My Poems Page 57

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My Family

Three flowers bloom in heaven
My two sisters and my mother
God called them to be together
With my father and my brother

Carl was the first one to leave us
My father was the next one to go
My sweet mother then went next
Laura and Betty in the year 2000

They have all been called to heaven
Their work on our earth has been done
There to serve their Blessed Savior
Where there will be no setting sun

Some day I will go to meet them
I will walk up those golden stairs
To be reunited with my love ones
There to see no worries or cares

My Sweet Mother

With a voice that sounded so sweetly
She said, child you know I love you so
These words were uttered by my mother
Words that still echo from so long ago

As I think back to those wonderful times
Those words mean so much more to me
Beautiful feelings they bring to my life
No sweeter mother could there ever be

She has gone to be with her Savior now
I know she sees me now from far above
Sweet rememberances she leaves with me
A sweet mother with a heart full of love

Some day I know I will see her again
Where streets are paved with pure gold
To know and see my sweet mother again
In the land where we will never grow old

My Mother

I look back in my memories and see her
A lady so brave and so kind
With all of the love she could give us
Ever that love will be on my mind

Working so hard to keep us children
Sometimes walking to work in the snow
She tried so hard to keep us together
With a love that only a mother could know

So thankful I am she was my mother
No other could ever have taken her place
The beautiful thoughts I have of her
Brings a wonderful smile to my face

She left us and has gone up to heaven
I know she looks after us every day
Some day we will go to meet her
Happiness will then come our way

Mother's Grave

I went to where we buried her
Although I knew she wasn't there
God has called her up to heaven
She is in his tender loving care

I looked at that grey tombstone
On it they had carved her name
With heart felt thanks I give her
For it was from her that I came

A mothers love is so precious
Another like her just can't be
She knew how much I loved her
She was a wonderful mother to me

With a saddened heart I stood there
These artificial flowers in my hand
Some day I know I will see her again
As we walk on that golden strand

Heavenly Blue

As I walk in solemn sadness
I go back into the distant past
In a world filled with happiness
How I wish it could forever last

The tides of time have changed
Our lives can never be the same
We each went our separate ways
You have even changed your name

The admiration I had for you then
Has grown, I guess it must be tenfold
The love of this brother for his sisters
Is worth more than any earthly gold

Go softly now, go see Mom and Dad
Carl and Laura are waiting there too
I know some day soon I will join you
Where our skies will be heavenly blue

My Sister Betty

I know that I will cry tomorrow
Bitter tears will flow like wine
There is an awful empty feeling
Hidden within this heart of mine

Sisters are such special people
Helping in every way they can
The feelings I had for my sisters
Brought happiness to this man

Today I lost a very special lady
She is the second I lost this year
Betty and Laura have gone now
It seems too much for me to bear

Her home will be up in heaven
She will meet our mom and dad
Get to see her sister and brother
Her days now will never be sad

A Family Reunion

Through tear stained eyes I saw her
She looked so very pretty lying there
There was a hint of a smile on her face
I love the way they had fixed her hair

Betty, you are gone and I will miss you
There will be the sweet memories to keep
As I saw you lying there in silent stillness
So peaceful, like you were in a deep sleep

The many happy years we spent together
Will be forever held deep in my memorey
Love this brother had for his sweet sister
Was deep in his heart and ever it will be

Some day I know again I will be with you
Everyone from our dear family will be there
Then we will have a great family reunion
In that beautiful mansion high up in the air


I think back to my days of childhood
When I sat at our kitchen table there
There wasn't very much food to eat
That table held so much loving care

Again to see my brother and sisters
Just to see my mother's happy smile
We were poor but we were happy
Where love made it all worthwhile

There were days when I wasn't happy
My older sisters sometimes teased me
I was the youngest one in the family
In every family thats the way it will be

They have all gone to heaven now
Where they are in God's great grace
Their memories will ever be with me
Until the day I have run my final race

Bygone Years

The winds of sadness are blowing
It brings a thought of bygone years
Back in time we were just children
Thoughts that fill my eyes with tears

We were poor, but we were happy
Living in a house we had to rent
It was always too hot or too cold
To us we knew it was heaven sent

The life we lived was very simple
There were no fashion jeans for us
We had to walk a mile in the snow
Just to catch that old school bus

I think if things were like that today
So much better this world would be
Happiness would show on our faces
Good things in life again we would see

Just A Boy

As I walk with you in memory
My mind slowly wanders away
To a time in a distant long ago
Where life was come what may

Happiness embodied our hearts
Every day was a special holiday
How I wish we could relive them
Would we change them any way

Playing checkers by kerosene lamp
On cardboard we had made by hand
It seemed the most natural thing to do
Our checker board to us was so grand

I can remember the nights of laughter
As we heard Fibber McGee on our radio
We listened to our Cincinnati Reds daily
Hoping that old dry cell battery wouldn't go

These are the wonderful days I remember
Times were hard but there was much joy
We were a very happy family back then
I loved those days when I was just a boy

copyright 2000 By Acie

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