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My Poems page 51


True friendships will last a lifetime
It will survive both bitter and sweet
Forever to be helpful to each other
Bonded to a feeling that can't be beat

Friends will talk you through sorrow
Know when things are not just right
Help get you through your problems
Bring cheer to a long and lonely night

Friends will bring so much happiness
To the days when you are feeling blue
Bring you smiles and a day of sunshine
Shows you what a true friend will do

My friends are many and I love them
So much help they have given to me
I always get such a wonderful feeling
When one of my good friend I do see

He Has Given

We love this time of the year
All of nature is coming alive
Flowers are starting to bloom
Bees will soon work the hive

The mating of the spring birds
Their throaty whistles fill the air
Tells me to respect all of nature
For He has left it in our care

Just open your eyes and see
The beauty God has given you
From the simple white dogwood
To a sky that is heavenly blue

The wonders He has given to us
Should be treasured every day
Enjoy everthing He has given
Happiness will come our way

Deep In My Heart

Lovely thoughts go through my mind
As I think of the walks we love to take
Down on the beaches we would stroll
Seeing the waves on the seawall break

These are happy times for happy people
The smiles we share will forever glow
All of this warmth we have in our hearts
Will cause our love to eternally grow

Will you give me a sweet kiss my lady
It will make of our dreams come true
Let me hold you tightly to my chest
A very special time for me and you

To share this time with you my dear
Brings deep heartfelt feelings to me
I will see my lady again tomorrow
Deep in my heart ever she will be

Two Lovers

Two hearts unite as one
When two lovers meet
So sweet is their world
Time becomes a treat

To spend an hour or two
Always is such a delight
Knowing it ends too soon
Wanting it to be so right

Holding hands and talking
Dreaming of what can be
Love is deep in their hearts
For all of the world to see

A smile she gives to him
Quickly he steals a kiss
Arms reach in an embrace
Forever to be held like this

Our Lifetime

White lilies grow along a shaded brook
Each bloom is so pleasing to our eyes
Their beauty lasts only for a little while
They slowly wither and the bloom dies

This is also the way it is with our life
Beautiful when we are young and alive
Enjoying all the things that come our way
But remember one day old age will arrive

You will sit and wonder how it passed
The days of your life have gone so fast
For when we are young and full of life
We think the our youth will forever last

But like the lillies we will have our time
Enjoy every minute God has given to you
Be thankful for everything you received
For an eternal life He will give to you too


He wears a crumpled old hat
That has seen its better day
Lines of time are on his face
Hard work has been his way

His pale blue eyes still shine
As he thinks of time long past
Dreaming of his special lady
Love that would forever last

He thinks of his great family
They had two girls and a boy
With a home filled with love
All their days were full of joy

His time here has been happy
God has given him a good life
The strength to raise his family
The love of a very sweet wife

He knows she is up in heaven
Where she looks down every day
Smiling at her beloved husband
Waiting for him to come her way

Our Walk

Deep in my heart is a dream
A feeling that wont go away
It brings a smile to my face
Comfort it gives me every day

My thoughts go back into time
To the walks that we daily took
Along a path shaded by oak trees
Down beside our favorite brook

Hand in hand we walked together
Seeing the happiness in your eyes
Wanting to forever to be near you
All my hopes and dreams realized

Today we will walk that same path
Knowing our life is filled with bliss
A wonderful smile you give to me
As on your lovely lips I place a kiss

Amazing Springtime

There is a beauty in springtime
So amazing for all of us to see
The blossoms on the dogwood
The flight of a single honey bee

Pretty tulips in all their colors
Grass in its own shade of green
Azaleas are so very spectacular
Prettiest colors you ever seen

Two robins are working together
Building their nest up in a tree
They will be raising their family
Working together as it should be

Farmers are plowing their ground
Soon they will be planting the seed
Crops they will raise for our food
Springtime is just what we need

A Special Someone

Do you have that special someone
One who makes it a joy to be near
Someone that will be there for you
One who you will forever hold dear

Tell me have you ever seen them
Look around my friend and see
The beauty found in a friendship
A difference in life there will be

Give a smile and you will get one
They are contagious thats for sure
Happiness they will ever bring you
Feelings in you heart that are pure

Just remember friends are precious
Always be there in their time of need
Never turn away even for a moment
Happiness in your mind will be freed

Beautiful Springtime

I feel the warm breezes blowing
It is another beautiful spring day
The birds are singing in the trees
Children have come out to play

The azalea is blooming so pretty
The aroma of hyacinth fills the air
The white dogwood is so fantastic
You can see the beauty everywhere

I look and see the wooded hillside
There the green leaves are growing
Buds are on the Mountain Laurel
The beauty of springtime is showing

Look around and you can plainly see
Wonders He created for you and me
Take good care never to abuse them
Beauty in this world you will ever see

copyright 2000 By Acie

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