My Poems Page 58

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He showed the world promise
In that manger many years ago
His birth brought to us comfort
A great blessing now to know

With that manger as his cradle
Straw in which he made his bed
The love he showed the world
Shows the life of which he led

The joy of giving gifts to others
Comes to us this time of the year
Singing of the beautiful carols
Angel voices that we love to hear

His birth is what we celebrate
Of that let there be no doubt
The love we show at this time
Is what Christmas is all about

Never to Part

Raindrops fall in tiny puddles
On this cold and cloudy day
This lonely feeling in my heart
How I wish it would go away

I sit and think of bygone days
To a world that seems so long ago
Back to a time of happy laughter
Where did all these good times go

It seems like it was only yesterday
We were kids who loved to play
Today there is so much sadness
So many heartaches I feel today

They have all gone and I am lonely
I wish I could see them once again
I look up to heaven and I see them
Up there under God's gracious reign

Some day I know I will join them
Happiness it will bring to my heart
There we will spend a life eternal
Never again will we ever part

Together Again

The gentle fall of rain bathes my face
I walked where we had walked before
With sadness I remember your smile
I think of how I will see it no more

You are gone, but never will I forget
The wonderful happiness we shared
There is emptyness within my heart
A loss of two sisters for who I cared

If I could only bring back the time
To the happy childhood we knew
But memories of happiness shared
For the time being will have to do

Some day again we will be together
Again to know the love we share
Where we will have a life eternal
Under God's tender loving care

Changing Colors

I can hear the song of restless leaves
As they sway in the evening breeze
Soon they will be changing to colors
Beauty then will come to our trees

Some trees will become a firey red
While others will be of a yellow hue
Orange will be mixed in with the rest
In a background of a sky that is blue

Our hills will be dressed for visitors
Who will come many miles to see
The colors of our southern Ohio hills
It is a very lovely site they will see

We see this happen once every year
It is such a wonderful sight to behold
Visit us in the southern part of Ohio
Come see nature let the colors unfold

Just A Boy

He was just a little barefoot boy
Kicking dust as he takes a walk
Not a playmate does he have
No friends to who he can talk

He plays under the apple tree
Playing with an old milk can
Making a big road in the dirt
Just dreaming of being a man

Those days were so long ago
I remember them like today
A time that can never return
Games I can no longer play

I like to think of the past
Back in time when I was a boy
When I had a nickle bottle of pop
With all kinds of time to enjoy

But gone are those ideal days
When worries were not of mind
Trading all of the fun back then
For a world that isn't so kind

A Lady Like You

With a tear in my eye I walk our road
I stop as I hear a voice I once knew
It must be only the wind in the trees
I know I was hoping it would be you

Must I now walk in in this sad shadow
Will my heart always be filled with grief
Even the darkness of an unlit room
Fails in its attempt to bring me relief

Gone are all the good times together
Long past are the days we once shared
I sit and try to think without comfort
How can I be sure she really cared

I cry until my heart breaks apart
Longing for the days of time past
I guess I knew right from the start
Our relationship would never last

Tomorrow I know will be no better
For time has stole what we once knew
My heart will be will be forever broken
Just because I loved a lady like you

No Difference

Memories shared on a warm afternoon
Beautiful thoughts of days long past
Time why must you disappear so soon
Can't you stay a while and let it last

Our smiles seemed to come so easily
Not phoney, but straight from the heart
It seems so strange to me now though
I always knew some day we would part

Our world is so strange in some ways
One day everything seems to be alright
The next day the whole world is wrong
With as much difference as day and night

Some day we will sit and we will wonder
Could things really been different some how
Or was it just a dream we couldn't finish
I guess it makes no difference to us now

The Lost Cabin

I see a wisp of smoke this frosty morn
It is coming from the cabin on the hill
My heart I left in that old rustic cabin
I loved you so much and I always will

We spent the time in our lost world
So much fun it was just being with you
Your smiles sure lit up that old cabin
I know I must have been smiling too

But the cabin is no longer ours to have
You left without even saying goodbye
It brings so much sadness to my heart
Sometimes I just break down and cry

I sit and look and wish and wonder
How could the love we had go away
Loneliness is my only companion now
Wondering how I can survive this day


He looks at the picture with fond affection
Sees the love he shared with his lovely wife
Somehow things got so much out of control
He wishes he had the courage to end his life

He stopped to have a drink with his friends
It seemed like one thing just lead to another
A smile to the lady dressed in red he did give
Now there is nothing left for him or his lover

He walks the street alone with his thoughts
Trying to survive this lonely life he lives
Hoping some day he can atone in some way
Show her it was only to her his love he gives

The bottle now is the only companion he has
No home will ever be for him from now on
The streets are the only address he knows
Every thing he wanted in life is now gone


Did you ever sit and wonder
Had you were born back then
Would you have been famous
You know you might have been

Had you been the great Napoleon
Would you have been in Waterloo
Would you stayed with Josephine
Do you know what you would do

Had you been George Washington
Would you have crossed that river
To fight the battle with the British
In cold that would make you shiver

Since I know I will never be famous
History may never record my name
I guess it will make no difference
But I have lived here just the same

Lost Love

His heart carries a heavy load
His world has been torn apart
So much tragedy has beset him
Now she has broken his heart

She left him in the summertime
There was no reason for her to go
His love he had given her freely
This he was sure she did know

Time seems to always take away
The things in life we love the best
Hearts are sometimes broken apart
Somehow we seem to fail the test

She is gone away and will not return
He knows for him there is no other
His love for her will never waive
Until with dirt his body they do cover

copyright 2000 By Acie

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