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Welcome to our website!!! We have corrected our e-mail situation and apologize if we have missed any inquiries. Here you will be able to find a variety of ceramic bisque items for sale - ready for you to paint. At times, we have some items on EBAY, but here you will find a more comprehensive listing of what we have, which we are now updating on a regular basis. If you are interested in purchasing any of our items, please use the link on this page to e-mail me at, or you can also e-mail inquiries to We would be happy to help you with any questions, items that you may be looking for but don't see, or any orders you wish to place. We are located in East Aurora, NY. Our packing is free(we will even pack multiple items together); however, shipping costs will be up to you. We utilize the United States Postal Service, via priority mail, and you can request insurance at your expense, if you would like. Depending on current stock, some bisque items may take 7 to 10 days to ship. We prefer money orders or if you have a paypal account that would be even better. We will now be updating constantly, so please check back occasionally if you are not finding anything to satisfy your needs or wants today. Thanks so much for looking!

Here is a list of the items that we have pictures of so far, just click on the item to display the picture.


  1. Apples with an Attitude (Set of 8)-3" to 3 1/2" high, full 8 1/4" around-Each Have a Different Face-$7.00 (Set of 8)
  2. Deer Candle Holder-3 3/4" High, 12 1/4" Around-Clear Glazed Inside-$3.50
  3. Deer in Basket-Deer can be substituted for other animals listed on next page-$7.50 (Per Basket & Choice of 1 Animal)-$3.00 (Per Ea Additional Animal)
  4. Fire Helmet Candle Holder-3 3/4" high, 12 1/4" around and the opening is 3 1/4" wide-$4.50
  5. Football Stack-Fun Piece For Football Season-8 3/4" high-$3.00
  6. Gargoyle-5 1/2" high, 6" wide-$4.00
  7. Wolf Candle Holder-3 3/4" High, 12" Around, 3 1/4" Opening-Clear Glazed Inside-$4.50


  8. Candy Corn Faces (Set of 8)-Adorable-3" to 3 1/4" high-$6.00 (Set of 8)
  9. Cornucopia-Beautiful Piece when Finished-9 1/2" long and 5 1/4" high-$3.50
  10. Softie Scarecrow-10" high by 9 1/2" long-$7.00


  11. Cat Inside of a Pumpkin-Whole Piece is 7 1/4" high by 6 1/2" wide, Cat is 3" high by 2 1/2" wide-$5.50
  12. Cat on a Stack of Pumpkins-11 3/4" high-$5.00
  13. Eyeball Monsters (Set of 3)-they stand 4", 5 1/4" and 6 1/2" high-$6.00 (Per Set of 3)
  14. Ghost and Pumpkin Scene-11" high by 15" long-$9.00
  15. Ghosts Climbing on Pumpkins (Set of 3) with Mini Pumpkins with Faces (Set of 4)-Ghosts Ranging from 4 1/2" to 5 3/4" high, Pumpkins 2 1/2"high-$5.25 (Per Assortment)
  16. Ghosts Holding and on top of Pumpkins (Set of 3)-4" to 5" high-$4.50 (Set of 3)
  17. Halloween Assortment (Set of 12 Pieces in ALL)-Must See To Believe-Ranging from 2 1/2" to 9" high-$10.00 (Per Assortment)
  18. Halloween Witch-stands 12" high and 8" long-$7.00
  19. Happy Ghost-View Painted Version as Well-7" high-$3.50
  20. Scaredy Ghost-8 1/2" high by 10" long-$6.50
  21. Singing Pumpkin Trio-10" high by 9 1/2" long-$7.00
  22. Spooky Tree Light-Up-9 1/2" high and 9" at widest point-Hole in Back for Snap Light (Not Included)-$7.00
  23. Trick or Treat Bags (Pair)-3" high by 3" wide-Clear Glazed, But NOT Food Safe-$4.00 (Per Pair)


  24. God Bless Thee Pilgrims Candleholder-9" long by 6 1/4" high-$8.00 (Small Candle Included)
  25. Thanksgiving Bears(Pair)-6" high-One Has Sign That Reads, "Happy Thanksgiving," the Other Reads, "Give Thanks"-$4.50 (Per Pair)
  26. Thanksgiving Turkey's with "Happy Thanksgiving" Pumpkin Signs-5 3/4" high-$4.50 (Per Pair) OR $2.75 (Each)
  27. Turkey-3 1/2" high-$2.00
  28. Turkey Candle Holders (Pair)-3 1/2" high-Candles Extra, $0.75/2-$4.00 (Pair)
  29. Turkey Couple (Pair)-3 1/2" high-$3.00 (Pair)
  30. Turkey Couple Cuddling with Wishbone-6 1/2" high by 8" long-$5.50
  31. Turkey Eggs(Set of 3)-3 1/2" high-$3.00 (Set of 3)


  32. Chunky Snowmen (Set of 3)-one stands 7" high, one 4 1/2"high and the third one is 5 3/4" high-$6.75 (Per Set of 3)
  33. Deer on a People Hunt-6 1/2" high-$4.00
  34. Holiday Penguins With Signs (Pair)-6 1/2" high-$6.00 (Per Pair)
  35. Peace and Noel Softie Words (Pair)-7 1/2" long by 3 1/2" high-$4.50 (Per Pair)
  36. Penguin Eggs (Set of 3)-3" to 3 1/4" high-$3.00 (Set of 3)
  37. Poinsettia Candle Holders (Pair)-7" long by 3" high-Clear Glazed Inside, But NOT Food Safe-$5.50 (Per Pair)
  38. Pooped Penguins (Set of 3)-One is Laying, One is Sitting, and One is Standing-$5.00 (Per Set of 3)
  39. Silent Night Wreath Light-Up-8" high and 7" wide-Hole in Back for Snap Light (Not Included)-$7.00
  40. Snowflakes (Set of 6)-2 1/4" by 2 1/4"-$4.00 (Set of 6)
  41. Softie Penguin Pals (Set of 3)-One is 5" tall, One is 5 1/2" tall and One is 8" tall-$7.50 (Set of 3)


  42. Candy Cane Snowman with Wooden Dowel for the Candy Canes-11 1/2" high-$6.00
  43. Christmas Mice-they stand 9" high-$7.00 (Per Pair)
  44. Chunky Mr & Mrs Santa Claus (Pair)-6 1/4" high-$5.50 (Per Pair)
  45. Elf Shelf Sitters (Pair)-9 1/2" high from Their Toes to the Tops of Their Hats-$9.00 (Per Pair)
  46. Happy Poly Trees (Set of 3)-Two Smaller Trees are 4 3/4" tall, Large Tree is 6 3/4" tall-$7.50 (Per Set of 3)
  47. Ho Ho Ho Snowmen (Set of 3)-Standing Ones are 7" high, Laying One is 7" long-$6.00 (Set of 3)
  48. Large Christmas Tree with Eyes-14 1/2" high-$6.00
  49. Mr & Mrs Claus Kissing-7 1/2" high-$5.50 (Per Pair)
  50. Mr & Mrs Claus Ready For Bed (Pair)-Tiny Candle Holders-8 1/2" high-$6.00 (Per Pair)
  51. Mr & Mrs Claus Stacks (Pair)-Skinny-9" high-$5.00 (Per Pair)
  52. North Pole House Light-Up-8" high by 13" long-$8.00
  53. Old World Santa's (Set of 3)-9 1/2 to 11" high-$7.00 (Set of 3)
  54. Old World Santa Head Under a Village of Houses on Piece of Tree Bark-11" high-$4.00
  55. Old World Santa With Stars-9 1/2" high-$3.00
  56. Old World Santa With Toy Sack and Bell-10 1/4" high-$6.50
  57. Old World Santa With Tree-11" high-$3.00
  58. Old World Santa With Wreath-10 1/2" high-$3.00
  59. Roly Poly Angels (Set of 3)-4 1/2" high-$4.00 (Set of 3)
  60. Roly Poly Santa Six Pack (Set of 6)-Range from 3 3/4" high to 4" high-$6.00 (Set of 6)
  61. Santa Claus and 2 of His Deer on a Toboggan-7 1/2" high by 8" long-$5.50
  62. Santa Claus on His Sleigh, Holding a Tree with an Elf and a Star at the Top-9" high-$4.00
  63. Santa Claus Sitting on His Sack of Toys-6" high-$4.00
  64. Santa Claus With 2 of His Deer-11 1/2" long by 5 1/4" high-$6.00
  65. Santa Claus Standing with His Sack of Toys-8" high-$5.50
  66. Sleepy Snowgirls (Set of 3)-4" to 4 1/4" high-$5.00(Set of 3)
  67. Snowflake Belly Snowman with His Broom-9" high-$5.00-Made Into a Light-Up-$6.00
  68. Snowman with Tree and Santa Claus with Deer (2 Pieces)-Snowman Decorating Tree=5" high, Santa & His Deer Buddy=6"high-$5.00 (Per Pair)
  69. Snowmen (Set of 4)-4 1/2" high-View Color Examples As Well-$5.00 (Per Set of 4)
  70. Snowmen in a Circle Candle Holder-4" high, 12" around-Clear Glazed, but NOT Food Safe-$5.00
  71. Snowpeople Stack-9 1/4" high-$4.00
  72. Tree Napkin Holders (Set of 5)-Large Napkin Holder is 7 1/2" high by 5 1/2" wide, individual Napkin Holders are 3 1/2" high-$8.00 (Per Set of 5)-$1.50 (Per Ea Additional Individual Holder)
  73. Windowsill Santa Claus-11" high by 9"wide by 4"deep-$6.50
  74. Wintertime Softie Windowsill Snowman-14" high by 9" wide by 4" deep-$6.00
  75. Woodland Trees (Pair)-One Tree Stands 6 3/4" high, the Other Tree Stands 9" high-$6.00 (Per Pair)


  76. Bears With Hearts on Their Bellies-Standing = 5" high, Sitting = 4 1/4" high-$4.25 (Per Pair)
  77. Heart Vase With Face-4" High by 4 1/4" Wide-Clear Glazed Inside-$3.25


  78. Sassy Squirrels (Set of 3)-3 1/4" to 4" high, 4" to 4 3/4" long-Each One Has a Different Pose-$4.00 (Set of 3)


  79. Character Jelly Beans (Set of 8)-2" high by 1" wide-$4.00 (Per Set of 8)

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