My Poems Page 56

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Give Thanks

From the waving of the grain field
To the firey hue of the evening sky
This world is so filled with beauty
Do you ever wonder how or why

Did you ever watch the birds flying
See a fish swim the rapids of a brook
Feel the winds blowing in your hair
So much beauty everywhere you look

You can hear the singing of a bluebird
Watch a rabbit as he is chased by a hound
See all the beautiful colors of a rainbow
Just look, for all these things can be found

Everything is placed in pure perfection
By His hand it was made for us to see
Open your eyes look up and thank Him
After all He put it here for you and me

Thinking Of You

As I think of all the fun we had
Time that couldn't be measured
Locked deep within my heart
Memories that will be treasured

To remember the walks we took
The many smiles that we shared
How we held hands and talked
Shows how much we really cared

Dreams to be ever locked in time
Feelings our hearts will ever hold
With your image inside my mind
You give to me treasures untold

Each day we know will be so good
Beautiful music we both can hear
The day we await so breathlessly
Will be the day I hold you near

My Little Buddy

I need a hug I heard her say
With that sly grin on her face
I knew she was conning me
She wanted to go some place

Could it be going to Pop's place
Or Walmart over at the mall
She knows what ever she wants
She will soon get them all

Maybe she wants to take a ride
In my little Ford pickup truck
When she tells me she loves me
I realize I really have the luck

A buddy to me she ever will be
I hope I can help her ever day
The way she sweet talks me
You know she will get her way

My Buddy Mary

Her smile is true and understanding
It can melt the hardest heart around
The beauty of this white haired lady
Deep within my heart I have found

She knows I am one her best buddies
I smile when I hear her say I love you
Although she was born with a handicap
I know she has been blessed by God too

Mondays are the days she really loves
It is eat out dinner for her at Pop's place
After she finishes her mashed potatoes
She wants to get into the Walmart race

Her greatest pleasure as she is shopping
Is all the nice people that she does meet
As she throws up her hand in a big wave
Smiles show on all those she does greet


There is a smile in my heart
As I sit here thinking of you
I hope all our times together
Puts smiles in your heart too

Thinking of the walks we had
How we have enjoyed each one
We loved each step we made
Our world so filled with fun

For it is with you my smiles start
You make every day be so bright
When I am with you I walk on air
There is no darkness in our night

Tomorrow as we will meet again
Retrace the steps we have made
Reminisce about the good times
Know we face tomorrow unafraid

Those Memories

I think about all our times together
How the time always went so fast
Your memories are still in my mind
Remembering back to the time past

Friends we were and always will be
I think of you with each passing day
The happiness we shared back then
Will be in my heart forever to stay

The smiles we shared I can't forget
Our hugs and kisses were so sweet
Every day I can see you in my mind
A very lovely lady who is so neat

If tomorrow I could be with you
You would be walking by my side
Down those old familar beaches
With bare feet wading in the tide

His Life

He sits and thinks of days gone by
Back in time he lets his mind roam
Alone in life he has been for a while
He waits to go to his heavenly home

He met and wed his beautiful lady
She was twenty he was twentyone
They had three wonderful children
A house that was so filled with fun

One by one the children were married
Grandchildren were the joy of their life
Happiness seemed to be ever with them
With no idea soon he would lose his wife

The doctor sadly brought them the news
With the cancer there was no hope to live
He looks back to the forty years they had
With reverence, thanks to God he does give

Jumbo Jet

Silver streaks light up the sky
Jumbo jets climb up so high
Vapor trails follow so near
Roaring engines I can hear

How far will be this flight
Will it last through the night
A strange land there to see
Happy travelers will there be

Is it is flying over to Rome
Could it bring a father home
Maybe it will fly over France
I would go if I had a chance

Some day I hope I will see
That land beside the Irish Sea
Get on that bird and fly away
See Ireland some sweet day

A Reunion

Long and lonely are his days now
His loving wife has passed away
The pain that you can see his face
Grows more with each passing day

The love he had for his fair lady
Was filled far beyond his dreams
He looks back to the life they had
It was so perfect now so it seems

The children they were blessed with
Come to visit with him once in a while
When they have a big family reunion
His face lights up with a wonderful smile

He prays to God for a life hereafter
To be reunited with his loving wife
Where they can be together forever
In heaven where there is eternal life

My Flowers

I smile as I stand in my garden
Surrounded by the beautiful flowers
So bright are their pretty blossoms
Growing from the gentle showers

I have roses all with such a pretty hue
Some are yellow some red and some pink
When I look at all these lovely flowers
I see their beauty and then begin to think

A world without the beauty of flowers
Would be so plain for all of us to see
This would be an awful barren place
We would never see as much as a tree

I tend my flowers with tender compassion
For I certainly know who makes them grow
His hand has created everything that we see
It is God up in heaven as I am sure you know

copyright 2000 By Acie

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