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Combat Zone Wrestling: Upcoming Show, News
Eric Gargiulo has been very busy for the past couple of weeks. He detailed the situation between CZW and BJW, and also broke the story that The Messiah will be confronted on their next show. Here is the information that you need to take part in CZW's next ECW Arena show which takes place on April 13, 2002.

CZW Returns To The ECW Arena On April 13th.

"I have just been notified from various sources that on 4/13 in addition to an already loaded lineup, The Messiah will be confronted by someone from his past. We all know that Messiah had an extensive career out west, before joining CZW. Rumor has it that Messiah left another company with some outstanding issues. On 4/13, one of those issues will be resolved, whether Messiah likes it or not???"

Also signed are...
CZW World Title Match...Justice Pain vs. "Sick" Nick Mondo
The Backseat Boyz vs. The H8 Club...First time ever meeting.
Jay Briscoe and Ruckus vs. The Midnight Outlaws and much more to be announced soon...

Ticket Prices:
Row 1 = $35 (SOLD OUT)
Row 2 = $30
Rows 3-5 = $20
Gen Adm. = $15

General Admission Ticket Locations:

INNERSOUL Body Piercing
102 New Broadway
Brooklawn, NJ 08030

Ontario Street Comic Book Store
2235 E. Ontario Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Somerton Beverage
13510 Bustleton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19116

CZW Statement Concerning the situation with Big Japan

"BJW is telling Japanese fans that CZW is not coming back to Japan because we do not want to face each other in Death matches. THIS IS 100% FALSE. The BJW office is lying to Japanese fans. CZW would prefer wrestling each other with very few exceptions.

The truth as to why CZW is not signing the 2002 contract:

Very simple - CZW was told too much money is being taken out of BJW with not enough being put back in. Who is taking the money and why is not CZW's problem; this is BJW's office problem. A BIG PROBLEM. This is why the once growing company, without the help of CZW, is now starting to deteriorate, which was evident at BJWs first show at Korakeun Hall without CZW.

CZW can understand BJW trying to stand on its own two feet. What CZW cannot understand is why they would take their company down instead of up, by bringing in their former American contacts who in the past have done nothing for their company. Its not that he did not try, but the bottom line is ticket sales, merchandise, and happy fans. The way a company can achieve all of these things is by creating good storylines, good angles, and great wrestling. You must keep your fans happy.

There are many different styles of wrestling, this is where CZW would have become a big part of BJW's future success. CZW provides many styles: high flying, strong style, death match, and even comedy. All of these styles are needed to keep fans happy. CZW knows what the fans want in Japan and we give it to them. Why? Because we can. This is why BJW needs to do more than just to listen to CZWs ideas. They need to use them and use them wisely.

The perfect example is the December 3 Yokohama Arena show where Zandig shot on the company telling everyone that CZW was finished with BJW. This could and should have been a great angle or storyline. This is where CZW would bring BJW belts back to USA after their departure, then the Big Japan, being angry, would send Jun Kasai and Winger to CZW's first Viking Hall show, The Cage of Death, which had been scheduled until BJW pulled Jun Kasai days before the show.

If BJW would have listened to this idea, Winger and Kasai would have stolen back their belts, which would make CZW angry. In retaliation, CZW would have to go back to Japan to take back the belts, against our wishes. This was supposed to be CZW's Happy New Year to the fans. What a way to start off 2002 at Korakuen Hall. This could and should have been a great year, but once again BJW listened to CZWs ideas and then tried to turn the angle into a legit shoot.

The only thing CZW can understand from this is that BJW is trying to turn the fans against CZW in hopes that they can run shows without CZW and draw the same amount of people. CZW is sorry to the fans for this BJW decision. This has only created unnecessary negative press, which has not helped BJW at all. Even after this mess created by BJW, CZW agreed to a two-month extension on our contract in hopes that they would come up with a new story or angle. Obviously, they could not come up with anything or could not afford it, or both.

This said, CZW would like the Japanese fans to know that we have given BJW three months to decide whether they want to build a company or destroy it. If they would like to build it, CZW can and will help. Also to the fans, remember that CZW loves all of you and we will be back one way or another. I will finish with this: build it and they will come.

This is not meant to put anyone down or create any more problems for BJW. It is only meant to tell the truth and express CZW's true feelings on this situation.

Thank you,
John Ferretti

Maryland Championship Wrestling: Results MCW made history once again tonight with a packed-to-the-gill house of 1,659 ready and rowdy MCW fans. This was not only groundbreaking for Michael's as by far the largest house it has ever hosted, but it was also the biggest house in the four year history of Maryland Championship Wrestling. This was accredited not only to the top notch, cut above the rest superstars of MCW, but also the pro wrestling debut of Jerry Springer Show's Head of Security, STEVE WILKOS!

This match was inevitable to be one of the most action-packed, high flying brawls for the Cruiserweight Championship in MCW history. This feud brewed from the last Event at Michael's last January, where Qeennan showed his true colors and leveled Red with the belt after defeating he and fellow SAT member, Joel Maximo. The match was back and forth, blow for blow wrestling until the calm and calculating Creed spit in Red?s face after refusing to shake his hand. The action started off in the ring and naturally made its way to the outside where Red hit a devastating senton over the top and into the front row, with Creed on the receiving end. Once the match was back in the ring, Creed begged for mercy and the furious Red, with the crowd completely behind him, gave him nothing of the sort. It was a see-saw spectacle, back and forth, with Red kicking out from the Creed Frog Splash and the Cruiserweight champ kicking out of the InfraRed. In the blink of an eye, The Amazing Red ended Creed's year plus title reign with a hurracanrana into a pin.
Winner: New Cruiserweight Champion RED

Match 2
Platinum Nat was up to his usual tactics as he distracted the ref allowing Genesis to get the upper hand on Julio at the get-go. These two competitors were evenly matched throughout the match, so the difference makers were either going to be Platinum Nat and Alexis Laree on the outside and/or Julio?s experience over the sinister rookie Genesis. The enforcer of the Holy Rollers was able to capitalize on Nat's managerial skills and hit the Genocide chokeslam on Dinero for the win.
Winner: Genesis

Match 3
The newcomer Quiet Storm got his first taste of MCW with one of the promotion's impact players in Ronnie Zukko. Like many of the matches on the card, this was a back and forth even contest, that saw Quiet Storm introduce his unique arsenal to MCW. However, the popular Ronnie Zukko pulled out the win with his Soda Pop Drop.
Winner: Ronnie Zukko

The crowd was solidly behind both teams and was split even between four competitors that they thoroughly respected. At the start, Joey made it clear that there was no room for sportsmanship in a tag title match in the house of York & Matthews, by refusing Kashmere's handshake. Although it went unsaid that both teams had a tremendous amount of respect for each other, the tension between these four competitors was as thick as cement. The veterans York & Matthews used any tactics necessary to get the upper hand on the Backseats, and the Backseats used just about every move in their arsenal to win the MCW tag titles for the first time. The experience and the expertise of York & Matthews regained their tag titles after the Full Effect DDT. After the match the tag champs offered a handshake out of respect and Acid and Kashmere returned the favor by turning down the shake.
Winners: And Still MCW Tag-Team Champions YORK & MATTHEWS

Video Package: Highlights of last January's event at Michael's were shown, when the Holy Rollers cost Chetti and Doring their shot at the tag team titles. Footage was shown from backstage when Earl the Pearl and Ramblin Rich jumped Chris Chetti while he was conversating with a young lady.

Jeff Jones welcomed out the newest tag team in MCW, former ECW tag team champion, Danny Doring, and his partner Chris Chetti. Surprisingly Doring came to the ring by himself without Chris Chetti. When Doring starts to explain Chetti's absence, the music of the Holy Rollers hits and out comes their entire enterouge.

Match 5: Handicap Grudge Match
Doring did not buckle under the pressure of a handicap match, which in reality was a four on one contest. Doring held his own but even his best couldn?t hold off the former 2 time MCW tag team champions. Genesis barged into the ring to assist his spiritual leaders and received a Doring Impaler DDT for his efforts. The Rollers were then able to hit their variation of the double neckbreaker for the win over Danny Doring. Winners: The Holy Rollers

Gillberg made his way down to the ring to thank the MCW fans for all their support and celebrate the new MCW BEAST DRAG RACER. However, his speech was cut short by a seemingly new entrance to MCW. Both Gillberg and the crowd were stunned to see Chad Bowman and Dino Divine come to the ring. Only it wasn't the same TQM members that they had once known before the corporation shut down. Chad and Dino's new adolescent degenerate behavior seems to come to them much easier as if they were hiding them true selves behind the principles of TQM. Chad gets on the mike and refers to how he and Lunchbox Dino Divine don't care about the fans or the MCW Drag Racing Car or anything, except their own Rage TV time. The two swarm on Gillberg and take him down to the mat. The crowd turns their heads to see who will even the odds when suddenly, strutting down the aisle comes STEVE! The head of the Jerry Springer Show's security, Steve Wilkos, clears the ring of Chad & Lunchbox with just his prescence. Commissioner Michael Black comes to the ring and gives Chad & Luchbox their Rage TV time with a match against Gillberg and his tag team partner STEVE. Kelly Bell then came to the stage and pleaded that the Commissioner give him a piece of his former affiliates in TQM. Michael Black names Bell the Special Guest Referee and the match is on for the Main Event on MCW RAGE TV.

Video Package: The heat between 2-Dope and "Supermodel" Marcus Jordan has risen to an all time high. Now with the involvement of Doug Delicious on Marcus? behalf and the reunion of the Ghetto Mafia, a GHETTO STREET FIGHT was set to go down tonight at Michael's Eight Avenue.

The reunited Ghetto Mafia wasted no time storming the ring and reminding the pretty boys of Models Inc. that they were well out of their element. The Mafia beat the Models with metal sheets until they ducked under the bottom ropes and lured Dope and Swype to the outside. 2-Dope hit a devastating DopeDriver on Jordan and almost got the fall until Delicious broke the refs count. The Mafia had the Jordan put away again until Ms. Vanessa got physically involved, and she was on the receiving end of some good-ol? Ghetto Justice, with both 2-Dope and Sideswype planting big wet kisses on the beautiful modeling agent. Finally, 2-Dope hit Jordan with the SkyHigh onto a trashcan, winning the Ghetto Street Fight.
Winners: Ghetto Mafia

Match 7: Triple Threat Match
Romeo informed the crowd that he had employed the services of Tara to keep an eye on Candie. The Maximos did their best to put down the veteran Valentino, but the could not match his experience in the squared circle. Candie tried to cost Romeo the matchup, but instead got into a confrontation with Tara, resulting in a Candie Graham that put Tara out for the rest of the match. Joel then went for the superkick on Valentino and accidently hit Candie. The Cornerstone then clamped Jose for the One Night Stand Powerslam and it was all over.
Winner: Romeo Valentino

Video Package: A recap of the bitter feud between former MCW Heavyweight Champ, Adam Flash, and the undisputed King of MCW, the 5 Time MCW Heavyweight Champion, the Bruiser.

Match 8: MCW Heavyweight Championship
These two top-of-the-line superstars wasted no time getting it on. Flash had the crowd behind him as he kicked out of the Bruiser?s finishing maneuver, the T-Bone Suplex. Flash gained his second wind and hit a Last Resort leg drop on Bruiser, but even that couldn?t put the wooly mammoth down. The Bruiser quickly caught Flash in the Bruisemission and gave the former champ no options but to tap out.
Winner: And Still MCW Heavyweight Champion The Bruiser

Match 9: The Main Event
The crowd wanted Steve to get a piece of Chad and Divine, but former TQM member Kelly Bell never caught sight of Gillberg tagging Steve. STEVE! STEVE! STEVE! STEVE! rung through the halls of Michael?s Eighth Avenue until Gillberg finally got the tag to Steve. The head of Springer Security cleaned house quickly and had his way with a cowering Chad. Gillberg then hit the spear and Steve clamped the sleeper on both Chad and Lunchbox. The referee lifted their hands and it was obvious that the team of Chad & Dino was out for the count.
Winners: Gillberg and Steve Wilkos
NWA Wildside News
Hardcore Hell 2002 was another blow away show from NWA Wildside. The promotion has done a number of big shows that were equally spectacular. What was so impressive about this one, was the balance and variety. Something for everyone and each match offering something unique. Truly a night of triumph for a promotion that spent three months building to this show, setting incredibly high expectations in the process, and then exceeded those expectations.

The show opened with the introduction of a member of the original Wildside crew, former champion, Rukkus. Jeff G. Bailey joined him. Bailey claimed that he made Rukkus from nothing. Bailey said thing have changed over the last two years and now he was CEO, so everything went through him. Bailey promised Rukkus that if got back in the gym, he could make him a superstar. Rukkus called Bailey a clown. Bailey shoved Rukkus. Rukkus punched Bailey. Enter New Jack. Bailey offered Jack a wad of bills to take care of Rukkus. Jack took the money and got in the ring to confront Rukkus, or so it appeared. Jack told Rukkus they should go spend Bailey's money at the redneck strip bar down the street. "Somebody says you're out of shape. Hell, I've been drinking. So what's the point?" Jack offered to form a team with Rukkus. Rukkus said they might go to jail but Jack had never lied to him, so they had a deal.

1) Romeo Bliss won the Mega Rumble in 14:55. It seemed like guys were running in there every 30 seconds. It started as Silky Boom Boom vs. Dango Wynn. Then Mr. Delicious, Cooter Calhoun, Paul Alexander, Dirt, and Jerry Lewis Jr. Alexander is doing a heel CPA character. Great timing on that gimmick. As ancient as Jerry Lewis is, this must have been Lewis III. The facial resemblance is hysterical. It looked like a bunch of guys waiting for something to happen. It did. Out came the returning Stone Mountain. Mountain started to clear the ring. Delicious was the lone member of the jobber crew that wrestled like he had a brain in head. Delicious told Cooter to get 'em. Cooter charged into a killer chokeslam before Mountain eliminated him. It got down to only Delicious left in with Mountain. Delicious offered to shake hands. Mountain clotheslined Delicious and press slammed him to the floor. The retired former Wildside favorite, Romeo Bliss, appeared on the ramp. "I'm still so pretty." Mountain hit the Avalanche (similar to Prince Albert's finisher) on Bliss. Bliss grabbed the ropes when Mountain tried to toss him out, and Mountain got flipped to the floor instead. Mountain was not a happy camper.

2) Cru Jones (with Big Business Brown & Destiny) beat Onyx to win the World TV Title in 6:04. The sports entertainment match of the evening. The crowd drowned out Jones's mic work with a "waterboy" chant. Onyx got "under center" on Jones. Onyx went for crossbody of the top and Jones rolled through for a two count. Brown threw a flag on the play. Onyx gave Jones and Brown a meeting of the minds. Onyx faked with the left and clocked Brown with a right. Jones caught Onyx with a fireman's carry gutbuster. Onyx hit his finisher but Brown pulled him out of ring. Brown ran away. Destiny slapped Onyx. The crowd popped when Onyx spanked Destiny. Jones dropped a leg to the back of Onyx's head as he came through the ropes. Jones flipped off a fan in the middle of doing a sideslam. Onyx slammed Jones and climbed to the top. Brown's interference caused Onyx to get crotched and fall into the tree-of-woe position. While Destiny distracted the ref, Jones pulled a "One Bad Mofo" football helmet from underneath the ring, while Brown put a chair on Onyx's face. Jones did a Van Terminator headbutt into the chair. 1-2-3 and we have a new World TV champion. Postmatch saw Onyx give Jones the Blackout. Onyx caught Brown climbing to the top and hit a huge superplex. Onyx did a great job of muscling Brown over to control the bump. Crowd loved it. Brown sold it huge.

3) Tony Mamaluke won the I Quit Match over Jimmy Rave in 17:35 when NWA VP, Bill Behrens, threw in the towel. Nice old school touch prior to the bell with Behrens explaining the rules as the combatants went nose to nose. Rules were basically anything goes except the ref would call for rope breaks. The opening minutes were amateur style on the mat. Great intensity and execution. Reversals of armbars and hammerlocks. Nice stuff. At the five minute mark, Rave floated through a spinning headscissors into a crossface submission. Super move. Mamaluke got the reversal into an armbar submission that had Rave screaming. Rave got a ropes break. Mamaluke stayed on the arm with a hammerlock overhead suplex. Rave opened things up with a climbing-the-ropes armdrag. Rave sent Mamaluke through the ropes with a spinning headscissors and superkicked him off the apron. Rave gave Mamaluke a Russian legsweep into the rail. Rave blasted Mamaluke with 8 or 9 chairshots to the back. Then one for ref Andrew Thomas. Jeremy Lopez came to ringside to help Mamaluke. Todd Sexton took care of Lopez, but the distraction allowed Mamaluke to hit a devastating back suplex, followed by a release German suplex. It was all Mamaluke now with a leg drop off the top, a dragon suplex, and an inverted tornado DDT. Rave avoided Mamaluke's charge into the corner and the "I-talian monster" rammed head first into the turnbuckle. Rave put a chair over Mamaluke's face for a pair of baseball slides. Rave placed Mamaluke's head on a chair, but missed the mark on a leg drop off the top. Rave missed an enzuigiri and Mamaluke countered with the STF, then a single leg crab and then a dragon sleeper. Rave, who was bleeding from the nose, kept making the ropes. Mamaluke missed on a huracanrana. Rave went for the Gravity Killer and Mamaluke countered by crotching him on top rope. Rave was left hanging upside down, hooked by one leg. Mamaluke started kicking the leg. Mamaluke did the figure four around the ringpost. Behrens came to ringside and ordered the ref to break the hold. Rave made the comeback and ripped his shirt off. The women liked that. Rave locked on the full nelson camel clutch but Mamaluke made the ropes. Rave got crotched into the tree of woe. Mamaluke used a chair on Rave's knee and a sick chairshot to the head. Mamaluke applied a single leg crab, with his head under Rave's knee for extra leverage. Rave was screaming in agony but refused to quit. Behrens came to ringside and threw the towel in. Thomas called for the bell. Behrens said he was overruling the I Quit rules and the fans really put the heat on him. Rave shoved Behrens away and insisted on leaving the ring under his own power. Great match.

4) Jason Cross (with Sweet Dreams) beat Caprice Coleman in a falls count anywhere match (13:15). Cross opened with a running dive over the top that was amazing. Tremendous height and hang time. I have never seen a better one at a live show. Coleman speared Cross on the floor. Cross moonsaulted to his feet off the rail and took an upside down bump into the rail. Coleman got an early two count on the ramp. Coleman put Cross's head on the bell and rang it a few times. They went up into the announcer's booth with Coleman dishing out the punishment. Coleman put on a set of headphones and put the other set on Cross. Coleman sang, "How much is that doggie in the window?" The battle continued on the floor. Coleman dropped a leg for a two count. Fans booed when they briefly disappeared behind the curtain. Enough of that crap. Cross gave Coleman a huracanrana coming back down the ramp. Cross laid a chair on Coleman and got two with a somersault legdrop. They did a long series of back and forth pin attempts for near falls on the floor. Cross was bleeding from the nose. Finally into the ring. Cross did his backbreaker into the Roll of the Dice. Coleman dropkicked Dreams off the apron. Cross gave Coleman a skin the cat headscissors over the top onto to Dreams. Cross nailed Dreams with that psychotic corkscrew dive of his. Coleman jumped off the apron to splash Cross on the floor. Cross and Coleman did simultaneous springboards into a midair collision high above the ring. That brought out the "Hardcore Hell" chant. Cross did a spectacular Shooting Star legdrop for a two count. Damn, that guy has athletic ability. Coleman hit the Thermal Shock out of nowhere for a great false finish. Cross whipped Coleman into a chair that Dreams was holding up. Cross hit a dragon suplex to score the pin.

Bailey and Adam Jacobs hit the ring and started putting the boots to Coleman. Bailey wanted Dreams to join the beatdown on his brother. Dreams couldn't bear it. He punched Jacobs and Bailey to clear the ring. Dreams: "Nobody calls my mama a whore." Coleman: "That's not your mama, that's our mama." Big hug. Yuck. Heel or face, with his brother or against him, nobody seems to care much about Dreams.

5) Jeremy Lopez beat Todd Sexton in 17:27 to retain the NWA Wildside Junior Title. Sexton really looked good. He has added a lot of muscle to his physique and there has never been any question about his athleticism. Lopez accused Sexton of pulling the hair. Cueball Sexton got a good laugh by claiming the same thing. Good series of reversals on the mat. Lopez went for the elevated DDT and Sexton countered with a Northern lights suplex. Lopez applied a bow and arrow. Sexton escaped it for a two count. Back to the basics. These guys can wrestle. Sexton hit a spinkick and a top rope back elbow for two counts. Sexton knocked Lopez off the apron with a springboard clothesline. Sexton dove off the apron and Lopez caught him with a rolling power slam. Back on the inside, Lopez did three consecutive butterfly suplexes. A series of reversals lead to a Sexton German suplex for a two count. They did reversals of the tombstone piledriver until Lopez hit a brainbuster for a two count. Lopez countered a rocker dropper with a powerbomb. More pin attempts by Lopez. Lopez applied the sleeper. Both down off a shoulder block collision. They exchanged stiff forearms. Sexton did a cool Roll of the Dice variation with Lopez's feet hung over the second rope. Mamaluke came out to distract Sexton. Lopez hit his elevated DDT finisher, but Sexton kicked out for false finish number one. Lopez clocked Sexton with the chain that Mamaluke had in his boot for another false finish. Sexton's partner in T-N-T, Tony Stradlin, grabbed the chain and Sexton hit a superkick for false finish number three. The finish saw Stradlin and Mamaluke battling on the apron. Stradlin bumped the ropes causing his partner to get crotched on the top buckle. Lopez hit a DDT off the top for the win. Not as much heat here but an excellent technical match.

6) Adam Jacobs (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Lazz in 15 minutes. This was southern style in the manner of Jim Cornette booking. The stips were that if Lazz won, he got five minutes with Bailey. If Jacobs won, the Lazz/Timberlake gimmick was gone forever. Lazz came out as Dustin Timberlake but immediately stripped down to his Lazz attire. It was the Lazz offense too, with the headshots to the groin. Lazz had Jacobs on the run until Jacobs hit a powerbomb and took over. Jacobs did a swinging neckbreaker for two count. Lazz got the better of an exchange of chops, so Jacobs poked him in the eyes. Lazz chopped Jacobs into a backwards flip over the top. Lazz chased Bailey around and through the ring. That set up a Jacobs spear and mount to rain down punches. Jacobs went for a headscissors on the mat. Jacobs missed on a frogsplash. Jacobs cutoff Lazz's comeback with a drop toehold and Bailey choked Lazz over the ropes. Jacobs hit a superplex. When Jacobs went for seconds, Lazz countered with a facebuster off the top. Jacobs applied the Gory Guerrero Special. Jacobs used a fisherman buster for a two count. Jacobs hit his finisher, the Georgia Bulldog (top rope legdrop), and covered, but Lazz rolled a shoulder. Jacobs called for a chair. Ref Speedy Nelson pulled the chair away, and Lazz hit the Britney Spear. Jacobs was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Lazz escaped a suplex by landing on his feet and dropped Jacobs with a neckbreaker for a two count. Lazz hit a Northern lights. Jacobs did a pair of snap suplexes. When Jacobs went for a springboard move, Lazz turned it into German suplex. Lazz hit Jacobs with his own finisher for a great near fall. Ref bump on Nelson. Jacobs connected with a chairshot for another close two count. Great crowd reactions to the false finishes. Another ref bump. Lazz and Jacobs slammed chairs together with Jacobs getting the worst of it. Lazz dragged Nelson over to make the count, but Jacobs kicked out at the last instant. Bailey's interference got Lazz strapped to the tree of woe. Jacobs hit a trio of flying baseball slides and a top rope leg drop to get the pin. The decisive finishing sequence was killer stuff. Lazz was crying in grief on his way to the back over the loss of his gimmick.

7) David Young defeated A. J. Styles and Rick Michaels to win the NWA Wildside Heavyweight Title in 24:03. What a dramatic match this was. Crowd was on their feet pretty much the whole way. Bailey came out to ringside to observe. The three-way action in the early portion of this match was incredible. They did a ton of innovative moves with great timing on everything. Styles did a dive over the top on Young. Michaels followed with a pescado on both of them. Michaels set a table up in the ring and planted Young on top. Michaels was setting Young up for type of cojones conchairto, when Styles hit Michaels with a springboard move off the top. Styles did a springboard huracanrana on Young for a two count. The action moved out to the floor. Styles hit Michaels with a senton off the security rail and the crowd broke out the "Hardcore Hell" chant again. Young planted Michaels with a powerbomb inside the ring. Styles hit the Dragonrana on Young for a close two count. Michaels speared Styles. Young used a drop toehold on Michaels. Styles gave Michaels the Clash, but Michaels kicked out a split second before the three count. Young spinebustered Styles. Bailey fed Michaels a chair to use on Young. Styles snapped Michaels neck on the top rope. Young suplexed Styles on the floor and set up another table at ringside. Young went through the table with an Asai moonsault when Styles moved. Crowd chanted "Holy shit." Young never moved as NCW personnel came over to check on him. Michaels went for the Clash but Styles countered with the Starmaker (spinning backdrop driver). While Michaels and Styles went back and forth in the ring, fans kept glancing over toward Young, sensing that something might be seriously wrong here. Styles moonsaulted to his feet and into an inverted DDT on Michaels. Styles hit the Clash, so Bailey interfered to help Michaels. Michaels gave Styles the Double Shot onto a chair to eliminate the champion in 20:35. Young was still laid out at ringside on the busted table. Head of security, Rodeo, dragged Young to the ring and rolled him back in. Michaels covered and Young was barely able to kick out to a roaring pop. Michaels clotheslined the ref in frustration. Styles took out his frustrations on Bailey with a Van Daminator style chair kick. Bailey was on rubber leg street as security helped him to the back. Michaels hit the Double Shot on Young but no ref. Second ref Speedy Nelson finally slid into the ring to make the count, but Young kicked out again. Michaels gave Nelson the Double Shot. Speedy has really been taking a beating lately. Young put Michaels through the table with a brutal spinebuster to score the pinfall. It was a moving scene as the fans chanted Young's name and Styles returned to the ring to congratulate him. The building erupted in a huge ovation for Styles, who was overcome with emotion as he headed up the ramp. Young placed his eight year old son on the apron and gave him the title belt.

"The Cage of Horror" was set up. The cage door would be unlocked at the 10 minute mark. The first man to exit would be declared the winner. Behrens warned that this final match was unsanctioned and cautioned parents to remove their children from the building.

8) Tank beat Iceberg (with Jeff G. Bailey) in the "Cage of Horrors Match" (12:40). It was time for the extreme violence finale. The ten foot steel cage was filled with an assortment of weapons. Iceberg quickly went to work caning Tank with a kendo stick. After a kendo stick clothesline, Iceberg gave Tank a sidewalk slam on a chair. Iceberg started grinding a barbed wire baseball bat into Tank's forehead. Tank bladed. Tank used the powder to blind Iceberg. Tank tried to torch a baseball bat that had a cloth on it for a wick. It would not light, so gave Iceberg a bat shot up the ying yang. Tank used the veggie peeler on Iceberg. Iceberg was wearing the crimson mask in no time at all. Tank stared caning Iceberg with the kendo stick. Tank dumped the contents of his blue bag into the ring. It was filled with thumbtacks. Tank powerbombed Iceberg into the tacks. Tank dropped an elbow off the ropes onto Iceberg as he laid in the tacks. Tank landed in the tacks after a miss. Iceberg sliced Tank with the sickle. Both were literally covered in blood now. Bailey finally made it back to ringside. Iceberg took another bump into the tacks. Tank smacked Iceberg with the barbed wire baseball bat. Tank used a judo trip and went for a submission. For a moment, it looked like they were going to wrestle. The cage door was opened at the 10 minute mark. Bailey slammed the cage door on Tank as he tried to exit. Iceberg propped a broken table up in the corner and tossed Tank into it, smashing it to bits. Iceberg splashed Tank in the tacks. Bailey told Iceberg to do it again because Tank was still moving. Iceberg climbed to the top rope, which was quite a sight in itself. Iceberg missed on a quarter ton senton bomb, taking the bump right into the tacks. Tank headed for the door as Bailey tried to cut him off. Tank kicked the cage door into Bailey as he exited the ring. Bailey went to the aid of Iceberg. Tank reentered the ring with Bailey trapped inside. Fans wanted to see Tank f#ck Bailey up some more, so he hit Bailey with a right and Bailey took a big bump to end the show.

NOTES: NWA Wildside returns to the NCW Arena for a TV taping on 4/6 with SATs and Briscoe Brothers coming in from Ring of Honor...The CBS television show, 48 Hours, had a crew in the building filming the segment with Rukkus. He attended the Naval Academy during the time of a cheating scandal. Rukkus did nothing wrong and was expelled from the Academy, while other more privileged individuals escaped punishment. The 48 Hours story follows what has happened to him in the aftermath...Former member of Suicidal Tendencies, John Phoenix, was in the building. Phoenix said he would be returning to Wildside in the future.


FRIDAY 3/29 NWA WILDSIDE returns to the NCW ARENA in CORNELIA, GA with the seats only $5, and kids under 12 FREE!!!!! Expect to see RICK MICHAELS, SLIM J, MIKE PITTMAN, SAL DEL RIO, TODD SEXTON, TONY STRADLIN, CRU JONES w. DESTINY, SCOTT CAGE, COOTER CALHOUN and many more. NWA WILDSIDE returns to the ARENA on FRIDAY 4/5 with another big show.

Then on SATURDAY 4/6 NWA WILDSIDE holds its next national television taping with DAVID YOUNG defending his newly won WILDSIDE title against RICK MICHAELS. The LOST BOYZ will defend their WILDSIDE TAG TEAM TITLES against NE Stars, THE BRISCOE BROTHERS. TANK & SCOTTIE WRENN take on BART SAWYER & JC DAZZ. ROMEO BLISS battles STONE MOUNTAIN. BLACKOUT & SLIM J challenge THE RAGE (Pittman & Cage) and SAL DEL RIO. And in a one night tournament, a new #1 contender for JEREMY LOPEZ'S JUNIOR TITLE will be held with ADAM JACOBS, JIMMY RAVE, TONY MAMALUKE, TONY STRADLIN, TODD SEXTON, ONYX, JEREMY V, DUSTIN (formerly LAZZ)& DEREK DRIVER. CRU JONES defends the TV TITLE against CAPRICE COLEMAN. Also scheduled to appear are TERRY KNIGHT, BIG HENRY HOSS, JASON CROSS, ICEBERG, JEFF G BAILEY and more. Only $10 at the door. 8PM Belltime.

Then on THURSDAY 4/11, NWA WILDSIDE returns to the GLOBE THEATER in ATLANTA with a BIG CARD, featuring DAVID YOUNG VS RICK MICHAELS VS JASON CROSS in the MAIN EVENT. BLACKOUT and ICEBERG take on the LOST BOYZ and TANK. TONY MAMALUKE faces TODD SEXTON. JEREMY LOPEZ battles JIMMY RAVE. CRU JONES and SLIM J face SAL DEL RIO and TONY STRADLIN. $10 GENERAL ADMISSION with an 8PM belltime. The GLOBE is at 1599-D MEMORIAL DR in the WAYFIELD SHOPPING CENTER,just one mile north of MORELAND AVE. Take the MORELAND N exit off I-20 to the 1st light (MEMORIAL), go right for 1 mile and the GLOBE is on the right.




ATLANTA, GA fans....directions to the NCW ARENA in CORNELIA

85N to 985N becomes 365 N to 2nd light (Duncan Bridge Rd), left to first light.

ATHENS, GA fans...directions to the NCW ARENA in CORNELIA

From the loop, get off on to 441 North.Take 441 until you get to Baldwin GA. Take a left at the first stop light in Baldwin. After about 2 miles there will be a large silo on your left. At the silo, turn right on to Duncan Bridge Rd.The arena is on your right just before the second traffic light.

From the north...directions to the NCW ARENA in CORNELIA, GA

Off I-85 exit Hwy 17 toward TOCCOA, GA, go to HWY 365S toward Cornelia/Gainesville. Go past Cornelia exit to 1st light (Duncan Bridge Rd.),take R to first light.

The official MOTEL of NWA WILDSIDE is the CORNELIA DAYS INN. Call 706-778-7700 and request the special WILDSIDE RATE. The DAYS INN is one mile from the NCW ARENA, and less than one mile from fast food, restaurants and other shopping. Take the Cornelia exit off HWY 365 and the DAYS INN is on the left.