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We Belong Together (Remix) ft. Styles P. & Jadakiss

Music Provided By : Mike Oxbig
center>(` Mike OxBig ) ________________________________________x___x_________________ Long Island Sucks but you just got 2 love the girls that live here"------------ ________________________________________x___x_________________ (`'.(`'.(- ur arms 2 short to box with god ________________________________________x___x_________________ (`'.(`'.(- essence of adolescent ________________________________________x___x_________________ (`'.(`'.(- All girls are Bitchiz & all guys are Assholes, Deal with it.. its life. ________________________________________x___x_________________ (`'.(`'.(- Graffiti ________________________________________x___x___________________ (`'.(`'.(- Night Clubs ________________________________________x___x___________________ (`'.(`'.(- my meat balls bring little brawds to the yard,dam right its bigger than yours, la la laa la la la la, time is waiting ________________________________________x___x___________________ (`'.(`'.(- It dont get any better then New York City.... ________________________________________x___x___________________
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