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Xanthippe considers

The Boston Cream Donut Debate

Does the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by far the national leader in designating official state baked goods, need a state donut?


The Boston cream donut is a filled donut loosely based on the Boston cream pie. It is typically a yeast-raised "bismark" type donut with vanilla filling and chocolate icing. The filling is also spelled creme and kreme; technically, a cream filling includes cream, while neither a creme nor a kreme filling do. I have followed the spelling used by the source without investigating the nature of the filling in the particular donuts referred to. I have also used donut, rather than doughnut, throughout.

Donut bills have been in the Massachusetts legislature since at least 1998.

Anti-donut arguments

Pro-donut arguments

Other uses for Boston cream donuts

Boston cream donuts also figure heavily in online fiction and self-indulgent Web journals, most of which we shudder to reproduce here.

What's in that donut?

Alternate donut paradigms

The Boston cream donut is not the only donut to assume cultural importance. The jelly donut, while not looming so large, has its followers.

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