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I was born in China. I took this picture when I was 2 years old. My childhood was pretty normal, and that's because China was and still is a very peaceful country. I never had to worry about anything besides school and after school programs.I was put in to a early development program that teaches kids how to play musical instruments beginning at the age of 3. My instrument was violin. It was a nightmare. Not only that I can barely read the music, but also I can barely understand why I had to learn to play a musical instrument. My violin was made extra small for me when I was 3. It was fun, but bitter. The benefit of the program was to help me develop my brain according to a study that the kids that knows how to play a musical instrument score higher on the IQ exams.

I took this picture when I was 4. At the age of 4,the early development program suggested my mom to put me in to some other program adding to my basic violin class. My mom chose ballet. Soon she switched my instrument to piano for the reason that playing violin effects my neck. Piano benefits both left and right sides of my brain. Ballet helps develop my body posture. Then I was put in to a swimming class, art class, and advanced academic tutoring class. This is the kind of life that most kids have in China.

This is me now. The long hair person in this pic. I'm attending John Jay College in midtown Manhattan. One more year to finish my BS degree.

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