My Poems Page 53

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Our Home

I can feel a flutter in my heart
I know my pretty lady is near
She brings a smile to my face
Everytime her voice I do hear

The dreams we have together
Are sweet and so well planned
With a house up in the mountains
Our life will be lovely and grand

A garden we will work together
Planting flowers of a different hue
Roses we will have there blooming
Under a sky that is heavenly blue

This will be our perfect little paradise
In this world that is so beautiful to see
With our home so high in the mountains
Happiness now and forever will there be


The wings of spring
So swiftly pass by
Summer has come
Spring flowers die

Summer will bring
Our lawns to mow
Camping and picnics
Always on the go

A great time for us
To enjoy time too
Walking together
Just me and you

Holding your hand
So soft and sweet
My barefoot lady
You I want to meet

Hugs And Kisses

I stop and ponder as I walk
Hoping you will come my way
My mind meanders back again
To that bright and vibrant day

I saw that day a kind of hope
That I had never seen before
The love you gave to me there
Will fill my heart for evermore

The time we shared that day
The love we sought to know
Brought enchantment to us
Helped make our love grow

When I see you tomorrow
A smile I know I will see
Beautiful lady wait for me
Hugs and kisses there will be

The Storm

While the storm outside rages
My heart is thinking about you
I think of times spent together
Smiles it brings to my face too

The lightning is like the pangs
Your beauty brought to my heart
Quickly I learned to adore you
We got off to a beautiful start

I hear the thunder as it rumbles
Interupting my thoughts of you
A heavy rain has started falling
It may last the whole day through

Clouds will not be in our future
No rain will dampen our day
The skies will ever be sunny
Sweet lady come walk my way


A broken heart and a wet pillow
Was all she left him in the end
Knowing he had loved her dearly
She ran away with his best friend

The nights are so long and lonely
He thinks of what could have been
The two people he loved so much
He now wonders how and when

Tonight he will go to sleep crying
With a vision of them on his mind
All of the trust he had for them
Not knowing they were that kind

If tomorrow he should find another
Could he find some love in his heart
Would there be some doubt existing
Or could he dream of another start


Walk this path with me
Forever to be as one
Know the love we have
Think of how it was won

We walk this path at night
With the moon high above
We will walk hand in hand
Two people deeply in love

I see you in all your beauty
As my arms circle your waist
A big smile covers your face
Sweetness of you lips I taste

Sharing this great feeling
Perfect our world will be
Sunshine lights our days
Happiness for you and me

Mother Nature

I sometimes sit and wonder
As I watch the birds fly by
They are such tiny creatures
Yep they can fly but not I

I see an ant dragging a bug
That is over twice his size
Darn fly I can't swat him
I know he has eight eyes

Wasps will sting your hide
Bees can make fine honey
Knowing how to rob a hive
Will save you much money

Snakes are creepy in the grass
They scare and make you shiver
I caught a catfish this past week
Bank fishing on the Ohio river

I know mother nature is so grand
Everything she made for you and me
Help us all preserve what we have
Keep it beautiful for everyone to see


The nurses wont soon forget her
Little lady in three thirty three
A smiling white haired cutie
Sometimes contrary she can be

Hi Jerk she said to one of them
I know that is what I heard her say
She surely kept them on their toes
She made sure they earned their pay

We know that they all loved her
When she left and was on her way
With a cheerful smile they told her
Mary, you have a super fine day

Thanks to everyone that helped her
I know we have told you that before
You know how we love this little lady
She will be in our hearts for evermore


A hug is a sweet thing
When it is done right
Circle your arms around
And hold her real tight

A hug gives good feelings
It is good for your heart too
If you get one each day
You will never be blue

Each time we share a hug
I get these feelings of bliss
On your soft and tender lips
I will gently place a kiss

A hug I will leave with you
Hold it and never let it go
You see hugs are like rabbits
They seem to grow and grow

As Long As

Yesterday I threw out my back
Gosh I wonder if it is still there
The sun is shining on my head
A big spot up there sure is bare

My tummy is in such bad shape
It has done lapped over my belt
I guess there is a weight problem
But I tell everyone that I am svelte

My teeth I lost them years ago
I should have worn glasses at birth
I got bunions and corns on my feet
Reckon if anyone know my worth

I still get up every morning smiling
Because I know that you still care
My weight or baldness don't matter
As long as all the love is still there

copyright 2000 By Acie

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