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*** Signup For 2004 Travel Season - September 10 @ Kiwanis Youth Center 6-9 PM  ***

July 31, 2002 - Taken after Championship Game vs. Amherst

8/6   -   West Seneca 3, PLYSA Toros 1 - It was a great way to end the season.  Hopefully next year will hold us a league championship but we'll see what happens.  Signup's for next year are at Kiwanis Youth Center from 6-9 PM.

7/30   -   West Seneca 3, Alden 0 - Last game next week against PLYSA Toros.  It shouldn't be a problem beating them 5 or 6 nothing.  So those of you without any goals, it's your last chance.  Party at my house after the game, everyone's invited.

7/26   -   Syracuse Tournament - 0 Wins, 1 Loss, 2 Ties.  Next game is against Alden.  They are top 3 in the league right now, and if we want any shot at all of winning the league, we have to beat them.  So be at practice, and be ready for a tough game. 

7/16   -   West Seneca 1, Tritown 2.  Now we definitely have to win the next two games for any shot at 1st place.  One game against Alden, who's in first place right now, and one game against the PLYSA Toros.  We have a bye week next week, and then it's Syracuse Tournament.  We will practice next week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to be ready for Syracuse.  All practices at the soccer complex.  Make every effort to be there, especially on Wednesday because everyone should have off of work and stuff.  C-ya at practice.

7/9   -   West Seneca 4, Wilson 1.  Good game, even though we should've buried them like 6 or 7-0, but we'll take the win.  Tritown is next Wednesday.  Practice on Tuesday at the soccer complex in the back corner.  Follow the road past the stadium field and the other field on the right and keep driving straight ahead and that's where we practice.

7/2   -   West Seneca 2, Niagara Falls 1.  Goals from Munson and Costanza.  Assists from Osuch and Dalton.  Wilson will be a joke, so anyone who doesn't have any goals yet, next game is probably a good time to try and get one. 

6/29   -   Batavia Tournament - 2nd Place.  Thank-you to all who showed up ready to play.  We put a good effort, considering we played with no subs and at times, short handed.  Not much on the scoring sheet, except a lot of yellow cards and a red card.  Rest up, and be ready for another easy win vs. Niagara on Wednesday.  Practice on Tuesday,  they built us a nice 40 x 50 yard field with two full size nets, lines and everything.  It's pretty sweet, and we could probably get a game of touch post going or 4 on 4 if we got enough people so try to be there.  Thanks.


If there's anything anyone wants me to put up or suggest, e-mail me at or IM me at Shutout1097.

1. Costanza - 22 Points
2. Osuch - 20 Points
3. Munson - 18 Points
4. Iwankow - 9 Points
5. Kirsch - 9 Points

8/6 vs. PLYSA Toros

Osuch - Goal
Munson - Goal
Costanza - Goal
Maulucci - Assist
McDonell - Assist

April 2004