My Poems Page 59

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Santa Claus

I peeked at Santaland last night
The elves were busy making toys
Santa was packing his big red sled
To bring gifts to the girls and boys

I saw the beautiful dolls they made
A baseball glove with fancy stitches
Happiness they will bring to children
Whose heart he will fill with riches

He will travel the wide world over
Having gifts for each house he sees
Down the chimneys he will come
To place all the gifts under the trees

With the joy he will bring to them
On this most joyous Christmas day
The love the children have for him
Will inspire Santa to be on his way

Winter With Us

Wintertime soon will be here
We can feel a chill in the air
The snow will soon be falling
We'll go sleigh riding if we dare

The hill that is high above us
Is just right for our sleds to run
We'll toss snow balls at each other
Wintertime is great for having fun

When our sled riding is all over
Back to our home we will go
What a pleasure to be with you
Playing in the new fallen snow

We can share a glass of cider
Have a bowl of popcorn to eat
Get a little closer to the fireplace
Try to warm up our ice cold feet

The joys of having a cold winter
Are not shared with everyone
They don't know the fun we have
They just lay out in the warm sun


The roses have faded now
It will be turning cold soon
Frost will be on the rooftop
There will be a harvest moon

A fire we will have burning
House will be cozy and nice
Invite all my friends to visit
Coke in a glass filled with ice

Soon we will have a big turkey
With all the trimmings that day
Football games will be on our tv
Children will go outside and play

The seasons seem to come and go
I guess God planned it that way
Just tell him what you are thinking
As you kneel by your bed to pray

What A Name

At first I felt sorry for you
Because I am your best pal
You could be named George
Or maybe it could've been Al

Sometimes you are hanging
Other times you are dimpled
Sometimes you are pregnant
Sometimes you are wrinkled

Many words have been written
Some of them are not so kind
The way some people are talking
They must think you are blind

But my good and proud buddy
I know you are not that cad
Just blame your mama and papa
The day they named you Chad

Ali Baba Slots

I sit and watch the sun go down
The night time will be here soon
Jack Frost will paint our rooftops
Beneath a big old harvest moon

All the crops have been harvested
In the fireplace we will have a fire
We will have Pogo on the computer
Of Ali Baba slots we never will tire

All of our good friends will be there
There will be new friends every day
We love those wonderful greetings
They are said in a very nice way

It is in Grandpa's Shack I see them
They are looking for the 3 blue men
We all keep pulling the slots handle
We will hit but we don't know when

Christmas At Grandpa's

It was a week before Christmas
Ali Baba slots was going strong
Everyone was at their computers
Hoping to see 3 smurfs come along

Grandpa's Shack was all filled up
Not an empty place could be found
Every one watching with expectation
As those reels kept on rolling around

Suddenly I had this wonderful feeling
As if the three blue men had been hit
Everyone's name came on the screen
It seemed that it would forever stay lit

With the checks we will all be getting
Grandpa's will be the only place to be
Happiness will come to all who visit
A Merry Christmas you surely will see

Pain In My Heart

I see that old path we walked
When there were better days
But now time has long passed
We have gone our separate ways

I think back to those lovely times
When time seemed to stand still
Now that seems so very long ago
There is such a void I need to fill

It seems as though I've lost it all
So many heartaches here to bear
I have heard time will cures it all
But you know I will forever care

Must I take my walks alone now
With only a memorey of our past
With an agonizing pain in my heart
One that I know will forever last


The past is gone forever
Tomorrow is just a thought
Today is what we live for
Don't let it go for naught

Make this day be so happy
Let your heart seek and find
A world filled with goodness
One where love is not blind

Look around you can find it
So much happiness to share
Tell someone you love them
You can show them you care

A sweet hug will let you show
How much you care for them
Show them that it is for real
Not what you did on a whim

Moonlight Night

As we sit and watch the sunset
This day will be past and done
Twilight soon will be coming
Over the hill will go the sun

When night time comes to us
Nightime animals we will hear
From the singing of the crickets
To the snorting of a buck deer

We can hear the dogs as they bark
I guess they must be after a deer
They will run it up and over the hill
Then their bark we can no longer hear

The beauty of a full moonlight night
Brings out all animals large and small
In the scheme of Gods wonderful world
He wants us to learn to love them all

copyright 2000 By Acie

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