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SOF2 Map Pack Vol. 1

Included maps are as follows:

a_party   -   black_market   -   mp_argonath   -   CANYON   -   Cargo Ship   -   Church of Pain Fritske   -   Da_xhouse Blizzard   -   Midnight Madness   -   mp_italy   -   mp_kam6   -   Plant 72   -   mp_robbery version 2   -   Pharao´s Fluch   -   playpen   -   Posey House   -   sib-base


SOF2 Map Pack Vol. 2


Included Maps are as follows:

HF_Subway   -   Uber_jungle   -   Uber_Snow   -   Moria   -   Soloman Blacklace   -   StarShoot   -   Stuk's Chemical's, day and night   -   TBC's Peek-A-Boo Party Map   -   the house   -   middle ages 2a   -   Foxhounds The Rig   -   UT_November (Final)   -   Valley of Kings (fixed)   -   Western Town 2


SOF2 Gold Patch


There is also a Lite patch version which will only upgrade your game from v1.02 to this latest version (so it requires the v1.02 patch to be installed), it can be found here.




This program allows player to talk, using a microphone, to other players whilst playing.
SoF2 Minimizer


Allows one to minimize SOF2 whilst playing through the use of CTRL-Z