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National Tribute Quilt

Please let the pictures have time to appear.
Completed pictures of the quilt have been added.

Please watch this page as the quilt is progressively pieced and quilted. The pictures below were taken March 2nd and 3rd during the assembly weekend. Approximately 12 volunteers met near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for two days and placed the 3000+ squares, which came from around the globe, to create the New York City skyline and Flight and Pentagon panels. Only a small portion of the quilt was stitched together during that weekend. Volunteers came from as far away as Michigan to help. It was a very busy two days. We wish to thank everyone for their help.

The full picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. The photo shows the scope of this project as the WTC blocks were being positioned in a watercolor pattern of the NYC skyline. It's easy to say 3000 blocks, but it is definitely easier to visualize with a picture. So many patriotic red, white and blue blocks were received that some had to be placed at the top of the quilt. The tragedy revived the American spirit. The entire quilt is magnificent to see!

The First Panel

The above photo is the flight panel with the four flights. Its top is adorned with doves.

The Second Panel

Here is a close-up of the second panel. Note that the numbers and letters create a grid system so that particular names can be found easily.

The Third Panel

This panel pictures the World Trade Center Towers that so wonderfully made the skyline we were accustomed to seeing.

National Tribute Quilt Banner Panel

The Fourth Panel: National Tribute Quilt Banner Panel This panel bears the quilt title, as seen above. We tried our best to maintain the actural skyline with only a few artistic liberties.

The Fifth Panel

The Fifth Panel This is the last of the World Trade Center panels and completes the names of those lost at that location. Teh following is the Penatgon Panel.

The Sixth Panel

This last of the series of quilts is the Pentagon panel. The name blocks are under the design of an eagle with the strips of the flag flying below.

And finally the scale of the project.
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