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My Poems Page 52

The Old Fiddler

Sounds come from that old fiddle
Played so softly by his magic hand
The melodious strain he is playing
Beautiful as a fine symphonic band

He plays with the poise of a master
Each note so refined in every way
His practice has made him perfect
He loves to play his fiddle every day

The fine concerto I hear him playing
Its Prokofiev's concerto number two
He played with such wonderful feeling
Feelings somehow he transfers to you

Playing The Orange Blossom Special
He had a sound that sounded so grand
He loved to play country music favorites
He was once in The Charlie Daniels' band

The Old Banjo

He played his old banjo
With a three finger pick
Your feet would dance
As he played a hot lick

Saturdays were special
We all gathered around
Dancing on the porch
A picnic on the ground

With so much fun there
Visitors came by the score
Everyone was welcome
He met them at the door

Someone brought a fiddle
Another brought a mandolin
Someone picked up a guitar
Bluegrass picking did begin

Wonderful Years

She looks at him in wonder
So much love in the years
Happiness has come to them
Though there were a few tears

The children are married now
They have all gone their way
They all come back for visits
She looks forward to that day

Sunday will be their aniversary
All their relatives will be there
To see this wonderful couple
Tell them how much they care

Their life has been a great one
Seven children show that way
Deeply in love with each other
It still shows on their face today


He thinks he hears her voice
But then slowly walks away
He thinks of the life they had
He now misses her every day

Their marriage was so happy
Five children came to their life
He was a hard working farmer
She was proud to be his wife

They worked so hard together
Happiness had come every day
They had just built a new house
It was then God called her away

He thinks back to those years
How he had treated her with care
Knowing it wont be too long now
They will be back together up there

Corn Bread And Beans

I laughed that day I saw her
Dressed in an old pair of jeans
Sitting at the table barefoot
Eating corn bread and beans

She smiled when she saw me
Her voice was nice and sweet
She fumbled with her shoes
Trying to cover her barefeet

I saw just how pretty she was
So embarrassed with her red face
That day I lost my heart to her
I found love I could never replace

Today we sit and laugh at the past
I joke about that old pair of jeans
Each Saturday afternoon we have
Corn bread and a big bowl of beans


The dream he had with her
Had started a long time ago
The love they have shared
Was strong and it did grow

The beauty he saw in her
Made her the love of his life
He courted her with dignity
He wanted her for his wife

He loved to walk with her
Arm in arm they would go
A wink she had shown him
A big smile then did grow

Today they are so happy
Two little girls and a boy
Have come into their lives
Hearts are now filled with joy

Quiet...Goverment At Work

I see the clear mountain brook
Where the trout can swim today
Pristeen in its sparkling waters
Flowing down to the seas far away

Unlike that cool mountain brook
I have a stream in my back yard
Polluted by many sewage systems
Fighting the odor is really hard

Try to get help from the goverment
You will find it is all a big joke
The trustees or the commissioners
Will tell you they are all broke

I have been told we will get sewers
But I have heard those lines before
Tell me that you aren't kidding
I know this county isn't that poor


Springtime is a time of beauty
In the heart there is much love
Birds and animals starting familes
You can hear the calling of a dove

Summer is the time for growing
Beautiful flowers we all can see
Fruits and vegetables for the table
So healthy for both you and me

Autumn is a time for us to harvest
For what we sow we can also reap
We know that the harder we work
There will be much more to keep

Wintertime is a time for reflection
Think of what your life has been
Could we have done much better
We sit and think of how and when

Springtime With You

We walk along Tadpole Fork
There isn't a cloud in the sky
Walking there with my lady
Watching the trout swim by

The air is warm this spring day
Happiness I find here with you
The birds are singing so sweetly
I can smell the honeysuckle too

Blooms on the Rhododendron
Wildflowers seen along the way
Everything here is so beautiful
Such a wonderful day in May

The feeling you put in my heart
For my lifetime it will ever stay
Will you put your hand in mine
Take a walk like this every day

A Pair

I see the beauty of the hillside
It is all dressed up for spring
The foilage is on the trees now
The birds have begun to sing

The nights soon will warm ones
It is so nice we can stay out late
A lady will be waiting for his call
He will be asking her for a date

The fun they will have together
A picnic is the plan of the day
Big smiles will adorn their faces
Kisses are shared along the way

Springtime is the time for lovers
Is it something thats in the air
It seems like I see it every spring
A boy and a girl become a pair

copyright 2000 By Acie

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