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My Poems Page 54

Our Mountain

We can feel a chill in the air
Outside our cabin by the brook
A fire I build in the fireplace
You put our coats on the hook

I see the beauty of the mountain
Trees of green with a sky of blue
Scenery that is unmatched by any
So happy to spend time with you

The serene beauty of the mountain
The purity of the sweet smelling air
I will forever leave my heart here
It will be left in your loving care

This mountain will ever be special
This cabin I built just for us two
Every spring we can relive this time
A weekend on the mountain with you

Love Without Conditions

Without conditions I love you
I am a friend you can always find
Open your heart and you will see
That love is not always so blind

True friends don't come easy
Their friendship must be earned
Realize, my friend I care for you
These lessons I have learned

These feeling I have for you
Gives contentment to my mind
You will forever be my friend
Someone who is gentle and kind

Tomorrow things will be perfect
Tell me, what can I do for you
There need not be any repayment
Happiness it will give to me too


We walk along in harmony
Having feelings so sublime
With me holding your hand
There is no passing of time

A smile from you I do see
A face so lovely and sweet
I have a smile for you too
How lucky that we did meet

I try to explain my feelings
So wonderful, but intoxicating
You are always there for me
I could never keep you waiting

The many miles we will walk
The happiness we will know
All will come true some day
Thats when our love will show

A Rose

Sparkling drops of water
Fall on the petals of my rose
Beading balls of cool rain
Will make the blooms grow

The aroma of my pretty rose
Is perfect and beyond compare
It is much like that lovely lady
For whom I shall forever care

A freckle here and now I see
A smile from her pretty face
Her delicate and fine features
Are much like the finest lace

Her skin is like the rose petal
So soft and soothing to touch
My heart I have given to her
Because I love her so much

Our Time

A smile, a kiss, a sweet embrace
I think of the time spent with you
Wonderful smiles you have given
Smiles I have given to you too

Your kisses are always the greatest
It is like Heaven when our lips meet
Loveliest lady in this whole world
So kind, so beautiful, and so sweet

I remember that day at Tadpole Creek
Your radiance was a sight to behold
Two hearts were meld together that day
With love that is more precious than gold

Each day we walk that favorite path
Arm in arm we slowly make our way
Cherishing each moment of paradise
Happiness grows in our hearts today


Wondering where all the time had gone
The old man thinks of the distant past
He has thoughts about that sweet lady
With a deep love that will eternally last

They met one day in early springtime
The snow had just melted fron the ground
The first time he saw this pretty little lady
He knew his true love had been found

With a smile he walked up and met her
She told him she had a date that night
But if he would like to go out dancing
One night next week would be all right

The many nights that they had together
Brought happiness beyond their dreams
Their hearts were united as one forever
It was love at first sight or so it seems

He looks at her now with so much feeling
Tears fall from the eyes of this man so kind
For six long years she hasn't known him
Alzheimer's disease has destroyed her mind

The Rose

Walking through my garden
I see many beautiful flowers
Smelling their hearty aroma
I would like to stay for hours

As I was walking there one day
I was attracted by a red rose
Its beauty far outdid the others
Sweet aroma filtered to my nose

I saw the dew sparkling on it
So much beauty as it grows
I know it came from heaven
God's tears are on that rose

For only He could create it
So beautiful in its bright red
So magnificent is this flower
It is used when couples wed

Our Path

The beauty of walks we have
Can not be measured by time
The feelings I share with you
Are wonderful and so sublime

Each day we walk upon our path
Where the beautiful lilac grows
The fragrance that we can smell
Is accentuated by a lovely rose

Our path is covered by smiles too
The brightest and best to be found
How we loved that wonderful day
We had our picnic on the ground

Our path is filled so much with love
Two hearts that are filled with bliss
Magic comes when we walk this path
We smile as our lips meet in a kiss

The Old Pond

Cattails standing in the small pond
Undisturbed they grow each year
Slowly waving as the fish swim by
Their presence keeps the pond clear

Frogs croaking out on the lily pad
Unaware of my presence so near
A turtle moves across the water
In the mud are tracks of a deer

It was there I did my first fishing
A crooked hickory and a bent pin
Some string from the sewing basket
That was the fishing gear back then

Ever day I would sit there fishing
Never catching a doggone thing
Sometimes I go back to that pond
Pleasant memories it does bring


I see the black clouds gathering
I guess a big storm is on the way
It brings back to me fond memories
Of another time and another day

When we were young and so happy
Each day brought us another delight
Our hearts were filled with happiness
We cherished our love every night

The years have passed by so swiftly
It seems like I just met her yesterday
What a great life we have had together
Sharing and enjoying our love everyday

Yesterday God called her up to heaven
A beautiful angel up there she will be
I know every thing will be alright now
When it storms she will watch over me

copyright 2000 By Acie

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