had to wait until he could go
While he sat there wasting his gas

Many years now have long passed
Since that bridge was used by me
Now Otway Ohio's covered bridge
Has become part of our past history

The old bridge is still standing and is listed on the national register of historic places

copyright 2003 By Acie

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