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National Tribute Quilt 9/11/01- World Trade Center Portion of pattern

The above three pics show the progression of our design for the quilt.

The top picture, the photograph taken while on a weekend vacation to New York in 2001.

The second a drawn stylized section of the New York City skyline drawn form the photo and was used as the pattern for the main portion of our quilt. The shades of the buildings do not indicate colors, but only indicate separate buildings and their locations.

The third photo is the finished quilts shown side by side to illustrate the skyline.

Four panels, each as large as a queen-size quilt, were needed to create this skyline.

The WTC panels are flanked on the left by a panel to honor those lost on the flights having doves appliqued at the top. On the right is the Pentagon panel, bearing an appliqued eagle, honoring those lost in the Pentagon.

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