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My Poems Page 86

The Waterfall

I hear the sounds of the waterfall
As it plunges from a mountain high
Surrounded by an arching rainbow
Refracted from the sun up in the sky

The roar is a crescendo in my ears
As I approach the base of the falls
Looking up from deep in the canyon
I see how water has worn the walls

The white foam created by the water
Splashing on the huge rocks below
Quickly disappears in the clear water
That swiftly moves on its uneven flow

Sitting by one of natures great wonders
My eyes ever so slowly drift up to the sky
An awesome feeling envelopes my soul
I know I will never have to ask Him why

His Birth

Many years ago in a far off land
This world saw the birth of a child
In a meager manger he was born
Sleeping on straw they had piled

It was in a city named Bethlehem
The miracle that night came to be
The baby was named Jesus Christ
He came to save both you and me

Three wise men came to see him
Guided by a star burning so bright
They brought gifts for the new baby
They had found their King that night

It is with these thoughts we celebrate
His birth that night so many years ago
Having kindness, reverance, and faith
His love for all of us will continually grow

God's Christmas Tree

He was just a lonesome little pine tree
His branches are broken and so bent
He had wanted to be a Christmas tree
But on him not a dollar would be spent
He was always alone in the open field
No one ever seemed to come his way
A bird once flew to one of his branches
But for only a few minutes did it stay

The little pine tree was always so sad
Thinking no one wants a tree like me
No lights will grace my broken limbs
An ugly little pine tree I will always be

As he was sleeping that Christmas Eve
Ten angels appeared out of the night
They put decorations that little pine tree
God smiled looking at that beautiful sight


He dreamed of a shining red sled
He saw down at the hardware store
He hoped that Santa would bring it
His parents could afford it no more

He cried himself to sleep that night
He knew that it was Christmas eve
Some boys said there was no Santa
He just didn't know what to believe

The next morning when he woke up
He just didn't want to get out of bed
He knew when he went down stairs
There would be more tears to shed

Slowly down those stairs he crept
Through his tear stain eyes he saw
The most beautiful sled ever made
He knows there is a Santa after all

I Saw Him

It was a very cold and snowy night
We saw an old man dressed in red
In his hands were presents aplenty
Reindeer were pulling him in a sled

Spotting a reindeer that was leading
We laughed as we saw a funny sight
He had a nose was glowing so brightly
It was lighting up the dark of the night

So swiftly that sled went flying along
It was hard to keep up with its flight
Bells I could hear jingling on the sled
I was wondering if I was hearing right

A swift desent that sled began to make
I would swear it was landing on my roof
The old man jumped down the chimney
Once back, him and the sled went poof

Rubbing my eyes I wonder if it happened
Going into my house a wonder I did see
Footprints were coming from the fireplace
A bunch of presents were under our tree

Santa's Helper

With a chuckle he stepped on the sled
He was ready to do what pleased him
The elves had been so busy this year
They had filled the sled up to the brim

Reindeer were strapped into harness
He knew this would be a great night
He would fill the stockings with gifts
He will make their Christmas bright

As he is flying high over the Earth
His keen eyes sees a distraught boy
With tears streaming down his face
A street urchin he will have no toy

His sled swoops down to the ground
And lands beside the crying little boy
Looking through the bitter teardrops
The little child has no Christmas joy

Santa sees how sad the little boy is
So he pondered what he should do
The boy looked up and said to Santa
Will you let me ride in the sled with you

That night Santa found his best helper
In short time they delivered each toy
With Johnnie guiding the sled that night
This whole world was filled with joy

Childhood Remembered

The years have passed by so swiftly
Since the funfilled days of childhood
Thinking back into those past years
I seem to remember only the good

In wintertime we didn't mind the cold
Our coats protected against the snow
At night a big bonfire we would build
Then skating on the ice we would go

Sliding the hills on homemade sleds
Our nights were filled with much fun
We were dirt poor in those olden times
But worries back then we had none

Funny how the winter air is now cold
Even sled riding is no longer my rage
Still I have a jealous feeling with kids
Wishing I could go back to their age


(My Cousin)

Thursday we lost a gracious lady
In our hearts she shall ever remain
It is with love that we will remember
It is these kind feelings we will retain

Her past few years have been so hard
But a good fighter she was until the end
With two daughters and her husband
Her love for her family did never bend

Though we mourn now in her passing
It is to a far much better place she goes
For now she will have rest and comfort
In the arms of the Savior she now knows

She will go up there to see her mother
Get to visit with all of her good friends
Walk the golden streets there in glory
It is where her eternal life now begins

Our Gang

With snow drifted over the fence
It is time for the children to play
There are happy boys and girls
Knowing school is closed today

Joanne and Helen love to skate
They have a fire down by the lake
Patrick and Pat ride on their sleds
Eve stayed inside to bake a cake

Don is drilling him a hole in the ice
Where John and Bob will stop by
They asked Dan to stop for awhile
He said yeah when donkeys can fly

Katie and Roy will pop some corn
Pappa drives by in a big black car
Number one is dressed so warmly
Acie is down at Bull Finch Pub bar


(My Brother in law)

His pain and suffering will be no more
Gone now to a peaceful place above
To a grieving family left here on Earth
He leaves you with his everlasting love

A great husband, a gentle man he was
Always with that sly smile on his face
Since he has left and gone to Heaven
It leaves us a void we cannot replace

It is our prayers some day we join him
Again to see this man that was so kind
To walk those streets paved with gold
With one of the best men you will find

Go now, but please look back upon us
For it is in our thoughts you will ever be
Some day to be reuntied with love ones
In a beautiful land eternally you will see

copyright 2002 By Acie

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