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My Poems Page 84

Love Ship

A smile lights his weathered face
As he sails on the deep blue sea
The weather is so perfect this day
He is happy as any man could be

She looks at that handsome man
Who holds the tiller with his hand
He has won her heart completely
Fire of love in her heart he fanned

Together they sail the sea of love
Gentle breezes ever filling their sail
With these feelings in their hearts
They know their ship can never fail

Bonds of love keeps them together
Strong as the rope tied to the mast
Happily they sail into the setting sun
Knowing a love that will forever last

Years End

The chill of a November morning
Has been eroded by a rising sun
Most all of the leaves have fallen
Cleaning them up will be no fun

Soon it will be Thanksgiving day
We will have turkey and dressing
After we all sit down at the table
We know its time for the blessing

After our fantastic dinner is eaten
Football then will be seen on TV
Your favorite team surely will win
That is the way it is suppose to be

November will fade into December
That will be a season of good cheer
Christmas time will then pass away
It is not much longer until next year

My Mountain

I smell the freshness of the air
Standing on my mountain high
Seeing the clouds beneath me
I have a feeling heaven is nigh

The beauty that surrounds me
Is capped at the top with snow
A serpentine mountain stream
Flows down to the river below

So quiet it is on my mountain
Only the wind makes a sound
It gives my mind a warm rush
To stand on this high ground

Wishing I could remain forever
Atop my mountain that I so love
To await for that judgement day
When I ascend to heaven above

Give Thanks

On this cold and drizzling morning
I see him stumbling down the street
His clothes are all tattered and dirty
Mismatched shoes are on his feet

Could he be a victim of our society
Did he once drive a big shinny car
Maybe he lost his money in stocks
Then started drinking at a local bar

His world is one of total destruction
Booze has made his world go down
He wanders the streets in daytime
Nights he sleeps out on the ground

If you see him give him some pity
You might give him a dollar or two
Then turn you head up to heaven
Give God thanks this man isn't you

Faded Blue

I remember when I gave that dress to her
Dollars I had to paid for it was only a few
She so dearly loved it and wore it proudly
I gave her a dress that was gingham blue

Perhaps it was because I gave it to her
She had so long ago lost her other son
Although she had two lovely daughters
They thought I was always number one

Together they walk happily up in heaven
Enjoying the eternal life that is up there
Living in their beautiful mansion of gold
Where they will not have a worry or care

I know there will be a day I will join them
Surely God will let my prayers come true
Together once again we will be reunited
To see mother in her dress of faded blue

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving day will be here soon
Once more to see our families meet
Again to enjoy a day of togetherness
So much happiness will be our treat

We will all gather around the table
To have our big Thanksgiving dinner
The turkey looks so good and plump
Looks like we again picked a winner

The grace will be said as we sit down
To ask Him to bless this food we eat
We will then pass the food all around
Turkey and dressing just can't be beat

A piece of pumpkin pie tops it all off
With a cup of coffee to wash it down
With all the dishes washed and dried
Our visitors will go back to their town

The Old Mansion

The steps are old and cracked now
That lead to the mansion up the hill
Once a fine home now abandoned
Pretty roses are growing there still

That old mansion saw many parties
Esteemed by all up in high society
A ballroom that was always crowded
It was the only place in town to be

Pretty gardens had dotted the hillside
The lovely flowers are now mostly gone
Brush and small trees are now growing
Where once they grew a beautiful lawn

Some say the old lady that had owned it
Had moved and it was left to waste away
Sometimes I think I hear a band playing
Dance music from a long past yesterday

My Ticket

Mr Stationmaster, sir can I buy a ticket
That will take me back to a distant time
Sir, yes I wish you could take me back
To a time that was just before my prime

Can you take me back to my childhood
Sweet memories I have from back then
I remember the old church we attended
Time was the sweetest it ever has been

Sir, will this ticket let me long stay here
Or is it just a brief visit to my best years
For if I must return again to my old age
My eyes would be filled with bitter tears

Sir, oh you are the wrong ticketmaster
You say you are sorry you can't help me
Oh I see, If I ask the Man up in Heaven
Those wonderful times again I can see

The Fisherman

Across the dock he sees their house
She waves as he walks up to his ship
Soon he would be fishing once again
He loves having that tiller in his grip

These seas hold so many mysteries
They are peaceful dark and so deep
Ships have met their fates down there
On the bottom the sea will ever keep

The fishing will be good for him today
Calm winds will keep his nets straight
Filling the hold with the days fine catch
His ship strains to hold all of the weight

He sees her waving by the garden gate
This is such a perfect ending for this day
He smiles as he finds anchor for his ship
Knowing a bit of heaven has come his way

Sweet Mary

When you look into her blue eyes
A big smile will light up your face
A part of your heart she will steal
Leaving only pure love in its place

The love she gives is pure magic
Hearts break with her "I love you"
Her beauty lives inside her heart
Sweet little lady with eyes of blue

She makes my days more pleasant
With these little things she does say
You are dumb silly brings a chuckle
Happiness in her heart does ever lay

An angel some day up in heaven
Without doubt that time she will see
With all of the love she has to offer
In God's arms one day she will be

copyright 2002 By Acie

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