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Battle Flags of the 36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Below are artists' renditions of the original condition of the two battle flags of the 36th OVI. Both of these flags, along with hundreds of others in the custody of the Ohio Historical Society, are in desperate need of restoration costing thousands of dollars per flag. Please see the list of flags to receive treatment. If you wish to contribute to the preservation of these two flags, please visit The Ohio Historical Society's Save The Flag Campaign. Thank you for your support and your generosity!

Courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society
To view the flag's image full size, please click on the image of the flag you wish to view. To return to this page, right click and select "back".

To learn more about Ohio's Battle flags, please see History of the Ohio Battle Flag Collection and Flag Manufacturing and Design: Mexican and Civil Wars. Please see the Battle Flag Glossary to distinguish between the national and regimental flags as well as for other interesting information.

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Special thanks to Civil War Clipart for the marvelous background!

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