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The TransFormers: Generation 1

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This page is still under construction!! In The Future You'll Be Able To Find All Kinds Of Cool TRANSFORMERS Links, Pix, Screensavers, Videos, Music, Downloads, And MORE!! Soon... I'll even have more TFG1 collectibles FOR SALE!! Thanks for visiting The TransFormers: Generation 1 page at Angelfire. Please come back soon and check for updates! Site Is Best Viewed at 1360x768 Resolution. LAST UPDATE: 7/06/08 By: SpdRacr62

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Top Rated TFG1 Links - Everything about the upcoming MOVIE!
"Battle For The Allspark" - Online TF GAME! - A look at the NEW GAME based on the MOVIE! - CONTESTS AND PRIZES!! - Affordable Reproduction Sticker Sheets! - Transformers up for Auction - All kinds of cool TF Stuff!
Wheeljack's Lab - TFG1 Necessities

Some Of My Favorite Quotes From TransFormers: The Movie

  • One Shall Stand... One Shall Fall... - Optimus Prime
  • Wait... I Still Function! Wanna Bet? - Megatron & Starscream
  • Megatron?! Is That You?! Here's a hint! - Starscream & Galvatron
  • Didn't Even Bend A Fender! - Hot Rod

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The Movie

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