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Troop 735

Welcome to the website for troop 735. On this site we will post all upcoming events and many other important things.

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Troop 735 Is not only a troop but there is also a cub pack that we work in partnership with. The pack is for boys ages 6-10 and the boy scout troop is for youth 10-17. Camping trips are scheduled once every month or two depending on weather, money and interest among the boys.

We meet every Monday from 6:15-7:45 PM. In these meetings we work on achivement of merit badges and of ranks. In work on ranks, the boys learn knot-tieing, basic first aid, physical fitness basics and many other important things. All of these things can be gone into in more depth when doing merit badges on the subject. When working on ranks there are also things that can not be done at meetings.

We go on camping trips where the boys sleep in tent or even under the stars. Boys learn to use axes, knives and saws safely without hurting themselves or others. They learn to cook over an open fire and almost every camping trip we try to take a hike. These hikes have ranged from only a short walk to five or six miles. It sound kind of long but most of the boys really enjoy these hikes.

After the school year is over, we don't usually meet again until the first monady after school starts. But during the summer, camps are avialable. These camp have facilities for just about every outdoor interst a boy could have. Camps have facilities for swimming pool/lake), boating, fishing, rock climbing, rifle range, archery, merit badges (over 50!), mountain biking, hiking and much more. All this is available at Ten Mile River scout camp about a 2 hour drive into upstate new york.

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