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My Poems Page 83

His Valley

While walking in this green valley
My eyes see all the pretty flowers
The beauty He has bestowed here
Allows me to enjoy for many hours

Melodious songs birds are singing
Awaken the spirits within my heart
With feelings of complete adulation
For Him and this world He did start

It is so peaceful is this green valley
Serenity fills the overhead blue skies
The graceful eagle soars high above
Effortlessly and without noise he flies

Grass is always greener in this valley
An abundance of trees are growing
Come to this valley and enjoy its love
For to us it is goodness He is showing

This Great Country

With mountains tall and rivers wide
United this country will forever stand
Although some differences do exist
Together for freedom we all will band

Our forefathers did show us the way
To be free from those that oppress
If we must show them with our arms
That is something we must address

Some people will never see freedom
To us it must be a part of our resolve
With freedom to choose what we do
Many problems we are able to solve

Peace is what we all must achieve
For it is how our world will survive
For if there would be a nuclear war
Very few people would still be alive

How Long

A smile grows on his weathered face
As he thinks back to a time long ago
A young man that was starting in life
And how his life was beginning to grow

Things were hard in his youthful years
Although he never seemed to complain
Remembering the time he broke an arm
How he suffered through all of the pain

One evening he went down to the town
It was the most important night of his life
As he walked down the street he saw her
A lovely lady that would become his wife

She went up the steps to the little chapel
She smiled as she saw him open the door
He blinks his tear filled eyes and wonders
How long before he will see her once more

Her Life

She stood at the old graystone marker
Where her lover of long ago now lays
Thinking of the years they had together
She kneels by his marker and she prays

Their time together passed by so swiftly
But every day seemed the best of her life
There is one special day she remembers
That was the day he ask her to be his wife

Years they spent together were so sweet
Their love had kept growning with the years
Now today she can only feel the emptyness
Thoughts that cause her eyes to fill with tears

This pain she now feels deep inside her heart
Will stay with her until that final judgment day
As she lifts her head and looks toward heaven
She now knows God planned her life this way

Mother's Love

Her memories will never fade
Not even in a thousand years
Mother was ever the sweetest
As she wiped away your tears

I have lost my blessed mother
It has been thirteen years ago
No memories of her have faded
For her my love still does grow

I was the youngest in our family
Could be I was the special one
Sometimes it seemed like I was
Still we all had our share of fun

Visiting her on Sunday mornings
I know wasn't enough for her now
As we grow older we soon realize
Moms love us, we don't know how


I feel the chill of a rainy morning
It has been raining all night long
Working out in this bad weather
A man has to be mighty strong

A farmer must feed his livestock
Getting up early he does know
He has to work the year around
In the hot sun or even in snow

Big trucks must get there on time
With a dead line he has to meet
Drivers must keep on a schedule
Through the rain, snow, and sleet

State policemen all face a danger
Every day patroling our highways
They can't worry about the weather
Their shift is worked all seven days

Power line workers work with a peril
Repairing lines that have come down
Restoring the electricity that we need
For both the country and in the town

I sometimes feel so utterly worthless
Knowing manual labor I no longer do
There is much happiness in my heart
With God's help I can send this to you

A Retreat

Standing on this wooded hillside
A different world comes into view
Trees that are tall and handsome
Reach for a sky that is bright blue

I hear the shells of a hickory nut
As they hit leaves on the ground
A squirrelI eating the sweet nuts
With no fear of him being found

A grouse ruffles his wing feathers
As he suddenly takes off on flight
For as we unsettled this game bird
He will fly so swiftly out of our sight

I love this wooded part of our world
For it is here I can find such serenity
So much beauty I see as I walk here
A retreat He has made for you and me

Mowing The Leaves

It was a warm November after noon
I was mowing my neighbors leaves
I know they belonged to neighbors
Because I cut down all of my trees

I thought the leaves were so pretty
When they were still on their trees
But the work I had in mowing them
Caused me to sweat and to wheeze

My trees I had cut down years ago
Thinking I had a good spot for a pool
But in the pool their leaves would fall
You know that made me feel like a fool

Winter will soon come and I will forget
Work I did this nice November afternoon
No reason to worry about their leaves
Next November will get here too soon

Memory Lane

Do you ever walk down memory lane
Back to the happy days of childhood
See all the playmates you then knew
Would love to go to that time if I could

The years have passed since those days
Some I hold so clearly in my memory
With just eighteen in our senior class
Sweet remembrances they bring to me

Katherine, Richard, Fred and Betty
Have now passed from our old earth
They are together in a land of sweetness
God had given them a heavenly rebirth

Some day I know we will be reunited
There playmates once again we will be
To walk those halls of gold and silver
My teachers, classmates, friends and me

His Accident

He can hear the rain pattering on his window
Watching as a raindrop runs down the pane
He can sees the drops form a steady stream
His mind wonders back as he watches the rain

It was a time much like this rainy dark night
He was on the highway that led to downtown
So hard to see through the rain and darkness
He had to swerve to keep from running her down

He vaguely remembers what happened next
As his car left the highway and struck a tree
Sirens and red lights somehow he remembers
He was hurting so why couldn't they let him be

These rainy dark nights will forever haunt him
For they told him there was no lady they seen
The police car had been following behind him
He knows what drinking and driving does mean

copyright 2002 By Acie

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