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My Poems Page 101

Flowers from Acie's Garden

My Flowers

White fleecy clouds float over head
It is the beginning of a beautiful day
Summertime has finally arrived here
Sending a wet Springtime on its way

Roses are now growing in my garden
The blooms are quite large and hearty
They will make a very lovely bouquet
On a day we have the sunroom party

I have lilies flowering Orange and Red
So beautiful when they are in full bloom
New Guinea Impatiens growing so lovely
Daisies I will set out when I have the room

My flowers are very gorgeous to look at
If you will stop by my home you can see
A garden filled with nature's best colors
So very pleasing to your eyes they will be


We have heard him for many years
Playing songs on the radio station
He was once voted best country DJ
He was the best in all of the nation

We know he's a good old country boy
Who was elected to Ohio's hall of fame
His star is on Portsmouth's floodwall
On that wall he has written his name

Most every year we can still see him
When we attend the Scioto County fair
He is picking and singing with wife Doris
We know they have been the ideal pair

Still spinning those discs each morning
Playing many old and some that are new
He is heard by his many faithful listeners
Zeke Mullins, we surely appreciate you

Giving Thanks

When the evening light grows dim
A beautiful day is coming to an end
As the sun sets over the mountain
Day into night then starts to blend

Nightime brings us so much peace
It is the end of a hard working day
Rest will come to us with darkness
Now it's time for our prayers to say

Thank Him for all the good things
In our lives He gives us each day
Bring Him in your heart and mind
Never think of turning Him away

Days now I find to be so wonderful
Knowing how much they are worth
Spending my life with lovely Janet
She makes it like heaven on earth

A Sanctuary

I have found a place I love to go
Where peace and quiet abound
It's where I can sit and meditate
Truely my paradise I have found

With clear water in a small brook
It's softly rippling water I can hear
Giving me feelings of contentment
Solace for all of my burdens I bear

This moss covered rock where I sit
A cushion where I can sit for hours
As I look along the bank of the brook
I can see so many beautiful flowers

This place He made for Him and me
Where we might meet and daily talk
A sanctuary from the rest of the world
The only way I can get there is to walk

Nightime Sounds

When the evening light grows dim
Nightime animals begin to be heard
Crickets with their chirping sounds
Mournful call of a Whippoorwill bird

Lightning bugs with flickering lights
Can be seen quite a distance away
An owl sits quietly in a tall Oak tree
His keen eyes will soon spot his prey

Over on the hill a foxhound is barking
Wiley fox will keep him chasing til dawn
Criss- crossing and back track the trail
The hounds sense of direction is gone

Night time sounds can be mysterious
Comming from places we cannot see
Those emitting from the old graveyard
Are the sounds that don't interest me

City Or Country

Tall granite buildings are not for me
Wide open spaces I still love to see
Flowers and the earths green grass
Brush Creek and that wily old bass

City smoke and smog raising high
Obliterates the sun in a bright sky
Smokestack dirt falls to the ground
Honking cars make too much sound

Up on the mountain the air is free
Standing tall is a blue spruce tree
A sparkling stream flows on down
Sights we do not see in a big town

If in that large city you do now live
Find out what the country can give
Its a place that is wide open for you
There see a sky that is always blue

A Forest

Deep within the green forest
Wild animals there can roam
Deer and coon live in there
Fox and hawks call it home

Tall hickory trees grow there
Squirrels feed on the nuts
This forest is so restricted
No vehicles to leave ruts

A black bear can be seen
With a cub walking behind
In the middle of the forrest
A clear deep lake we find

This forest so well balanced
Animals live as best they can
Surviving by its very nature
Until it is destroyed by man


Clem and Henry wuz good ole boys
Clem kinda liked that thar Katie Sue
Henry spent Saturday nights dancin
His favorite gal wuz purty Amie Lou

Ole Clem and Henry got to drinkin
Theys gonna go down to the dance
Henry done forgot his suspenders
Dern fool pert near lost his pance

Amie Lou she wuz so embarrassed
Tears started runnin down her face
Her brother Joe Bob he got so mad
He jest about cleaned up the place

When Henry waked up next mornin
He wuz wundering whar he had been
He knowd he had fun there a dancin
Kant wate to see that Amie Lou again

A Buddy To Me

Hugs don't make a difference now
Eyes that once twinkled now stare
Smiles that once melted my heart
Have gone as if she doesn't care

A voice that once made us laugh
Has muted to only a mumble now
Gone is her little mischievous grin
Alzheimers has caused it somehow

It has been a few short years ago
She had a big pool where to swim
Splashing and smiling with pleasure
She was so filled with vigor and vim

Today as she stares at her television
I wonder what image does she see
As she sits there in her big lift chair
I thank God she is still a buddy to me

In His Garden

Enchantment fills His garden
Where the lovely flowers grow
Serenity I can always find here
A place where He and I can go

I feel His hand on my shoulder
As we walk down a grassy path
So peaceful as I walk with Him
In His world we will feel no wrath

With this beauty surrounding us
Feelings of great happiness I find
Birds we can hear singing sweetly
For our God who is good and kind

So softly He talks with me this day
Words that reach deep in my heart
Knowing He will return when I ask
He smiles as he begins to depart

copyright 2003 By Acie

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