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My Poems Page 102

Painting by Alan M Hunt given to me by a good friend

Land Of The Free

Over that winding mountain stream
Two eagles are seen in rapid flight
Their keen eyes watching the falls
A speckled trout comes into sight

Nestlings they have upon a ledge
A big trout soon will be their feed
Of their quarry they are so careful
Taking only what they might need

Their mountain home is so beautiful
Water carves its way down the side
Large pines grow on that mountain
On the stream their pine cones ride

God created this scene for you to see
Enjoy what our Creator has given you
As you watch these majestic eagles fly
Up in a sky that is of a heavenly blue

Your Life

Build a dream on a rainbow
Look for that big pot of gold
Be a child now and forever
Never let youself grow old

Always look to the future
Don't grieve about the past
Find and keep a true love
Happiness for you will last

Always be brave and true
Holding your head up high
Fear not what time brings
Look all dangers in the eye

He will show you the way
Hold Him inside your heart
Heaven is waiting for you
As you and this Earth part

With Him

As I walk along this sandy beach
I feel a nearness to my very being
As a distant seagull flys on its way
A beautiful setting I am now seeing

Whitecaps I see on the tall waves
As they roar toward my sandy trail
Children have played in the sand
One has left a little blue sand pail

A bright sun reflects off the beach
Sand is like crystals of white snow
A soft blue sky we see high above
Perfection in this place does show

He made this place we all can walk
Let us enjoy all of this fantastic view
It is a place you can talk with Him
If you listen He will talk back to you

Our Birds

I see the whirr of a humming bird
As he feeds on nectar of flowers
Brightly colored are his feathers
He seems to stays aloft for hours

I hear the coo of a mourning dove
As day breaks into a bright dawn
His brown coat blends with a limb
It is much the same color of a fawn

Two robins build their nest in a tree
Each will weave with grass and twigs
Soon there will be some baby robins
Papa robin brings worms that he digs

A beautiful red cardinal with his mate
Can be seen in my backyard any day
They will stay together for their lifetime
Isn't it wonderful it works out that way


From the mountains in Alaska
To the beach of Biscayne Bay
Beauty is everywhere we look
Great is the wonder of the USA

Freedom, God has granted us
To do all the things as we may
He will watch and protect us all
God loves the people of the USA

With rights to choose where we go
Liberty is what you will hear us say
Granted to everyone in this nation
Rights are guaranteed in the USA

In this land you don't need to be rich
To own a car and a home some day
With hard work we all can own them
We are happy and proud of the USA

Our Memories

Memories are but dreams of past years
Thoughts you can see within your mind
Happiness they can bring to your heart
Some are now forgotten as though blind

Memories can bring heartache or sorrow
Think of a loved one who's no longer here
Be it a Brother or Sister, Mother or Father
These memories will often bring us a tear

Some memories of youth and childhood
Bring us thoughts of a cute girl next door
Wondering where our boyhood pal is now
Some old friends we just dont see any more

Memories will ever be a part of our life now
Dreaming of a time that has long ago past
Special memories will be with us a lifetime
Some left no impression and just didn't last


I see the lonely bumblebee
She flies among the flowers
Watching as she eats nectar
She works so hard for hours

A freak of nature so they say
With a body big for her wings
Still she flies without problems
Don't bother her for she stings

She builds a nest underground
Pollen she will then store there
Young bees hatch from her eggs
She feeds them pollen with care

Although most people fear them
For they can give a mean sting
Working to pollinate the flowers
It is beauty to my eyes they bring

Ohio River

A cool breeze drifts off the river
On this hot and humid July day
I see a tugboat loaded with coal
Making waves as it goes its way

A man and a young boy fishing
I can see them on yonder shore
Young boy has caught a catfish
He is so excited he wants more

A piece of driftwood is floating by
I wonder what history it has seen
Must have been many years ago
Since it had the leaves of green

As I close my eyes and I ponder
Of the time she has had to grow
It has taken her millions of years
This majestic river called the Ohio

Hits Pub Time

I seed them gals at Bull Finch Pub
Them thar two old gals wuz gigglin
Joanne wuz chooin on a lemon rind
That thar Helen tatoos wuz a wigglin

Larie wuz snugglin with that Keeth
John wuz settin them up at the bar
Marge wuz over in the back booth
Aint seed that Acie in here no whar

CC un Tom iz now lockin up lips
Gin un Char been splittin a drink
Bic iz lookin fer that Johnnie Lane
Old Ron iz so drunk he kant think

Eva iz settin at the end ov the bar
Patlat iz dancin on that thar floor
Big Don un Weezie jest kumed in
Bobby he's dun went out the door

Hits a regular night at Bull Finchs
Kant member all that wuz in here
Iffen I have forgot to mention you
Reckon I'll have to buy you a beer

Mountain Home

A view seen from his mountain top
It's a scene of unbelieveable delight
Fresh clean air in the early morning
Seeing a sun that is shinning bright

Slight wisps of fog are seen below
It will lift as the sun warms the air
He sits on a hugh granite boulder
Relaxing without worry or a care

Soon he will be getting his gear
Trout are playing in the stream
His creel will be full at days end
It is truely a fishing man's dream

A cabin, he built on the mountain
He shares with his beauiful wife
With his two boys and a daughter
It is here he enjoys the good life

copyright 2003 By Acie

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