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What exactly is underground hip-hop and what's my point?
Underground Hip-Hop is known around the world. All rap artists are known as "MCs" or "Emcees" given to them from the title of "Master of Ceremonies". Hip-Hop is used to express feelings and a wide variety of emotions from anger and love all the way to political issues. I speak from an underground artist perspective and personally feel that these artists are more skilled than any mainstream artists (i.e.-rappers on radio, tv, billboards etc.) and just don't get the recognition they deserve. The underground world greatly differs from the mainstream one. The underground focuses more on the lyrical, production and emotional aspect as oppose to the mainstram which is mainly focused on parties, jewelery, girls, streets, and basically doing anything that's in the latest trend to sell records. Underground artists do their work for the love of the music regardless of what kind of pay they may receive. Alot of artists that begin their career in the underground decide to move on to to mainstream and go bigger for more exposure and make more money. Among these artists include alot of famous names such as 2Pac, Fat Joe, Jay-Z and even Eminem. Here you can find information on some of well known underground artists that are signed, duos and groups, some of the greatest producers of all time and even unsigned emcees that I work with. I listen to all genres of music and support any musical artist for doing what they love but underground hip-hop is what I've grown to have the most appreciation for over the passed 4 years. I feel the least I could do is show my appreciation and respect for what these people do and get the underground the respect I feel it DESERVES, rather than your standard stereotyped hip-hop.



"Big L is that one that you ex-pect, to catch wreck on any cassette deck, I'm so ahead of my time my parents haven't met yet..."
-Big L (1975-1999)
7 Minute Freestyle