My Poems Page 61

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From high atop the mountain
A silver stream starts to flow
Growing as it moves on its way
Fed by the newly melted snow

Drop by drop it will move along
Gathering momentum as it goes
This cold clear mountain stream
Continues its journey as it grows

Down across the lea it will wind
To fall in a deep gorge far below
There to join with another stream
Wider and deeper it will then grow

Onward it will go rumbling along
Aimlessly finding a way to the sea
Bringing water to the fertile fields
That provides food to you and me


The sadness shows in his eyes
Sitting alone in his wheelchair
No visitor has he seen this day
Could it be that they don't care

The days all seem to be the same
Only strangers meet his aged eyes
Many times he sits there all alone
With this helpless feeling, he cries

If only he could realize the truth
She comes to see him every day
Love shows on her strained face
She doesn t want it another way

Alzheimer s is a dreaded disease
For it is a robber of a man s mind
He was once such a loving husband
A man who was so gentle and kind

City Of Murals

My home is in Portsmouth Ohio
Where southern hospitality begins
We are located on the Ohio River
Where good friendship always wins

We live in the county of Scioto
Land where the Shawnee did roam
Located in the southern part of Ohio
Famous people have called it home

We are called the city of murals
Our history is on our floodwall
Visitors come from great distances
When they see it they are in awe

The Detroit Lions were in Portsmouth
Portsmouth Spartans was their name
A painting of Branch Rickey is there
A man who was far ahead of the game

You can see Roy Rogers and Trigger
That painting must be twenty feet tall
So many beautiful paintings are here
Come to Portsmouth and see them all

As I Dream

I sit and smile as I think of her
Sitting there in her rocking chair
Dozing off into a peaceful sleep
Sun shines on her snow white hair

My mind wonders back in time
Back to a long and distant past
Thoughts of this beautiful lady
Love for her will forever last

A smile I see on her lovely face
A sweet song I can hear her sing
As it echos throughout the room
A lump to my throat it does bring

So much happiness we shared
My heart she had filled with joy
I had so much love for this lady
To my mother I was her little boy

An Old Road

He drives down that old dusty road
Where he spent so many happy days
The trees he remembers now are gone
But the road is the same in many ways

He sees it hasn't been traveled for a while
The house burned to the ground long ago
No reason now to the cut away the brush
Whoever owns it now will just let it grow

The old barn that was there is long gone
That deep well Davey fell in is still there
He feels this deep sensation in his heart
As he thinks of the girl with brown hair

He is coming to the end of that old road
Sweet memories he can see along the way
In his mind all the years have rolled away
Happiness he sees in those past yesterdays

Our Forest

A restless wind in the tall oak tree
Sends acorns tumbling to the ground
There hidden beneath the falling leaves
They await the squirrels to be found

Some will escape the animals search
To sprout and become a sturdy oak tree
To provide lumber for our fine furniture
To build a grand home for you and me

The Forest is filled with wonderful sites
Even a small stream there can be found
All of the animals come here for a drink
Their tracks we can see in the soft ground

Many beautiful flowers are in the forest
Along with all of the animals and trees
As you come and see these wonderful sites
Will you conserve it for the future please


Evening shadows play on the hillside
Dancing with the late evening breeze
The sun soon will be sitting for the day
Night time will bring a winter freeze

The trees have been stripped of foilage
Their limbs are now all knotty and bare
In all their saddened and ugly condition
Seems like Mother Nature doesn't care

A deep snow will become their mantle
It will cover and hide their sad shame
To the trees this becomes their blessing
To the weather it becomes only a game

We wait for the beauty springtime brings
When the dogwood and red bud come alive
Seeing that winter time is over and gone
Knowing warm weather is soon to arrive

Night Life

A foggy mist drifts off the lake
Another chilly night has begun
The eeriry sound of a hoot owl
Echos like a banshee on the run

Murky is the water of the lake
Home for denizens of the night
Strange noises are often heard
Filling your heart full of fright

A frog croaks his throaty call
He is sitting out on his lily pad
Some of the noises of the lake
Could drive a sane man mad

Shadows creep across the lake
That will stay there until dawn
The sun will rise from the east
The night life will then be gone

His Cabin

The simplicity of that old cabin
Shows in all the logs he hewed
Each joint was so carefully fit
It seemed as if they were glued

He selected each log with care
For they must be the very best
Measuring them with great skill
He would cull out all of the rest

A dream he built into that cabin
A blue eyed lady he had in mind
He loves her with all of his heart
He knows his heart she will find

A light now shines in that cabin
Happiness he found with his life
Sharing a love that will ever last
That lovely lady became his wife

My Doctor

We wait and we wonder
Is the Doctor here today
Been here three hours
Its he that should pay

His hours are so precious
Mine are not worth a dime
I'll sit here another hour
His watch can't tell time

My name is finally called
Put in a room that s ice cold
Told take off all your clothes
I do exactly what I am told

My lips are turning blue
Some heat do I seek
The nurse comes back in
Your appointment is next week

copyright 2000 By Acie

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