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Current War Standings:   *8-1-0

**[U.A]** vs. TH

It was overall a close and heated encounter, so much of one that TH decided to leave the game a moment before we scored the winning point, hence the lack of the names for their team.  All in all it was a very good game with the points being matched by either side each time.  Until of course the final point scored by none other than the United Assassins.  TH is officially our bitch.  *whip snaps*


**[U.A]** vs. **+**

This war was much 2EZ, we just got there and killed the with our shottys. They complained a lot about using 3rd, but at the same time they used M4's. We owned him in 25 min. The score was 2-1. GG but the last score was scored by Ki!!@. Our war Ratio is now 3-0, dismissed


**[U.A]** vs. -=Sp=-

Overall, the battle was much to easy as you can see the score was 5-1. Ownage just backed me up while i went to go get the flags. They lacked in aim, but were strong in teamwork. But nonetheless, the United assassins has won over the clan Sp, our war ratio is now 4-0, Go play So


**[U.A]** vs. -=Sp=-

(War #2)

This war was really some challenge, with people going lower and upper, and cheating and camping. Nonetheless we pulled out from the ground and came back.  We won 3-1, with the last point being scored by Anubis.  Our War ratio is now 5-0.


(no screenshot)

**[U.A]** vs. SFS

This was also was easy against SFS. The score came out to being 5-1. We just went in there and owned them. The players for the team was Anubis, Dark, and Ruby_Red. The last point was scored by Anubis. It was a well fought war our war ratio is 6-0.


(no screenshot)

**[U.A]** vs. |Pirates|

This game was very, very tough. Indeed we were winning 2-0 in the beginning but the tide soon turned over. Every1 started being bitchy about who plays or not. We got all confused even with sL's help. We ow sL a great deal of help because without them it'll be death for us. Even with their help, Pirates still managed to beat us 3-5. It was a well fought war but Pirates became victorious. >;(


**[U.A]** vs. -=*U|D*=-

We warred UD today. It was an overall very easy war. They camped A LOT. We said no lower and all of the 3 flags they got were lower so they cheated. It was a very good but easy match. They kept saying how ez and wack we were but look at the score. LoL! ok we are now 7-1, go fight another war.


(no screenshot)

**[U.A]** vs. DrAgOn}SqUaD}

The war against DrAgOn}SqUaD} really isn't much to talk about. Its just like all the other clans. They were probably the easiest of them all. We are now 8-1. Good job Anubis and Kin and Ownage and Oblivion and Moon and AcE =)