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Acies Poems 10

Super Lady

My lady is a super lady
She is pretty and so smart
Her lovely way of caring
Has surely won my heart

She is ever helping others
As she is always helping me
She is so friendly and kind
Today and forever she will be

Super is not the only word
That describes her you see
Lovely, beautiful, sweet
These words also should be

I will love that super lady
From this day until eternity
To embrace her and love her
May that be my final destiny

Our Beautiful Love

I see the love in her eyes when she smiles
A sweeter look no one could ever see
When I am alone with this pretty lady
No happier man in this world could there be

The love between us grows every day
I'm awestruck that she would love me
Evermore I shall be in love with her
No greater love between us could there be

She is ever waiting to see and love me
My heart will ever be tied to hers too
Eternally she will have all my love
In a heart that will be forever true

Our love grows stronger with each day
Knowing we were truly made for each other
Such beautiful words that are whispered
And can only be spoken by your lover

Honor Bound

Just a simple country boy
In love with a country lass
My heart will always belong
To the lady with your class

Ever to be for each other
Just like the stars above
Holding hands and kissing
Showing that we are in love

Planning for the future
Thoughts fill our mind
We are to be with each other
Our life to be so kind

Our life will be happy
True love we have found
Ever in my heart you'll be
To you I am honor bound

My Heart Is In Your Hands

My heart is in your hands
forever for you to hold
If you love and nuture it
It will be like pure gold

In your hands it will ever be
So deeply in love with you
With dreams so bright and new
You'll want to share them too

Every day as time passes by
My heart will sing a song to you
Of how much beautiful love it has
And how it will ever be so true

My heart is in your hands
Hold it with all your might
If you'll love it every day
I will love you day and night

The Beating Of Your Heart

I feel the beating of you heart
A sound thats music to my ears
The beautiful love that we have
Will be ours throught the years

The love thats within our hearts
Will grow stronger in passing years
we will know so much happiness
But we know there must be some tears

Lying next to the one I love
I feel a sense of sweet delight
Knowing our undying pure love
Is much more than just one night

The sound of your beating heart
I hope forever will be with me
As you lay your head on my chest
No happier man could there ever be

If My Heart Had Windows

If my heart had windows
An image you would see
Pretty as your picture
So lovely you will be

Looking into my heart
My love you would find
You are my everything
Forever on my mind

My heart is a safe place
For you to ever stay
Happy as two children
Who went outside to play

Look through these windows
There you are sure to find
A very beautiful sweet lady
That is truly one of a kind

Share A dream With Me

Will you share a dream with me
Can we make it all come true
All our wishes to be answered
A lifetime of love with you

All our dreams we will cherish
you loving me and I loving you
Two hearts entwined in total love
knowing each heart is ever true

Beautiful dreams that we now share
Ever seeking that wonderful day
Whe Our lives can come together
The way our hearts can always stay

>To spend a lifetime with my love
Would fulfill my greastest pride
In love we will be together forever
The day you become my beaming bride

My Wants And Wishes

If all my wants and wishes
Could some how come true
Everything that I want
would have to include you

You are the sweetest lady
In all this great land
I know how much I love you
You make my life so grand

Wanting to be ever near you
This heart full of love I give
To a beautiful wonderful lady
Together as one we shall live

My tomorrow will be so happy
These hopes will come true
Living a life of contentment
I dedicate my life to you

As I Wait

I feel my pulse quicken
I know my love is near
her lovely face to see
Her pretty voice to hear

The time I spend waiting
For joy I know I'll find
Is filled with her image
For she's ever on my mind

The thoughts of seeing her
Speeds up my loving heart
Dreaming for the comming day
We know we will never part

I know I will see her soon
Pride now fills my chest
Knowing when I am with her
I am with the very best

I see her face before me
So beautiful now to see
All my love to give her
Her heart belongs to me

She knows how I love her
How I want her ever near
To love and comfort her
To ever be with my dear

Our Hearts in tune

When two hearts meet and match
What a feeling of sheer delight
With woundrous feelings of love
You know your life will be right

We know our love will be great
With sweet thoughts of the other
Always wanting to be together
Our love we will never smother

A heart in tune with another
Beats only for its sweet mate
Ever to be so deeply in love
Knowing our love wont wait

When two hearts are meshed as one
Love must grow on or it will die
Fan the flames of your love for me
Our hearts will be happy never to cry

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copyright © 1999 By Acie