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updates if thats what you want to call them 9-18-02
fairy tales up with a new chapter 10
needing you & believe has been deleted
right here waiting for you has*chapter 14* posted.
A new short story will be posted soon! We want feed back thanks for reading!! Thats all for now folks!!

Wishful Thinking

Hey people out there! um..i actually got a lot of email for my story, RIGHT HERE WAITING FOR YOU, and so i out up what i had so far of my chapter 14. i truely doubt nay more will be updated from any one of us, but i for one have an idea. If you have an idea as to how u want my story to end, send my the rest of what u want the story to be. who ever has the best ending, might just get posted up. OR i might right a little bit more. Any ways any one interested in being hosted? email Erika Anyone want graphics or layouts? Email Chelsea Anyone out there in this big fiction galaxy want a editor? Email Erika. Anyone just wanna chat? email rachel we have nothing to do.

If you havent read her stuff and you've read mine your a sick person. Go read all of SAGA TWO then you'll know good fiction
Thriple Threat
My new indulgence Paradise by light of Dash is soo good you gotta read!! and the sequels
Haven of Dreams
Heres a new link for you guys! read and enjoy. shes got some good stuff!
Needing You
Fairy Tales Do come true
Right here Waiting for You
Somewhere Someday
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