My Poems Page 60

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My World

Softly blows the spring breeze
White fluffy clouds floating by
So peaceful is my world today
Happiness in my heart does lie

A world that is far from perfect
Seems so tranquil this lovely day
As I sit here on this grassy knoll
I see sailboats drifting in the bay

The birds are flying high over head
Silhouetted against a light blue sky
I hear the children squeal with joy
Playing a game in a field nearby

As I look and I see all these things
Why doesn't everyone see what I see
Please look out and try to understand
This is the way He wants things to be


She sees childrens broken bodies
This lady of compassion and grace
An angel of mercy we see in her
Tho at times tears stain her face

Its for the love of these children
That keeps her going day by day
Deep in her heart she loves them
She wouldn't have it any other way

If it is a broken arm she will set it
If a broken heart she will sooth
With hands that are so willing
With a touch that is so smooth

Her life she has given to them
With all of the love in her heart
They will ever be a part of her
Devotion to them from the start


A memory saved so dear to my heart
Visions of the days together we shared
Sweet thoughts of time now long past
Knowing how much we really cared

A family living in the great depression
Sometimes we would find little to eat
Our clothing was mostly hand me downs
Living in an old house with very little heat

There was love to be found in that old house
A smile forms on my face as I see my mother
Thinking of the games we played to pass the day
Genuine fondness for my sisters and my brother

Those days are gone but I can't forget them
These visions are so ingrained in my memory
If only to be able to go back for just one day
A beautiful family together again I would see

Country Living

I hear the breezes softly blowing
An acorn falls from an old oak tree
A squirrel defiantly twists his tail
He scurries away when he sees me

I hear a call of the old black crow
As he eats corn in a field nearby
Two deer are grazing on the grass
The sun shines in an unclouded sky

A rabbit bounces out as I walk past
That was sitting snugly on his nest
Three hen pheasants take to wing
A panting hound has come to rest

An eagle soars high up in the sky
A quail flies up from his warm nest
As I walk around this old farm today
I realize why country living is the best

Our Symbol

High above the treetops
This mighty warrior flies
Strong of wing and heart
He with the keenest eyes

So majestically he soars
Seeking to find his prey
A steep dive he does go
Finding his food for today

Up high on yonder ledge
They have built their nest
His mate will lay the eggs
They will be the very best

He is the king of birds
Keep him proud and free
The symbol of our country
The eagle will forever be


Do you dream of golden yesterdays
When your world was happy and free
Where a Coca Cola cost you a nickle
As if you were on a spending spree

Days that were filled childhood dreams
Adulthood to us couldn't come too fast
Succumbing to our wants and wishes
Our innocent days were gone at last

Gone are those days as we knew them
Disappeared as if a banshee in the night
Those carefree days are over and gone
Somehow it just doesn't seem to be right

If we could only recapture our youth
How much difference would our life be
I smile as I sit here writting this poem
You see life has been so very kind to me

A Childs Winter

I see the snow cascading down
Tiny flakes of white silently fall
Cold wind so briskly does blow
There a child tosses a snowball

Winter scenes are vividly painted
Children having fun in the snow
A sled whizzes by a big pine tree
To a small creek that flows below

On top of the hill a fire is burning
They stop there to warm their feet
Racing down that steepest slope
I bet Jim will be the one to beat

Of the games played out in the snow
Building a snowman is a favorite one
It brings so much joy to our hearts
As we watch the children having fun


An old man sits on the weathered bench
He thinks of how they sat here years ago
Back into the past he lets his mind wander
He thinks of his beautiful wife he loved so

The days were hard but oh so bountiful
Three children had came to fill their life
Their days together were filled with joy
He knew she was always the perfect wife

His old blue overalls are now so faded
Much like the blue that is in his eyes
Thinking of the time they spent together
He turns his head and sadly he cries

His days he knows are getting shorter
Soon happiness again will fill his heart
Walking along with his beautiful lady
In a place where they will never part

A Sweet Angel

She is an angel that heaven sent here
Joy dances in her lovely eyes of blue
The sweetness found in this little lady
Shows me a smile that is forever true

I love the little chuckle she gives me
A grin on her face is simply devine
To hear her say so sincerely I love you
Brings warmth into this heart of mine

Her days might sometimes be lonely
There is just no way for us to know
It is for sure she is my little buddy
As my love for her does daily grow

God has chosen her for a little angel
Of this I know there can't be a doubt
Just take a look at her smiling face
You will see what love is all about

Farm Life

I hear the bubbling water flow
Traveling down its rocky slide
Sunlight glistens on each drop
A small leaf will get a free ride

The sky above is bright and blue
Nearby a squirrel plays in a tree
The hillside is filled with flowers
A beautiful sight we can all see

I hear a crow call in yonder field
He is stealing the farmerís corn
The old scarecrow doesnít help
His attire is too weather worn

These scenes often come to mind
Back in my time that has long past
When life on the farm was so good
How I wish those times would last

copyright © 2000 By Acie

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