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My Poems Page 102

Squirrel Hunting

A slight wind rustled the leaves
High up in that old Hickory tree
I saw shells lying on the ground
I knew this was the place to be

I love to hunt the wiley squirrel
As on these nuts he does feed
Making so sure that I am quiet
Lest his keen ears take heed

Hearing nut shells raining down
I know he is high up in the tree
I can see the outer shell of a nut
Falling on the ground next to me

Looking up to the top I see him
Hoping he will stay in that spot
With my Cannon 35mm camera
I have now taken the perfect shot

In The Past

I think back to my days of childhood
I can hear that old tin roof in the rain
As the raindrops came softly falling
It was a good nap I was sure to gain

We were so poor back in those days
My old bed was a tick filled with straw
It felt so nice as I would snuggle in it
A big storm wouldn't bother me at all

In evening we would play checkers
We made it from a piece of cardboard
We would use buttons for the checkers
Didn't cost anything but was so adored

Strange how we valued the little things
Life was so much different at that time
I suppose all things were so simple then
Could be thats why there was less crime

Book of Life

They still hold hands while walking
As they had those many years ago
So much in love back in their youth
Through the years they saw it grow

Their world has been made happy
With two lovely girls and one boy
Grandchildren to grace their home
Adds to their wonderful cup of joy

Smiling at him with knowing eyes
So very proud of their blessed life
Knowing their world is now perfect
She's so happy that she is his wife

He looks at her and smiles broadly
Her beauty has grown with her age
As their book of life is being written
Their love will grace its every page

Their Lane

A light wind blows through the pines
Skies are cloudy as tho it might rain
His arthritis is starting to act up again
In his knurled hands he feels the pain

Slowly he walks down this dusty lane
A lane he has known for many years
Old memories flood through his mind
Thoughts that fills his eyes with tears

Many times they had walked together
This lane had been with him all his life
It was on this lane he met a young lady
Who became his gracious loving wife

Never knowing another place for home
His entire life he had lived on this lane
Tomorrow he will go and leave it forever
A lane up in heaven they will then gain

My Green Valley

As I walk down to the green valley
I look to that rivers winding shore
With the peace I can feel in my heart
It's like standing near Heaven's door

With this peaceful and quiet comfort
Excitement races through my soul
Feelings brought deep in my heart
Making my life now seem so whole

For I know He is standing near me
His voice is low but is so very clear
I listen to all the things He is saying
Beautiful words spoken into my ear

When I leave this wonderful valley
I will remember what He said today
For it is through Him life is eternal
To Heaven His word shows the way

Thank Him

Like the beauty of a red rose
With it's bloom fully unfurled
Bringing feelings of true love
To a world the angels herald

See the world's grand beauty
All beautiful flowers can bring
Smell the intoxicating aroma
As flowers bloom in the spring

See a sky filled with the stars
Look to the heavens up above
Feel those wonderful feelings
It will fill your heart full of love

Drink in all the brilliant colors
That God has put on this Earth
See the love in a young mother
To the baby she has given birth

These things He has given to us
We need to thank Him every day
Relish this day and think about it
When you kneel tonight and pray


So free he feels this cool morning
As a light mist is beginning to fall
He can feel the drops on his face
As he walks along this gray wall

For ten long years he stayed here
Behind this tall wall of gray stone
He thinks about his three children
He wonders how they have grown

He admits he had done the crime
They found him guilty that sad day
As the judge looked at him and said
In prison for ten years you will stay

Feeling ashamed to face his family
Knowing how stupid he had been
He will now drift from town to town
Because he snorted coke back then

Our Highways

He ruined their life, but he don't care
Alcohol long has controlled his brain
Yes, he will spend some time in jail
When he get out he will be the same

Should he be condemned or pitied
This burden he carries to his grave
He killed a lady when driving drunk
Playing chicken to show he was brave

Only a blur came through drunken eyes
Speeding down the highway that night
Drifting across the center of the road
Transfixed he drove toward the light

A blinding crash occurred that night
The highway was covered with red
The jaws of life they needed to use
Soon they found the lady was dead

Our highways are a slaughterhouse
So many people are killed every day
Everyone knows that speed can kill
And if you drink stay off the highway


Was in Gallipolis I first saw it
The Ford pickup I drive today
Marshall handed me the keys
I bought it and drove it away

Now with forty thousand on it
It drives like it was brand new
I said Marshall my good friend
I'll buy all my vehicles from you

One day my wife and I decided
We needed to buy us a new car
I said I will look on the internet
After all Turnpike isn't very far

I then called my friend Marshall
Tell me can you find what I need
He found the Crown Vic I wanted
His aim is to please yes indeed

A Cowboy's Life

High on the mesa he rides
He is out looking for a stray
In the arroyo he spots one
A cowboy is working today

A hard ride he has each day
On the back of his old bronco
So faithful is his trusted steed
Riding where he wants to go

This evening he will eat a meal
Tend to his horse for the night
Then curl up in his cozy bed roll
Go to sleep by the campfire light

Up early in the next morning sun
He will be back on the range then
So happy when this drive is over
As he can sleep in his bed again

copyright 2003 By Acie

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