My Poems Page 55

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Our Secret Place

As we sit by the sparkling waterfall
We can feel the cool mist on our face
The world seems to go passing on by
Never sensing this is our secret place

The birds we can hear as they fly past
Looking for food to feed to their young
Down in the valley quite a distance away
We hear a church bell as it is being rung

We can watch the water cascading down
Little whirlpools and eddys it does make
From high in the mountains where it starts
Down here to our beautiful deep blue lake

Together with you is a dream come true
Our happiness is being here every day
As we embrace and have a sweet kiss
We know our love will never go away

Our Sky

Last night I looked into the sky
A million stars and I know why
Each star appeared with "I love you"
A sky full of stars to prove it is true

The yellow glow of that old moon
Its so romantic and we know soon
As we sit in the nighttime quietness
Soon we will embrace in a lasting kiss

We know that our star is a lucky one
It seems much brighter than the sun
Such a dazzling show in the sky we see
The world is giving a show to you and me

Each star shines so bright that I can see
My beautiful lady standing next to me
This night will pass and when its done
Your smile then will light up the sun

Little Mary

I love the big smile I see
Nothing is phoney there
When she says I love you
It shows she really does care

The beauty that I see in her
Can't be seen by everyone
When she calls me dumb silly
It is her way of having fun

I agonize when she forgets
She has Alzheimers you know
Just getting back from eating out
She thinks it is now time to go

My heart she melts in her way
Her love I return with my own
Down through the years with her
The love in my heart has grown

Everytime I give her a big hug
I will also give her one for you
Know and feel the love she has
With you she will share it too

A Morning Walk

Past the wildflowers in the meadow
We walk this fine and beautiful day
With your hand touching my hand
Smiles are on our faces all the way

We walk past the blackberry briars
See a mother rabbit with her young
Hear the birds looking for their lunch
Singing the prettiest songs ever sung

A deer we spot though its far away
It has been drinking from the creek
A hen pheasant and her chicks hide
She didn't know we still got a peek

The pleasures our walking brings us
Cannot be measured nor weighted
This lovely morning spent with you
Was the sweetest time ever made

Our Song

We walk the path together in my heart
Your presence is with me all day long
I hum as I think of our time together
Beautiful thoughts that belong in a song

Endless days would be the start our song
Lovely nights surely would be the melody
Together in our cabin up on the mountain
The chorus would be sung by you and me

Every line of the song would say I love you
Sung without any reservations or any doubt
We feel the intoxicating air that is around us
A bonding of two hearts is what its all about

Our song will be sung by lovers everywhere
Big smiles will grace their faces every day
The joy that will entwine within their hearts
Will be the joy that you have brought my way

Sounds Of The Night

As the sun is slowly sinking
The night will put on a show
All the stars will be twinkling
The moon will begin to glow

Sitting in quiet contentment
We can hear the night sounds
A hoot owl doing his hooting
A fox is running from hounds

A whippoorwill sounds so lonely
He must be looking for his mate
We can hear a stag deer snorting
Running down by the garden gate

These sounds are all so wonderful
They are things I don't want to miss
But the sweetest sound of the night
Would be giving you a tender kiss


Friendship can never be bought
So there is no way it can be sold
Your friendship I wouldn't give up
For a ship full of silver and gold

Friendship starts within the heart
It grows with each smile you see
The beauty found in our friendship
Makes us as happy as we can be

The time we share with each other
Seems special in every kind of way
You bring such a wonderful feeling
Your smile certainly makes my day

I'm so glad I found a friend like you
So much happiness you bring to me
Such a sweet and understanding lady
My friend for a lifetime you will be

His Creation

The ruby glow of the setting sun
Streaks high in the western sky
God made this earth so beautiful
He made it for both you and I

Six days it took Him to make it
A masterpiece we couldn't plan
All the things he created for us
Couldn't be made by a mortal man

The mountains and the valleys
All the trees that dot the land
All of the wonderful animals
Down to each grain of sand

He gave us a life to live in it
Not to destroy like we do now
Protect this wonderful creation
You know God can show you how

A Dog and a Drunk

He feels the stiffness in his joints
As he awakes to face another day
Pills don't seem to help him much
He wishes his pain would go away

It first started with a wreck he had
A drunk had ignored that stop sign
He worked in agony for two years
But the pain forced him to resign

The wreck had happened in April
In Novenber he was bitten by a dog
After nine operations on his left leg
His knee felt like it had slipped a cog

It happened some sixteen years ago
He remembers it like it was yesterday
He is thankful he can still walk around
Both dog and drunk have passed away


Though I walk in total darkness
I can see a shinning light ahead
I can hear the echo of my steps
This forlorn place is full of dread

The light ahead gets a little brighter
With each passing step I have made
Although this darkness is forbidding
I walk without a fear, I am unafraid

I feel as though I have walked for miles
The darkness seems to make it that way
When I first set out to take this walk
I know it was in the middle of the day

I can see the light much brighter now
My journey will soon come to an end
I will trade the darkness of this tunnel
For the smiling face of my good friend

copyright 2000 By Acie

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