My Poems Page 63

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In Heaven

From the revolting hand of death
To silken hands of angels they go
Their struggle of life is now over
No more pain, troubles, or woe

Gone are the troubled hearts
To a much better land I know
To share their love with God
For it is He that loves them so

There to stand at heaven's gate
The streets are paved with gold
More beauty than ever thought
There they will never grow old

From high above they await us
Knowing soon it will be our day
Again to put their arms around us
Our hearts will be light and gay

Godís Hand

Today I saw an oak tree
A man on his bended knee
I heard a little baby cry
I saw a star up in the sky

I saw a babbling brook
A man carrying a book
A car zipping on the road
A big brown warty toad

I saw a rose full of bloom
A bride with her groom
A man mowing his yard
A school crossing guard

Look all around and see
Beauty as itís meant to be
For like an angelic band
Itís all made by Godís hand

His Birth

The moon shines so bright tonight
Helping travelers find their way
It was on a night much like this
They found a manger full of hay

With no doctor there to help her
She gave birth to a healthy boy
Mother and child were doing fine
Father was filled with loving joy

The world became much brighter
As he filled the world with love
So beautiful was this holy night
The stars all glittered high above

Jesus was born that precious night
To save all sinners like you and me
Find his love deep within your heart
An eternity in heaven you will see


The pleasant dream of a yesterday
Floods through his mind this day
They walked the trail of happiness
Lovely smiles she threw his way

Sharing thoughts of days to come
Future seemed so rosy and bright
Visions of her beauty filled his day
She would be in his arms tonight

Today he sits in solemn wonder
For his legs can no longer stand
A drunk driver killed his dream
She now walks the golden strand

He thinks not of being vengeful
Each day he prays to God above
Though he has lost his sweetheart
He still fills the world with love

A Drunk Driver

He sits in his cell and wonders
How it had happened that night
Drinking a beer with his friends
Everything seemed to be alright

The hours seemed to melt away
He had ordered vodka to drink
Ten shots had numbed his brain
So he was then unable to think

He stumbled out to his Chevy
No cops were within his sight
He cranked up that old auto
Drunk he sped unto the night

He woke up that next morning
With a buzzing inside his head
They took him to the magistrate
Then he learned she was dead

A life he had taken that night
Without malice it was done
Carelessly he had gotten drunk
A night he had thought was fun

My Beautiful Memories

As I think and struggle with the past
My mind goes back to a happier day
Time when we were but little children
Our days were spent with fun and play

Times were hard back in the depression
Some days our meals were hard to find
But we had our love to hold us together
This is the vision I can see in my mind

I know things could have been better
But that old house was still our home
With the cracks we could see through
Back to that time I let my mind roam

Those days are only but dreams now
Long since a part of my youthful past
Still yet, I think of them so very often
My beautiful memories will forever last

A Senior Moment

Have you ever had a senior moment
When thoughts couldn't come through
Did you think you were the only one
I'll tell you it has happened to me too

Wondering why I came into this room
Is there something I was suppose to do
As I scratch my head in bewilderment
Itís a scary thought I am going through

When I leave and go into another room
It seems as if a light goes off in my head
I remember why I had gone to the kitchen
In the oven I have a big pan of cornbread

Could this be the onset of Alzheimerís
Or is this just a lapse within my memory
At an age when anything might happen
These senior moments come frequently

Nancy's Cat

There was an old lady named Nancy
She had a cat with twenty four toes
Nancy had a beautiful little garden
In the middle she had a big red rose

Next door was a dog named Rufus
He took Nancy's garden as a claim
What Rufus tore up in Nancy's garden
Surely Nancy's cat would be to blame

One day when Rufus dug in the garden
His tail waged into a thorn from the rose
Scared he jumped and he thrashed about
Blame it on the cat with twenty four toes

One day a kid spied old Rufus a diggin
He watched as Rufus destroyed her rose
Now Rufus has gone to doggie heaven
Nancy loves her cat with twenty four toes

The Colors

The world is filled with color
Blues are in the sea and sky
Greens are in the family lawn
Brown in the desert that is dry

Gray is seen in a clouded sky
Red is in the beauty of a rose
A jonquil is a of bright yellow
Pink is the color of a babyís toes

Lilacs are a pale shade of purple
Aqua can be seen in waters deep
Orange is the color of tasty fruit
Silver is the change that we keep

Gold is the thing kings yearn for
Blacks and whites are so grand
But if not for all the other colors
The whole world would be bland

My Mother

On a cool twilight evening
I hear her soft voice calling
Come home to me, my son
Darkness of night is falling

Wonderful words I can hear
That were spoken so long ago
Words from a loving mother
In a voice so sweet and low

Memories of her sweet voice
Will forever flood my mind
A dedicated loving mother
She could be no other kind

Today her home is in heaven
Three of her children are there
I know she smiles down on me
With a heart full of loving care


The beauty of a golden sunrise
Brightens up our world today
No dark clouds on the horizon
A beautiful day is on its way

Will we be playing golf today
Or do we have a lawn to mow
We could take care of the roses
Pretty blooms we like to show

A leisurely walk in the forest
Is a pleasure we always like
So much beauty there to see
The old trails we love to hike

It's so nice we have a choice
Here in our land of the free
Freedom in our choice of life
Forever that freedom will be

copyright © 2001 By Acie

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