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My name is Frances Zozzaro. I'm a Registered Nurse from Brooklyn, NY. I have one 14 year old son named Sean. I have always loved animals and always owned dogs. I have never been without a dog anytime in my life. In search of a small breed dog I decided the Pomeranian was the dog for me and my lifestyle. That's when the ''addiction'' started. Pomeranian enthusiasts should know what I mean by this....

I acquired my very first Pomeranian on my 30th birthday from a small scale ''hobby'' breeder in NY named Kim Vescova. He was an adorable 9 week old black Parti Pom who I named ''Romeo''. My intentions from the beginning were to show this little Parti though many people said ''don't get your hopes up an a Parti'' and if you really want to show ''get an orange''. I never gave up on my dream to show Romeo but these Poms are very addictive and you can't have just one so I acquired my second male Pom, Asher Of Lenette, 5 months later from Ken Griffith of Lenette Pomeranians. Then two months after Asher came ''Zena'' my brood quality Parti girl from Raffinan's Pomeranians......OK, so I can't just have two Poms either.

Both Romeo and Asher have been shown. Asher is now known as Ch. Asher of Lenette. Romeo is now CH. Canterbury's Mark Of Zorro and is one of very few Champion Partis in the United States. Before finishing, Romeo won Reserve Winners Dog at the APC National Specialty and finished quickly with very limited showing. My intentions fare to show and breed the very best Poms that best conform to the written AKC standard and to focus mainly on the Parti Poms.I don't think there are enough breeders focusing their breeding program on Partis and ''exotic'' Poms. With Romeo I feel I have chance to breed that one ''Special'' Parti that will make me proud to say this is a Zorro's Pomeranian.

I need to give a special thank you to my good friend Daniel Yona of Velocity's Pomeranians for putting me in touch with Ken Griffith of Lenette Pomeranians, which helped me acquire my FIRST show dog Asher. Daniel, it was your knowledge and research of breeders that helped me find my first champion, Ch. Asher Of Lenette.You have been a true friend to me and if it weren't for you we wouldn't be where we are now. Thank you so much Daniel.

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