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My Poems Page 104

Rose from Acie's garden

A Red Rose

Mere words cannot express
Beauty of a perfect red rose
So supreme are her blooms
As her canes larger grows

Put no water on her blooms
Do only bath the lady's feet
She will grow to be so hearty
With blooms that smell sweet

Give to her the regular feedings
We like Miracle Grow the best
Keep the weeds from around her
Let the Sun and Earth do the rest

Enjoy the dimension of her color
Your love has brought to this Rose
Her beauty will reward your work
As she sits in her velvet like pose

A Drop Of Water

One single drop of water starts it
This mighty river we call the Ohio
Flowing from the city of Pittsburg
Streams and rivers make her grow

Starting as two rivers join together
The Monongehela and the Alleheny
Ohio then is formed to be one river
To flow onward to be wide and free

Passing many cities along her way
Huntington and Ashland to name two
Passing Portsmouth on to Cincinnati
Great Americian Ballpark is seen too

Onward she flows past Louisville Ky
Her trip takes her to the Mississippi
There she joins to become a big river
We see what one drop of water can be

The Farmer

We go down to the farmers market
They have the best produce around
Working hard in the early springtime
He sows the seed in the rich ground

Getting up with the sunrise each day
He must tend to the crops in the field
Using the correct fertilizer on his crop
He knows will get the maximum yield

Tomatoes are quite large and so tasty
Silver Queen corn is sweet and tender
Watermelon he sells during the season
Making money for the mortgage lender

On Sunday the farmer goes to church
He thanks God for all the good crops
As the collection plate is passed around
Twenty of his hard earned dollars drops

Them Bottles

Hit sure wuz hot that July day
Junior and Bud wuz out walkin
They seed Roy in the crick bed
Them boys then quit their talkin

Old Roy he looked passed out
They wuz two pints by his side
Hit wuz that giverment whiskey
Sure opened Buds eyes up wide

Bud sneaked up thar to Roy
He lookted at them bottles layin
One he puted in his pants pocket
Junior wanted one but he aint sayin

Bud gived the touther one to Junior
They uncapped them bottles of joy
Bout an hour of hittin them bottles
They wuz streched out jest like Roy

A Pine Forest

Looking at this forest of pines
I wonder what might live here
Animals both large and small
With a stream running so clear

Black bear with her small cub
Moves so slowly without hurry
Owl is perched on a tall limb
Rabbit with a tail that is furry

Doe with a fawn nestled down
Stag watches in a silent guard
Hawk is flying high overhead
Rattlesnake's length is a yard

Animals that live in this forest
Each must have its own worth
Respect each one for what it is
God has put them here on Earth

Mama's Son

I want to be back with my mama
They heard the young soldier say
As he lay there in the dirty sand
He had been shot in Iraq today

They heard he was born in Ohio
That he had never seen his dad
Raised by a dear single mother
It was always a rough life he had

She had passed away a year ago
That was when he joined the army
To serve a country which he loved
Other countries he wanted to see

So now he is with his loving mama
In her arms once again he will be
God has called him to be with her
Beauty of Heaven he soon will see

A Little Girls Prayer

God, would you tell mommy something
This little girl said as she started to pray
Tell her that me and my daddy are fine
I wish she would come home some day

Tell her that I brush my teeth every day
That I use soap when washing my ears
I help daddy when we wash the dishes
Sometimes his eyes are filled with tears

Tell my mommy that I love her so much
I know my daddy loves her so much too
We sit and watch our TV in the evenings
Seems like there is just nothing else to do

God, I don't mean to take up so much time
It is just that I want my mommy to know
How me and my daddy are doing right now
Oh yes, God tell her that we miss her so

The Old Maple

That old Maple tree of flaming red
Still stands there majestic and tall
We would climb to her upper limbs
Without any fear that we might fall

With limbs so knurled and knotty
Her years now are starting to show
Yet somehow maintains her dignity
As she sees the younger trees grow

For it is in the season of her autumn
She splashes her brilliant coat of red
For a few days she shows her beauty
Her leaves then turn brown and are shed

In the cold and snow of a long winter
She will once again gain her strength
Then again show her stunning beauty
In a life that has had such long length


Lightning flashing across the dark sky
Culminates into a cresendo of thunder
Rain begins to fall and fill the streams
In murky waters a leaf is pulled under

Pelting rain keeps splashing on down
Turning dusty fields into a quagmire
A thunderstorm warning is seen on TV
It will be two hours before it will expire

Hearing the rain as it falls on the roof
I sit and reminise in my old easy chair
Slowly my eyeslids become so heavy
I go to sleep without any worry or care

Sun breaks through the dark clouds
Showing the beauty of large rainbow
Farmers need this rain we are getting
It will help make all of their crops grow

Fall And Winter

Geese are flying high this day
A sure sign winter is on its way
Gray clouds now slowly drift by
Covering up both Sun and sky

A chill is felt in late Autumn air
Beagle dogs are chasing a hare
Leaves of red have turned brown
Soon to fall upon the cold ground

Winter will come with the snow
Ice skating all of the kids will go
Sled riding then will be such fun
Roasting a hot dog without a bun

Christmas will come with the gifts
Returning them causes us big rifts
So are the seasons of winter and fall
I like the spring time the best of all

copyright 2003 By Acie

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