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My Poems Page 100


Widsom is for those that will ask
Love is for all those that will give
Dreams are in the minds of us all
It is on promises that we all live

Hope of tomorrow always we seek
Doing the right things every day
Being the person you should be
Strive to better yourself every way

Always give help to your fellow man
Help those less fortunate than you
Think before putting someone down
To yourself vow to always be true

If these things you do with your life
Great fortunes soon you will realize
Your place in that Holy Land will be
On the day your spirit begins to rise

Good Old Days

Do you often think of time long past
With a quarter you could buy a meal
For a nickle could buy a Coca Cola
Today all of this seems to be unreal

No quarter or nickle did I then have
So it was just wish and walk on by
I often dreamed of a wonderful day
When my pocket was no longer dry

Today that Coca Cola costs a buck
When I play golf down at River Bend
Reach in my pocket to find a twenty
These high prices seem to never end

Now we complain how much it costs
Somehow we find a way we can pay
Although it wasn't the good old days
Some still like to think it was anyway

My Contempt

Wisps of light fog shroud the hillside
I see a light rain softly falling below
This scene I have seen times before
Now it seems such a long time ago

Memories it conjures in my mind
Back in time where honesty existed
In a world that was all my very own
Then our ideals were never twisted

Temptations back then were so few
Of leisure drugs we never did think
Pot was used by mother for cooking
Coke was in a bottle made to drink

Transgressions today come so easy
No CEO in business now is exempt
Stealing benefits from their workers
It is for these people I have contempt

A Little Leaf

A restless leaf blows in the breeze
Holding on since it was just a bud
Looking down from its lofty perch
To fallen leaves down in the mud

Soon it will become its time to go
But first it must enjoy the fine view
Look out across the green meadow
Or to look up to a sky of light blue

He sees a robin on a limb nearby
Singing its song that is so sweet
A lonely girl strolls past his tree
With no shoes on her bare feet

Through both rain and high wind
He still manages to hold on tight
He holds on to his limb all day long
But he falls to the ground that night


Today is a lovely June morning
Not one cloud in a big blue sky
Thoughts tranquil in my feeling
Many sweet memories there lie

Moss covered rocks I see now
I played there in time long past
Seeing the house I was born in
A dusty lane where I ran so fast

Our old house is longer standing
Fire destroyed it many years ago
With no lawn there now to mow
Briars and brambles there grow

Many days like this I saw there
Much beauty to see everywhere
Thank God he gave us memories
My thoughts I am so glad to share


Spirling wisps of fog hang low
A light mist falling on his head
He stumbles as he walks alone
On this path he has never tread

In a world that seems so different
Wondering what happened to him
Could this be punishment deserved
His future is beginning to look dim

Darkness he can see is setting in
Rain seems to be falling in sheets
As he walks so much faster now
He can feel his heart as it beats

His face is getting cold and damp
He wonders if he might be dead
Just then the alarm clock goes off
It is time for him to get out of bed


I think back to my youthful yesterday
Of Otway and all my friends back then
Norvel and Nelson Davis were but kids
Mischevious, like all of us boys had been

Harold, Robert, Tom, and George Clark
Had a house near the corporation line
Don, Dwayne and little Kenny Cooper
Had good neighbors who got along fine

Jerry and John Wolford were a bit older
Jesse Wamsley was the same age as me
We all went swimming in Brush Creek
Swinging from a rope tied to a tall tree

I sit and think of those days of my youth
And how quickly they seemed to melt away
So thankful that I still have my memories
Of the happy life we all shared in Otway

My Pub Experience

A bar stool wasn't made for comfort
I have been sitting here many hours
Trying to drown my lonesome blues
Pouring down these whiskey sours

Friends at the Pub try to console me
I know my life will never be the same
Pogo is giving me so much trouble
Booting me out of the Shobiz game

I sit on my stool and keep drinking
John comes in and buys me a drink
Don asks why pogo kicked me out
I am so stoned I can't start to think

My head starts aching and spinning
I fall of the bar stool with a loud crash
Getting up I stumble to the back alley
I then lie down with the rest of the trash

Otway High School

In my mind I walk those halls
As I think about time gone by
Remembering the good friends
Who attended our Otway High

Its with proud respect I tell you
Teachers were second to none
We were taught the right way
Our diplomas had to be won

Although our school was little
All expectations were quite tall
We would get our next lessons
Working hard in the study hall

So much compassion I do feel
For the memories you gave me
Only a building standing alone
Where a part of me will ever be

Our Fellowship

Once a month I meet my friends
To have breakfast at Patsy's Inn
We had worked in the same office
We discuss those years back then

When I got there Norm ran the office
When he retired it became Jim's turn
Charlie and Acie were staff managers
There was much about the job to learn

Many trips we won through the years
John and Ralph were fine agents then
Gene worked in our office for a while
I worked with some of the finest men

Good fellowship we see every month
We think back to those good old days
National Life and Accident Insurance
It beat American General in all ways

copyright 2003 By Acie

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