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Western NY Obits

Chautauqua County

Surname Inquiries for Chautauqua County NY Send E-mail Here
You can find most recent obituaries online, placed there by the publications they were printed in ( local newspapers) some go back a few years, and others only for 45 days. Some have NO archives. Most do not have the burial information, or published photo's. Obituaries are most helpful when searching for the elusive ancestors, they provide names of the descendants, dates, and information of the deceased.

1997-1998- Partial List
1999- partial list
2000-Partial List
2001-Partial List
2002-Names and Dates
2003-Names and Dates
2004-Names and Dates
2005-Names and Dates
2006-Names and Dates
2007 Obits
2008 Obits
2009 Obits
2010 Obits
2011 Obits
Misscelaneous Obits in my files
St Hyacinth and St Hedwigs Merged-Name Changed
Catholic Churches in Dunkirk NY Chautauqua County
Holy Trinity Serenity Garden

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