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36th O.V.I

36th O.V.I.
List of Battles
Battle Flags of the 36th
36th O.V.I. Roster

34th O.V.I

34th O.V.I.
List of Battles

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Civil War
Blazer's Scouts
Soldiers' Personal Pages

Welcome to the Home of the 36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry!

Research is currently underway to write a comprehensive regimental history of the 36th O.V.I.

Are you descended from one or more of the soldiers of the 36th O.V.I.? If so, we are looking for you! The author is searching for descendants of the men of the 36th. He hopes to determine whether or not there were kinship ties between any of the unit members. Additionally, he hopes you will share any writings by the unit's soldiers, such as, journals, diaries, letters, etc. These documents will give a richer understanding of historical events as they were experienced by the 36th O.V.I. soldiers.

To search for a surname in the roster, please go to . If you would rather browse the roster, please click on the link to the roster on the left of the screen.

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I am working in earnest to digitize the roster for the 34th O.V.I. When I finish with it, I will index on Surname Helper as I did for the 36th. Thanks for your patience.

Help us preserve the history of the 36th O.V.I. today!

We look forward to hearing from you.

My special thanks to both Angelfire and A Touch of Magick for their wonderful graphics. This page just wouldn't be the same without them!

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